Thursday, December 18, 2008

Which Way to Go? Perspectives on White Nationalism

Across the spectrum of this thing called White Nationalism, there are a varied number of approaches and strategies. Admittedly, not all of them are good. Some are better than others. I will examine these approaches based on my own observations regarding these things, and the insight and experience of those who have made the mistakes so that we can avoid them. I do not pretend to have all of the answers, but I can say for certain that things that do not work, or are even detrimental to our cause and the individuals in it, should be abandoned.

Recent events should be glaring guide posts warning us to adopt Leaderless Resistance, or Lone Wolf strategies. The leaking of the BNP membership lists in Great Britain and the latest bullshit law suit won by Morris Dees anti-White organization, the SPLC, against Imperial Klans of America illustrate perfectly the liability and ineffectiveness inherent in organizational groups which maintain membership rolls and other sensitive information. Such groups have been targeted by Morris Dees and his cadre of kike lawyers for years now. But these people seem to never learn.

I believe this reluctance to learn from past mistakes boils down to two things: vanity and the need to be perceived as "doing something."

Vanity runs from the top down. First, there is the "mini-Fuhrer." He seems to have modelled himself and his organization after Hitler and his inner circle, completely (possibly willfully) unaware that conditions that made the success of the NSDAP in Weimar Germany possible simply are not in play in this country, and given the geography, size and uniquely "American" experience of our nation, it never was.

In many cases, these costumed membership groups seem to be an outgrowth of the "mini-Fuhrer's" ego and may be more for his own self aggrandizement rather than any real commitment to White survival. For the more unscrupulous, it's also about lining one's own pockets.Most often these organizations crumble into squabbling, directionless factions should the mini-Fuhrer die or become incarcerated. Eventually they fade out all together or become absorbed by yet another Hollywood "Nazi" group. Stay as far as you can from such groups. They are breeding grounds for informants, Feds, and agent provacateurs. They attract the worst elements: drunkards, druggies, kooks of all varieties, mentally ill people, "professional joiners", and a lot of unproductive dead weight. When the heat is on, 95% of these costumed clowns will roll over on each other before a grand jury in order to save their own skin.

There is a vanity too, among the rank and file who, outfitted in nostalgic SA uniforms feel like a "big deal." They want credit for "doing something." This manifests itself in the high visibility of such groups. A visibility that plays right into the hands of ZOG, a visually oriented and sensation starved media, and a slack jawed public ready to ingest this load of media hyped vomit. They become, in direct proportion to their visibility and antics, trained sea lions in the jewish media circus spectacle which serves as fund raising fodder for Morris Dees and the ADL. Also, marches, rallies, and simply stating their existence gives the drug addled, sewer dwelling "anti racist/anti-fa"(which are merely front groups for commie scum) a target at which to fling their feces, and otherwise give meaning to their pathetic hippie existences. How could a pile of shit like Darryl Lamont Jenkins post the names, addresses and pictures of these people if they were Lone Wolf operatives? If you've been paying attention, you know the answer to that one.

This whole notion of "doing something" is rooted in a dangerous machismo that we would do well to evolve out of. I fail to see where fifteen or so guys in costume waving Third Reich battle flags, doing Roman salutes to a crowd of jeering multikult, egalitarian slobs constitutes "doing something." Without the sufficient numbers necessary to make a powerful statement, it is the ultimate sign of weakness. Let them try to calculate instead the strength they cannot measure and see! It also reinforces jew media stereotypes that are used to effectively guilt other Whites out of ever even lifting their heads for their own self determination.

I can think of no rally, march, or the stomping to death of some random Somali or other indigenous shit skin that has propelled the cause of White Nationalism or gained us any ground what so ever in this struggle. The march and subsequent nigger riot in Toledo, Ohio a few years ago was certainly useful for provoking TNB and putting it before the entire nation. But, as Katrina and this most recent "Black Friday" have shown, niggers need very little such prompting or agitation in order to revert to their subhuman, savage nature. I predict big chimp outs in the coming months and years. Niggers can't help but be what they are. Why give them excuses and make more of a media mountain out of the presence of Hollywood Nazis thus diverting attention and blame from the true villains? General niggratude will do far more to awaken the average White person than all of the pomp and circumstance that such groups combined could ever provide.

What I have said here will inevitably ruffle the feathers of those who have a vested interest in and/or have identities that are bolstered by affiliation with such groups. I do not really care about suffering the indignity of being called a "keyboard kommando" or the predictably derisive comments regarding my masculinity. Neither of which are sufficient motivators that would goad me into throwing all logic out the window and engage in activities and strategies that I know to be abject failures.

At this stage of the game, gathering and disseminating information and preparing to survive in a third world America are the most positive, proactive steps any of us can take. Find a safe harbor. Make sure your family is out of harm's way when this mother fucker all comes crashing down. I gave up quite some time ago worrying about the majority of White people in this country who show no signs of slowing as the cliff gets closer and whether or not they will "wake up" or survive. This is not to say I've given up trying to reach as many as possible. It just isn't my responsibility to hold your hand and make sure you get all of that jew think out of your system, especially if your cursing me and wishing for my death as I'm doing it. I expect a Darwinian thinning of the herd.

I predict that many non racially aware but capable people who can hunt, grow food, and organize resistance are going to be far more valuable and likely to survive than any costumed Nazi. Survival is one instinct that the multi-kultists can't eradicate from the primal nature inherent in all living things(though that doesn't stop the bastards from trying). I guarantee such rugged individuals will know exactly who the enemy is when roving bands of niggers and mestizos start robbing, raping, and murdering en masse. Yes, it's going to have to get that bad before most people realize we've got a problem.

NEXT: "Suit and Tie" Nazis, intellectualism and political means of achieving White Self Determination.


  1. Good article man! I really like your logo! That would make an awesome t-shirt!

  2. No doubt brother..I don't really keep it hidden that my heart follows National Socialism. But as I travel the country I have learned how to talk to people. Once you bring the truth out about the kikes they open and start telling the truth how they really hate them and blame the for our society's ills. Trust me on the fact the more and more are awakening to it..Just afraid to really be open about it..