Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail the Victory!(The Best of the World White Web)

Since I've recommitted to continuing the blog (thanks to all for the positive feedback) I've decided to take a look at the back end of this thing, which I haven't really done since beginning in December of 2008. I haven't added a single gadget or changed even one setting since I began.

If you notice the sidebar to your right, you'll see some new additions. I've decided to add a blog roll and links to White sites and resource pages. This is by no means complete, and more will be added in the future. These sites and blogs are simply the resources I use the most.

Also, in digging around in the back end of my Blogger dashboard, I've noticed that there is a somewhat primitive stat tracker. I see that most of my traffic comes from Detroit is Crap and Access St. Louis. I appreciate being linked to such high quality and high traffic sites that have certainly been instrumental in people finding me. I wanted to do what I could to send some traffic to the sites that I particularly like and spread some of that good will around. The links merely being on my profile where few might even think to look just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Another thing about Access St. Louis that I feel worth mentioning is that, aside from being an excellent blog with hard hitting content, Orion's (and let's not forget Bloody Bill over there) resource links and blog roll are something that I frequently check, and is one of my most highly valued resources in and of itself. He has turned me on to a lot of things that I might otherwise not have discovered. One of his best finds of late and worth spotlighting here as well is the proud White female warrior Original Savage Chick, who has an excellent youtube channel. She also has a blog that I've linked to as well, Synagogue of Satan. I've decided to add Craig Cobb's blog to the roll also. I know some have their suspicions about him, but I've heard Craig on Metzger's Insurgent Radio, Jim Giles' Radio Free Mississippi and I've watched a few of his Pod Blanc broadcasts and pretty much like what I hear.

And yes, I've linked to Jim Giles and Radio Free Mississippi in spite of the carnival side show that Jimmy has devolved into over the course of the past year. If you venture over that way, consider it absurdist entertainment with a White racialist edge. He's basically a nut job. I just hope he's our nut job, and not their nut job.

Another strong White woman worth spot lighting here, is the blog Racial Realities. In my lurking at Stormfront I happened across a poster with the handle Angry White Female. I liked what I read and just happened to click on the link in her signature, taking me to her blog. I was surprised and happy to find a link to Radio Werewolf there. She does value quality over quantity, though, so don't be disappointed by the infrequent updates.

Since we're on the subject of strong White women here, I should note that I've included Joy's Sojourner in the roll, even though she has been forced to make it private for the time being due to a domestic situation whereby our enemies are attempting to ruin her life because of her beliefs. I hope the mess blows over and she can get back at it soon.

Jeff of In Season, Out of Season also deserves mention here, since he's been a great source for me in finding and passing on excellent resources. Check out Yankee Prepper's youtube channel to see what I'm talking about. (Incidentally, it was Jeff's site that led me to the discovery that Louis Beam even had a web site.) Jeff doesn't "speak" as much as he used to, but when he does, I listen.

I hope regular readers and lurkers alike will check these blogs and sites out, if you have not already done so. I've gotten something of value out of each and every one of them. I hope you do, too.



  1. Thanks for the kind words, Brother. I always make a scheduled stop here to check out the great posts, and now the links! I'm going to check out the youtube channels, looks interesting. Hail the Victory!

    Craig is okay in my book. I used to talk with him a few times and he's the real deal. He may have a bit too much creatard in him, but he's got an drive that just can't be stopped. He will work with anyone, anytime as long as they are working for a whiter, brighter future. A Missouri boy, too!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the link and the kind words. I am trying to get on a schedule to post more frequent updates, but I have a 7 month-old right now who's teething (and still nursing when he's not fussing over the teeth), so that makes it hard to focus long enough to write a decent post. Will work on it though. :)

    Raine (Angry White Female)

  3. Thanks, Orion. If you vouch for Craig then that holds a lot of weight with me. I can't help but like the guy. He does look like he'd be one of those "berkenstock" wearing libtard hippy freaks though. lol.

    Raine, thanks for stopping in, and thanks for reading. Your family is the most important thing. We've all got to take care of ourselves first, and blogging/activism/everything else comes second. I look forward to future posts, though, and wish you the best of luck.

  4. Well Brother I enjoy your musings and such.
    Like I have said before you should write books, your pen in mightier then any sword..

    And I would think others who have read your writings would agree.. Even our annoying buddy would.lol

    Please as long we are both alive don't ever stop and I will always support your beliefs.

    That Orion is OK in my books any one who drives a Ford (Henry hated joos)is ok by me
    and his postings are a good read.

    I don't now about that Jeff in Hills..He seems to be a real decent fellow and looking forward to meeting him someday..same as Sister Joy.

    And Angry White Welcome to Wolfs Den..Your always welcome at D I C too

  5. Thank you RM for your kind thoughts and words, much appreciated. I plan to have my blog back up in January. Thank you also for the links, I look forward to checking them out!

  6. glad to see "incog" gets a "plug"...that particular 'blog is really hurting the kikez!....nice 1!, "incog"

    BTW....just stumbled across this;

    it's a "flickr" photo' site run by some anti- maggot that "outs" WNs & neo-nazis!....all in all, pretty much "sums up" wtf our "attack plan" will have to be....first "cab off the rank" will be the obliteration of white race trators like the PoS running that "flickr" page...then....jews....then....free-masons (especially: the "higher-up" ones)....then....niggers....then....any other species of non-white that refuses to go back wtf they came from!

  7. http://www.bizarremag.com/entertainment/interviews/1809/stanton_lavey.html

    Morals, eh?

    Ok... I am probably a nigger lover, kike, beaner...whatever... But, I am actually from Cork Ireland and in live in the USA.
    I am not a racist because I enjoy being myself and have no hangups or emotional torment. I don't take out my problems on minorities... Irish people were minorities at one time too. Anyway, I do am happy enough with myself that I do not have to worry about my race or how i look to people... Hate comes from insecurity... it's weak.