Sunday, March 20, 2011

Side Bar Updates

Sadly, a while back, Craig Cobb's great jewtube channel "Craig Cobb, Adventure Journalist" was flushed down the memory hole. I've only now just gotten around to taking down the dead link.

In it's place however, I've added a new channel that I think is worthy of your attention. This fellow, Doomaxe, is a sometimes poster(the value he adds far outweighs the infrequency of his participation) at the Detroit is Crap forum, and he has a youtube channel, which, based on this one video alone, makes it a priceless addition to the side bar resources on hand. I look forward to checking out the rest of the channel.

"Attacking the messenger (distraction) - The purpose of these insults is to distract observers from the topic being discussed and to try to prevent them from thinking critically about it or to try to cause them to lose interest in it.

Insulting intelligence or ideas (deflection) - This can be either an attack on the messenger or an attack on the ideas themselves by trying to make them appear stupid, unpopular, foolish, crazy, insane, etc. The purpose of these insults and belittling comments is to make observers think that the topic is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

Negative association (deflection) - This tactic attempts to link one topic to another unrelated topic that sounds crazy or stupid to most people, like aliens, UFOs, shape-shifting lizards, etc. The idea is to get the observer to think that people who believe in one topic also believe in another crazy topic and to conclude that the topic in question is unworthy of their consideration or investigation.

Divide and conquer (distraction) - With this tactic they pretend to be one of their enemies, and then they proceed to say hateful, disgusting or inflammatory things to get people to attack the group they are pretending to be. They also do this to make their enemies look evil or stupid in the eyes of the other group.

Controlled dissent (deception) - With this tactic they pretend that they agree on most topics and even promote the topics they pretend to agree on, but they will defend the Jewish version of the topic they want to discourage investigation on, or they will use one of the other forms of Jewish psychological warfare tactics to discourage investigation of a new topic, for example attacking the messenger, insulting intelligence or ideas, negative association, divide and conquer, etc.

Role modeling (deception) - With this tactic they try to get the observer to think that reacting a certain way is normal or desirable. For example they will pretend not to be interested in a topic, that the topic or activity isn't worth their time, that they are afraid to do something or concerned about the consequences. In short, they will pretend to react how they want the observer to react to try to ensure that the observer does not take the appropriate action or react in the appropriate manner.

Behavioral projection (deception) - With this tactic they project their own behavior onto the person they are attacking or onto another group that they wish for the observers to attack. For example they may claim (while posing as a White Nationalist behind an anonymous account) that Muslims would infiltrate a White Nationalist website and pose as White Nationalists to blame Jews for things they didn't do, when in fact it is the Jews that have infiltrated the White Nationalist website and are posing as White Nationalists to blame Muslims for things they didn't do (like 9/11) and to encourage White Nationalists to hate Muslims so that White Nationalists will never think to unite with Muslims to defeat the Jews.

Reverse projection / playing the victim (deception) - With this tactic they project a horrible circumstance onto themselves while actually creating a horrible circumstance for their victim. By pretending to be the victim of a horrible situation while attacking their victim they either catch their victim off guard so the victim doesn't realize they are being attacked until it's too late, or they catch observers off guard so observers don't realize who the real attacker is and defend the real victim."

It's valuable for us to be aware of these psy-op tactics and recognize when they are being used against us in debate forums or comment sections. Once the hasbarats know that you're onto them and we point out exactly what they're doing to other readers, they will scatter like cock roaches exposed to light(though not before degenerating their "argument" into a barrage of vulgarity and baseless personal attacks).


  1. I have also fixed the setting and now readers can post anonymously if they wish. I was never particularly against anonymous comments, but requiring registration was a default setting that I never bothered to alter until now. Anarkike was the only person who ever complained about that.

    Hopefully, the hasbarats will not abuse the situation and make me regret my action.

  2. Looks good! I like the way he numbered and outlined the various methods of attack. Definately going to copy and nail this. Actually I believe we should read and re-read it every day, until we can quote it by heart, til it becomes a part of our psyche.
    I haven't seen ole Anarkike lately, but I did run in to Appollyon.

  3. Unless you've got it posted already and I haven't read it yet - have you noticed they've axed Original Savage Chick's YT account ? Guess we can expect more of the same as they scramble to keep truth from leaking out.

  4. Yes, Jeff, even though it hasn't been mentioned here(yet), I became aware of her deletion on Friday. Her blog was also sent to the recycle bin by the usual suspects. Appears to be an orchestrated attack.

    I'll have to make a proper post to alert readers to the new channel and update the sidebar, but in the meantime, if you stop by to read this before then you can take a look at her new channel.

    You can't keep a good woman down. Especially when she has the truth on her side.