Monday, January 5, 2009

Lone Wolf Camouflage Activities

This is a letter to Terrible Tommy that I thought was important enough to repost and share. This person is commited to the 14 Words and is doing more for our Folk than any costumed Hollywood Racist. If I had to honestly assess myself, I don't know if I could play the role and go as deep as this fellow is doing with his cover. Whoever you are, Lone Wolf, many hails!

Dear Mr. Metzger,
Ever since I became a LW, I have listened to every daily show and have taken notes on how to effectively serve our race. I especially like Frank's education lessons on how to work as a LW. I consider myself to be a LW sleeper - my purpose being to infiltrate the enemy until the time to act. Since the enemy has successfully infiltrated our groups, I have done the same. I maintain a dual life. Whether a LW works for a large employer or a small employer, live in a large or small town, these practices can be modified to work for the individual LW. I have found these to be successful for me. Hopefully other LW's out there can use some of this information to camouflage themselves to gain as much intelligence as possible until the right time.

1. I joined an employee minority group at work - a hispanic group. Joining this group and attending meetings has a two-fold purpose: to know which enemies who appear white are truly mixed muds, and to try to fit in with them so I do not rouse any suspicions when activities occur. Although I am pure Aryan, I have lied my way into this group claiming to be part brazilian so I can easily identify the enemy out there who appears to be white. Mestizos are easily identified, but mixed muds are a little harder to identify.

2. I have attended three jew group meetings at work. There are many jews out there who appear to be white. The only way to identify them is to go where they are so they can be identified for dealing with them at a later time.

3. Although I hate jews, I place a "happy hannukah" sign on my wall at work. You will be surprised how many hidden jews will come out of the woodwork and admit they are jews when they do not feel threatened. I have been able to identify over 10 secret jews this way.

4. I have been a member of a church for at least a year. I continue to attend church and serve in the missionary support program in order to identify zionists who will need to be dealt with when the time comes.

5. Just like santa claus, I am "making a list, checking it twice, and I'm gonna find out who's naughty and nice." I maintain this list, including all enemy addresses, in a special address book that I label "Christmas card list." This way, if anyone finds this book, it will not arouse suspicion. This list will become essential when the time comes.

6. I keep a laminated copy of martin luther coon's speech in Washington on the wall of my office, as well as a picture of a black sports figure. This helps me to fit in with the blacks so they will entrust me to give me their address for my "Christmas card list."

7. I check all local news internet sites to identify enemies in the community. They are also added to my "Christmas card list."

8. I have been successful in gaining intelligence on over 80 enemies so far. When the time comes, it will be my responsibility to deal with them in my area.

9. One purpose of my sleeper activities is to not be a suspect when literature or non-equal signs has been posted in bathrooms and other areas. No jew, black or cop will suspect me since they think of me as a social marxist. You will be surprised how highly these enemies think of me, while I am gaining intelligence.
Hopefully these tips will help other LW's to camouflage themselves too.

14/5 Lone Wolf

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