Saturday, December 27, 2008

How Not to be a Victim

I posted this video before in the DIC forum under a thread I had started that show cased the alarming number of nigger assaults that seemed to occur in McDonald's restaurants. I'm going to dissect this one, because this vicious attack could have been prevented with a little bit of common sense.

First, this guy admits to noticing the shitskin lingering outside the store and is aware that he has been followed in. He has clearly been pussified by liberal thinking to not have a gut instinct that danger is imminent. It should have also tipped off his radar that the nigger had saddled up next to him, sprawled out on the counter looking around nervously, rather than getting in line behind him. Obviously, the savage wasn't there to buy a Big Mac. The White man, who is either oblivious to the danger, or is so debilitated by PC neutering, is standing in such a casual, relaxed position as if to say "yes, I see a black gentleman there, and he sure is acting suspicious, but, because I am a good person and not racist, I'm going to give this young man the benefit of the doubt..." His relaxed body language, which was probably a conscious effort to appear subservient and "non racist" to groids was an open invitation to getting smashed in the face.

I don't want to blame the victim, because this was a vicious, cowardly cheap shot. If he had been more aware of his surroundings he could have conveyed to the nigger that he regarded him as suspect. The nigger may still have attacked, but, he would have not been caught cold like that, and unless the coon was a desperate druggie, probably would have fled the scene at the first sign of resistance.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Always calculate the number of black and brown faces in a crowd. Keep an eye on all of them, but pay particular attention to the shifty, suspicious looking characters(I know, most spics and niggers fall under this category, but, you know what I mean).
I live in a rural area and when I go to the main small town in the county for reasons of commerce, I am aware of every nigger I encounter, even though they are relatively few in number. They are not as emboldened as urban shines, but, I still am vigilant. I'm not going to be the victim when these cow town niggers decide to act like their big city brethren. I practice and advise this sort of vigilance no matter where you go, and whether there's nothing but White folks present or not. In a world of bottom feeding egalitarian filth, everyone is suspect in my book.

This is not a macho thing and I don't go looking for trouble. No matter how adept you are at handling yourself in such a situation, I don't advise that you go looking for trouble either. Confrontations with subhuman savages are better avoided, if at all possible, especially considering that they are as protected as an endangered species by our traitorous jewish controlled gubmint. And if you carry a concealed weapon, permit or not, you'd better think clearly whether or not the situation merits the use of deadly force in the eyes of the "law." This is not cowardice or pacifism on my part. Joe Horn of Texas could have easily been convicted of murdering those home invading niggers if he happened to have gotten a liberal anti-White jury hearing the case. It's a headache and hassle I'd rather avoid, and I'd like to see you avoid it, too.

Niggers and non-Whites in general are basically cowards and seek out only what they deem easy targets. They prey on the weak and defenseless. They target those oblivious to their presence. I have never heard of a White Nationalist being the victim of this sort of crime(after they became WN, at least. Many were awakened by being on the receiving end of TNB). It's that awareness and common sense approach to dealing with these feral beasts that keeps us from ever being their victims. But it only takes a moment to fuck up. I haven't been in a bar or other such establishment where trouble is likely to ensue for over 4 years now. The prisons are full of young White men who were convicted of a "hate crime" for having uttered the word "nigger" in a heated moment while in a drunken state. And if you've got a membership card from one of those groups Terrible Tommy and I have been warning you about tucked in your wallet, then you're going to be going away for a while.

While dealing with and encountering niggers is getting more difficult to avoid in our multi-kult society, you can make an effort to not frequent establishments where niggers patronize. And in the case of a McDonald's, if you simply must support that anti-White travesty, then at the very least don't order from one where niggers man the kitchen. It is no urban myth that negroes spit in the food of White customers. Ask Jesse Jackscoon.

With a just a little bit of fore-thought, planning, and a whole lot of common sense, we, as fully awakened, racially aware people, can avoid being the willing victims of TNB.


  1. It was a shame to see go down, someone had to show the world what America's future could look like.

  2. Excellent advice. Always, and I mean always, be on guard around Africans (or mexicans for that matter). As for getting into a bind over a common street mud, I can't tell you how many times I've come to breaking that cardinal rule. In fact, I was just at a club this New Years when two Mexicans come in and sat near me at the bar. I was pretty disgusted, but wasn't going to let it bother me when in walks this White man who starts treating them like they were good ole boys. From what I could hear over the loud music, he was their employer. I mean, damn, I moved here from occupied California because of traitors like that and I have to see it happen again? That enraged me, and if looks could kill that guy wouldn't be walking today.

    But I thought to myself later, I should have struck up a conversation with him, got friendly and found out his name and his business. We're deep in enemy territory, and we should act like it in order to get the info we need when it's time to go down the list. Catch my drift? Always learn from out mistakes.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Su Blog es Excelente!

  3. u are an idiot!!! i think you have never had any love when u were a kid..
    i give u a hug if u want to