Monday, March 7, 2011

GLR's White Power: "Friends of the Captain"

Commander Rockwell, beacon of truth

I've been reading George Lincoln Rockwell's magnificently insightful book “White Power.” What's most striking is how the 1960's are not so different from today in terms of the jew's demonic machinations, and how aware GLR was...and the fact that all these decades later, very few have listened or discovered the truth that's out there as plain as the hooked nose on a kike's face.

One of the most profound chapters in the book is the one entitled “Friends of the Captain”. Here, you will find the most concise expose and argument against the kosher “capitalism” that even some of us have defended by being hoodwinked by the fallacious left-right paradigm. The capitalism of the jew is not the opposite of the jew's communism, they are part of the same shell game. Friends of the captain, friends of the crew...

For context, much of the book uses the analogy of a nation state as a ship. There are saboteurs on board(you know who they are) who are guiding us to crash upon the rocks, where their co-conspirators(and you know who they are too) are waiting to plunder the wreckage and otherwise profit from the catastrophe.

The shipwrecking plan is not the only one the Jews have in operation to get wealth without work.

The aim is always the same: the capture of all the wealth and good of the world - without working - and the enslavement of non-Jews to the glory and pleasure of the "Chosen Ones,"according to their own prophecies.

While the brutal Bolshevik Jews wait on the shore to pounce on the ship as soon as it is finally wrecked, murder all hands and walk off with the wealth, there is another gang of Jews already aboard ship with a different plan for taking over the wealth.

This gang of Jews are friends of the captain.

They are not cutthroats and pirates. No sir! The friends of the captain are all "pro-ship," and anti-pirate.

They are called "capitalists."

What their Jewish brothers lurking on the shore wait to do by force and violence, the captain's"friends" are already doing aboard ship by stealth and fraud, as esteemed members of the ship's company.

These gentlemen Jews operate in striped pants and top-hats. But their business is old Jewishfashioned usury.

Few notice that the phrase "capitalist" was popularized by none other than that bloody old Jew, Marx, himself -a ship-wrecker. (Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital).

Until Marx told our kind of people they were "capitalists" in his "Das Kapital," they never gavewhat they were doing economically such a formal name, but they did know what they believed in.

It was NOT "capitalism."

Capital was only a tool for our people in the process of production. Men like Henry Ford were not interested simply in getting money. Rather they were trying to do something - in Ford's case, give all Americans an automobile via Ford's discovery of "mass production."

Henry Ford: "Gentiles make money. Jews get money."

The American economy does not produce miracles because it is "capitalist," but because it is enterprising and productive! The correct name of our system is not "capitalism," but "productive enterprise."

Productive enterprise needs capital. But it also needs labor, material, management and a hundred other things. Capital is only on of the tools of a productive enterprise system.

It took the Jewish parasitic genius of Karl Marx to elevate that one tool, capital, to the status in our civilization by attacking it and calling it "capitalism." He has thus trapped us into defending what he created, and has thereby doomed us to defeat because we defend a system based not on production, but money manipulation.

Capitalism is the naked worship of money, not as a tool, but as an idol!

"Capitalism" as promoted by both sides in the crazy "capitalism" versus "Communism" sham fight going on, is taken to mean the making of money through the use of capital - not necessarily by working or producing.

In fact, most international capital is made not by working/or producing or even taking any genuine risks, but by manipulations of vast pools of money with inside information from Jews in high positions.

A perfect sample of the way the Jews operate to get money as "capitalists," without working, without producing anything, and without taking any genuine risks, is the way the Jewish Rothschild fortune was founded.

As is usual with the international Jews, one branch of the Rothschild family got entrenched into the money system in England, while another branch set up business in France. Just before the battle of Waterloo, in which Napoleon faced possible defeat for the first time, the two gangs of Jews operating in the two "enemy" countries were actually working together.

The French Rothschilds set up a series of "semaphore" stations through France and across the channel to England, by which they could flash news of which way the battle went to their Jewish brothers in supposedly "enemy" England. The waiting Jew Rothschilds in Britain thus received word of the outcome of the historic battle hours before anybody else in England. (Note that the Jewish "enterprise" in setting up the communications network was not shared with either Britain or France, but was secret -for the sole benefit of Jews on both sides!)

Knowing, in advance of anyone in England, the outcome of the battle which decided forever the fates of France and Napoleon, and the fate of England, the English Rothschilds, waiting in the London Stock Exchange, "speculated" in huge sums, knowing full well the outcome of the battle -while the trusting British Gentiles were still waiting for the news. The suckers never had a chance. The Rothschilds got their hands on millions and millions in moments - without work and without risk.

