Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calling All Insurgents!

As many of you who may have stumbled upon this lonely outpost have surmised by now, the name of this venture is a reference and homage to Dr. Goebbels' original "Radio Werwolf" broadcasts which were used to rally Germans to the cause of defending the Fatherland from the hordes of jewish controlled Bolsheviks and "allies" streaming into the Reich. An insurgency, a guerilla movement that was, unfortunately for all White people living today, too little too late.

It is in that spirit then that I continue to be a beacon from deep within the bowels of the jewish Moloch called ZOG, spreading the truth to any and all who may wander here.

My goal does not include sanitizing the message for the legions of brain dead masses, in the hopes of reaching a "main stream" audience and gaining wider acceptance. Instead, these "broadcasts" will be aimed at whoever may be out there who is not only receptive to these truths, but, are also inclined to apply some of the more practical information I will be disseminating from this bunker. And that is, you will find, the beauty of the Lone Wolf Strategy. You don't know who is out there listening, and you don't know who is doing what. Which means that our enemies are in the dark as well. They cannot infiltrate and/or disrupt what is not there.

To be clear, there will be no "marching orders" issued from this outpost, nor any discussion of illegal activities, provocations to violence, etc. What there will be is White survival strategies which are general in nature, and practical in their application. Also, we will be debunking and exposing the jew and the often repeated myth that "diversity is our strength." In short, news and information that ZOG does not want you to have.

Stay tuned, Volks...


  1. Hi Reichmarshal!
    Good to see you, it's like finding a long lost friend. Cleveland has been lamenting that he does not have an email for you. I am going to write him now and let him know of your site.
    I and many others really value your insight and input.

  2. Brother it is good to see your still alive. Thank you so much Joy for getting me back in touch with my old friend..I miss our weekly emails..Working like crazy now....Need the coins...Don't forget lets slap the damn beanies off them

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Joy, and thanks for contacting Cleveland.

    Cleveland, Brother, it's good to hear from you again. I have absolute faith that Detroiter is going to rebuild DIC and the forum and we're going to be back in action, bigger and better than before. Give him some time. It was a rotten thing done to him, and it would have caused lesser men to simply give up and walk away from the whole thing.

    In the mean time, I will be here and on the DIC blog comments, "slapping the beanies off of 'em." I thank you both for signing on. My reason for doing this is the fact that I miss the forum and the Diversity is Crap blog, which were my platforms for spreading news, views, and information. So, until the Iron Heel of ZOG catches up with me and shuts this down, I'm going to keep fighting.

  4. By the way, Cleveland, I love the new avatar. haha.