The same racket is known as "past-posting" in the horse racing business, where the results of the race are tape-recorded, held back, and then re-broadcast after the race, so that unsuspecting bookies can be euchred into paying off bets which are actually sure things - after the race, if you "past-post," you go to jail as a criminal.

But if you are Jewish and do it in a big way, swindling millions of people out of millions of dollars, you become an "international banker" and a great advisor to Presidents.

Bernard Baruch, the famous Jewish advisor to Presidents made millions and millions in the U.S. stock market while hundreds of Gentile businessmen were leaping out of windows to their deaths - ruined in the great depression of 1929.

Advance information helps.


... suppose instead of inventing and building something to benefit society, you
are a rich Jew and you have a friend in the White House, - a not unlikely combination. Your White house friend lets you know that the USA is going to place a multi-million dollar contract for a new rocket with a specific company:

You pick up a telephone and order your
broker to transfer ownership of a million dollars worth of other stock holdings to the new company. That's ALL you do. A year later, your stock in that company has doubled, and you now have TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, - although you have DONE NOTHING, RISKED NOTHING, and PRODUCED NOTHING.

But now see what the government does about your taxes in this case. Such a gain, (stocks held over six months) is called a "Capital Gain," - and taxed a MAXIMUM of ONLY 25 PERCENT! With a sharp Jewish lawyer, special "trusts" and other manipulations, - you can cut this tax down to less than five or six percent.

This outrageous system puts a PREMIUM on speculation (gambling) and an enormous DRAG on production, management savings, risk, invention, and plain old WORK.

Those who produce, save, risk, manage, work and invent - pay millions every year to produce
an easy life for the Jewish leeches who never provide a bit of management, risk, invention or honest work to our economy, and pay the least taxes how long do you think an economy can remain healthy and PRODUCTIVE when intelligent men begin to see that working is for suckers, - when an easy life can be had by MANIPULATIONS?

And that's precisely what's happened to America and the West, ever since the Jewish sharpies have forced honest Gentiles to play the same dirty game, - or remain poor suckers. Fewer and fewer people are willing to WORK anymore, as more and more people discover there are easier Jewish ways to make a living.

But there comes a time when fruits rot off vines because nobody will work picking them, when buildings fall apart because nobody will work taking care of them, when jobs by the thousands go begging even while vast number of people, especially, Negroes, are moaning about unemployment. Work, one of the healthiest and most character-building activities of humanity, becomes degraded and abandoned in any economy where Jews establish "capitalist" speculation as the goal of all but the dumbest.

To go back to our ship-of-state analogy, the "capitalist" Jewish "friends of the captain" do nothing more than shift the cargo around back and forth between different groups, always taking a big hunk out. There is never more cargo as a result of their operations, always less for producers, while Jews get richer.

This operation they call "international banking," The little guys who get in the stock market are told they "share" the ownership of the big corporations. But the little guys in the stock market are exactly what the people around the roulette table are to the "house." The Jews and a few choice "friends" are "the house" in the stock market.

They have inside information from other Jews in the White House and government bureaus as to the location of new freeways, purchase of land for government projects, vast oil and armament purchases, wars, Fair Trade prosecutions, Antitrust prosecutions, etc. Such "speculation" is not gambling, any more than the house "gambles." The little guys are sweet-talked in to provide the money gathered up by the big guys.

It's not hard to see how the Jews can swindle the "little guys" with this racket. They keep the little man too busy and brainwashed to see or even think about what's going on. But, more amazing, the Jews have managed to get our biggest and richest men convinced they, too, are "capitalists." The Jews have become partners with such as the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Fords, Johnsons, etc., in this gigantic "past-posting" racket, with the result that production and enterprise have been forgotten more and more in the ugly scramble over capital and money, regardless of production.

That's why products become ever more shoddy and cheap even as prices go whizzing up; that's why the big, billionaire foundations are to be found always on the side of Jewish, leftist projects, and it's why the character is disappearing out of old American family fortunes.

Ford would leap out of his grave and slaughter his own grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if he could see and know what they have done with the billions he made by producing, and what they have become, as pro-Jewish "capitalists."

There's nothing immoral or wrong about a man investing his "capital" in a genuine productive enterprise, which benefits the people with either valuable goods or services. If he can make money doing this, then so much the better.

Others will try to do still better by competition, and
the goods and services therefore offered to the people get better and better. That's the free, productive economic process, which created the American economic miracle. But that's not what the Jews, and their "capitalist friends," do.

Remember the way the Rothschilds made millions at the Battle of Waterloo?
What did they give the British, or the French, people for all they took? Can you think of one single benefit they delivered? Their operation was all clever take and no give!

Further, it was based on fratricidal bloodshed - on Aryan White Men of France slaughtering Aryan White Men of England for relatively minor reasons, while the fanatically united Hebrews made cash out of the mutual murder.

In every war (except World War II, which was for survival of Jewry*) these same Jews have taken both sides, sold both sides the guns and uniforms and flags to wave at each other. In the Civil War, for instance, the British Rothschilds backed the South while the French Rothschilds back the North!

These "capitalist" Jews can usually be found in the ranks of what they call "Zionists" - the Jews who wear the "beanies," the Jews who pose in the garb of the Jewish "religion," and who insist on fulfilling their paranoiac prophecies of world ownership and domination as "God's Chosen People."

They believe they will own the world and enslave all the rest of us when they have all of Jerusalem. (And they lack only a few blocks, now.)

This "holy" pose of theirs works only so long as nobody actually checks this Jewish
"religion," which is actually a code of operations for the "Chosen Ones" to swindle, ruin and enslave the rest of us, as we have shown.

The secret of the Jewish-Capitalist, Zionist side of the parasitic operation for gaining the wealth of the Gentiles is make-believe. The only reality in economics is goods and services property and productive labor. All the talk of "money," "currency," "inflation, `deflation," etc., is smoke screen.

He, who has a monopoly in goods and services, has the wealth. Money is only a sort of "ticket" to these goods and services.

The Jews actually invented the basic principles of "capitalist" stealing by money
manipulations long before Christ, in ancient Babylon. Originally, the ancients used actual chunks of gold (or precious metals and stones) for their medium of exchange.

The Babylonians became tremendously wealthy, however, and soon found them trying to lug around bone-crushing weights of the precious but heavy gold, in trading operations. The clever Jews stepped in and volunteered to be keepers of the heavy gold for wealthy merchants, and do the lugging whenever necessary.

The Jew keepers of the gold issued the Babylonian merchants little stone tokens with carved indications of the value of gold deposited, as receipts. It wasn't long before merchants discovered that they could trade with each other - using these stone "receipts" from the Jews, instead of the actual gold.

And the Jews, in turn, discovered that as soon as the merchants got used to the idea of trading, not with actual gold, but with the stone "receipts," the merchants gradually stopped taking gold in and out of the vaults maintained by the Jews. Merchants began to use the "receipts" as gold - and the gold itself never moved from the vault, no matter how many times it changed ownership.

Thus was born "money" - and with it the biggest swindle in the history of humanity, a swindle still going on! Note that the Jews did not have to produce the gold every time there was a transaction. It was always there, and the merchants soon stopped checking it. On those rare occasions it was called for, the Jews always delivered.

But the Jews discovered that they could always deliver any gold that might be called for, even if they didn't have enough gold to cover all the receipts they had issued! In fact, they found out that they were perfectly safe with no more than ten percent of the gold for which they had issued receipts. In other words, they could issue ten times the amount of receipts for gold as they had gold to deliver(fractional reserve banking!)

And that's precisely what the early Jews did, and how they became "capitalists."

For every pound of gold delivered to his keeping, the Jew gained nine pounds of gold value, simply by issuing to himself nine more receipts on the same one pound of gold, and then using these un-backed "receipts" to trade with merchants for what he wanted and for power in the state.

Believe it or not, that is precisely, exactly what he and his Gentile partners are doing to you, today, right here in America! The Federal Reserve, set up by the Jew Paul Warburg, of the house of Rothschild, has the power to do precisely what the early Jews in Babylon did: issue "receipts," called "money" or currency, for what is supposed to be on deposit in their vaults - but isn't.

The Constitution of the United States expressly forbids this, because the Founding Fathers were well aware of this centuries-old swindle. Only Congress has the power to coin money.

Yet now the Federal Reserve coins your money!

Under Jewish pressure, our Congress, in 1913, passed the unlawful "Federal Reserve Act," creating a central bank, which has gone into the old robbing act of the Babylonian Jews with a will and a style never before seen in history.

The Federal Reserve (a semi-private organization) coins your money at will, swipes the actual assets and property, and shows a profit, while you, as a U.S. citizen, stagger under a national debt to these international bankers so huge it is beyond the conception of the human mind. And the way they have pulled off this atrocious robbery of the American people is the same way the ancient Babylonian Jews swindled the merchants of that time. By is-suing nine times as many tokens for the gold deposits they held, the Jews got "tickets" to enjoy the wealth and production of the Gentile Babylonians without working, and without getting caught legally.

By setting up the "Federal Reserve" and passing an unconstitutional law to let them issue ten times as much paper - and debt - as they hold in assets, the Federal Reserve and those who rake in the profit, and the interest on the astronomical debt, reap gigantic rewards - without working.

Our people have been conned into lumping our own, honest system of "productive enterprise" with the dishonest, rotten swindle of Jewish usury dressed up as "Capitalism," and then being forced to defend the immoral and rotten result. Thus the Jews have us worshiping their own thievery, because, we are told (and we believe), we are "capitalists!"

Whenever the Jews can get things so complicated and removed from the basic realities of goods and services that the tickets to these things, money, become something of value itself, in the eyes of the population, the Jews can really move in and operate.


People today are slaves of money, and therefore slaves of the Jews.

Nobody dares oppose or criticize these Jews because of the terrible power of their purse. If you dare criticize or attack a Jew, then you and your family must starve, for you will find all avenues for the normal procurement of the money you need to survive, slammed shut.

Perhaps even more deadly, and more insidious, is the way the Jews promptly use the vast pools of money they gather in by capitalistic manipulations to buy the minds of their victims. You can only think about what you know.


Using this unfairly gained wealth, the Jews proceed to dominate their hosts, and take over the nation which generously permits them to operate in its midst.
And no nation on earth, except a nation of utter worms, will forever tolerate "guests" taking over their own home, no matter how they do it.


The White Man everywhere sets up a PRODUCTIVE economy, in which everybody works, manages or takes genuine risks in an enterprise in which he has a personal interest. The economy of the Aryan is always PRODUCTIVE ENTERPRISE, regardless of the fancy names that may be applied to various forms of the operation. Each man gives to the society at least as much as he takes out.

The economy of the Jew is PARASTIC. He always takes out more than he puts in.

As soon as
the Jew got enough strength in our society, he began to twist and pervert this productive enterprise into a criminal operation forbidden by law almost everywhere for centuries, -USURY.


He began to blind our kind of people to the immorality of GETTING without producing or giving in return. He began to de-emphasize the PRODUCTION aspect of the work and management of Aryan economy, and emphasize the getting of MONEY...He removed the focus of Aryan eyes from the PRODUCT to the PROFIT.

Craftsmanship and pride of product began to disappear as the desperate scramble to GET MONEY replaced the time-honored Aryan joy in creation of things of excellence and permanence. Turn out more shoddy products, shine them up to look good on the outside, sell them for as high a price as possible, and then forget it once the money is in the pocket.

That was the new approach of the Jew, which has filled America with billions of tons of plastic, shoddy JUNK.

The next step was to de-emphasize ALL production, and concentrate on MANIPULATION of money and credit to gather in still more money, - without work, without management, invention or creation, and without any real risk.

the Jews managed to split the inventors, owners and managers from their own workers in the once-productive economy, and produce CLASS WARFARE between the two parts of our economy, while the Jew manipulates both segments to reap more and more cash, all without working or producing.


*I would contend that WW2 was in fact the same Rothschild Formula in action. Jewry's survival was not threatened, as we know the "holocaust" is a fraud. European jewry was expendable to the jew overlords of England and the United States. Any harm, real or imagined, that befell the jews of Europe was a fortuitous bi-product, useful for later exploitation and zionist aims.

In fact, the reason for the declaration of war by England and France on Germany can be traced to the fact that Hitler got rid of the centralized "federal reserve" style banking system that wrecked Germany, and issued real currency. And Germany flourished. It was imperative that this bold notion not take root in the rest of the West. Hitler had to be crushed at all costs.


  1. I have read Rockwell’s books a while back and probably should go through them again. I love re-reading old books, it is amazing how much more knowledge can be gleaned out of books you have previously read. I know in this day and age everything is available online and in .pdf format, but personally I cannot really get into a long book when reading online. I have not yet had the opportunity to try a Kindle, but only because I feel I would not like it as much as the hardcovers I presently own. In my opinion nothing beats lounging around and reading a good book, it seems I have so little time for it as of lately though.

  2. I agree. I despise reading from a monitor. I bought a Sony Reader several months ago. I chose that over the other readers because it seemed like you had more choices in terms of file compatibility, and there was some bullshit with the Kindle where Orwell's 1984(of all things) got deleted en masse from people's machines due to a copy right snafu.I don't want people fucking with my files externally.

    No, it'll never replace the feel and pleasure of a physical book, but, the amount of out of print material I've got on my hard drive in pdf format would cost thousands of dollars and probably even more hours to track down and get a hold of.

    Also, if you travel, an e-reader packed to the gills with material to choose from does beat lugging around a stack of books. I have this unfortunate habit of reading several books at once.

    Using the e-reader is not at all as awkward as the concept might seem. You get used to it pretty quick. You can still lounge around with it.