Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Rant from the Lair

Folks from Detroit is Crap will most likely have heard of such forums as "" and "nigger mania." To those who are not familiar, these sites can only be described as the most asinine, juvenile, and unproductive wastes of time one could engage in for our Cause. It is simply endless, uncreative nigger bashing that offers nothing new in terms of information, nor does it offer anything approaching solutions. They offer nothing but hackneyed nigger jokes and outlandish Photoshopped visual gags. Fine and dandy, but where's the substance?

Exposing the jew is verbotten on these sites. So is even addressing the mestizo invasion. To the niggermaniacs, these folks are called "Humans." This is an exremely myopic view of the peril we face and the source that allows these evils, including nigger fuxation, to flourish. It is tantamount to being a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, if you're only going to mask the symptoms of the disease and not shine the light squarely on the root of the malady.

I don't view these clowns as allies or kindred spirits in our struggle for White Self Determination. I view them as having no more value than a race mixing Marxist liberal or the so called "conservative" who is fanatically pro-Israel and oblivious to any racial component in the problems destroying this once great nation. It is the belief of some that these sites are created and operated by jews. I have no proof of that, but it's plausable. What better way for ZOG to undermine race reality than to promote this over the top nonsense. It's so heavy handed, it's the kind of tripe an ADL or a NAACP sting operation would generate, if for no other reason than for fund raising drives.

In fact, the moderators and membership of niggermania in particular are admitted race traitors. Here is an excerpt from a thread I came across:

“I recently noticed a lot of Hispanic bashing here and I'm sick of it. Read the rules here. I will be the first to bash the holy hell out of niggers but when it comes to other races that draws the line. I have friends of all walks of life. NONE of them will ever compare to a nigger. Since this is an open forum where every one is allowed(except NIGGERS),please be considerate of your fellow posters and stick to bashing niggers.” Heineken( Heimy-kin?)

“YES. Mrs Farakoon is hispanic as is my children. Any one that bashes hispanics WILL be banned by me on the spot.” Louis Farakoon

So, our "friend" and former DIC forum alum, Louis Farakoon, is a fucking mud shark. Damn. Just when you thought you knew someone....

“Not only that but one of the Founding Fathers of Niggermania, Raptorman, is married to a Hispanic woman too ! People just don't get it. Niggermania is only about bashing niggers and we welcome all others.” Tom Shelley

All of these ass hats might as well be nigger lovers. They are still polluting the White gene pool and destroying their own blood lines.

“I've got people from all walks of life in my family. A Japanese sister-in-law (makes my two nephews half Japanese) and a Mexican ex-sister-in-law. My youngest brother is half Native American, and my cousin is married to a Cambodian girl. No niggers, though, and thank goodness for that! May it never be!” (really)DisturbedAngel

You've got to be fucking kidding. With a rainbow coalition like that, it's only a matter of time before a nigger gets thrown into the mix. I am not sacrificing considerable time and effort in my pro-White activities to save fucking pukes like the above poster.

“Why bash other HUMANS they are hard working, good people and contribute to society.Niggers ONLY take and destroy & they are NOT humans. This is why we ONLY bash NIGGERS!!!” 30.Cent.Solution

Jews hard working? Riiiiight. Mestizo's contribute to society? This douche bag should take a ride through "mexican town" in Detroit and witness street corners 30 or 40 deep with criminal beaners polluting the scenery and breathing our Michigan air.

I have a mix of contempt and pity for these people. They might as well go back on the grid in the Matrix and return to peaceful slumber, because they aren't fully awakened and are of little use in disseminating useful information and strategies. They certainly aren't Lone Wolf material, if they can't see the bigger picture. In a shit hits the fan scenario, their divided loyalties, in fact, make them unaffordable liabilities.

I don't have time to educate, motivate and instruct beer belching arm chair racists who are luke warm about their own survival. These are some of the same folks, and others just like them, who whined incessantly about the "anti-Semitism" and articles about the jew on the Detroit is Crap forums, willfully ignorant of the true machinations behind the curtain. Fuck the lot of them. That sounds harsh, and so it is. We're on to bigger game here. Let the ineffective babies play in their sand box making anti-nigger mud pies with each other. We are more interested in educating ourselves and preparing applicable survival strategies for the coming storm.

And if you're out there reading, Lone Wolf or not, I hope at least some of the information I've been sharing thus far is useful for your own day to day survival in the 'Kwa. Stick around. I don't plan on quitting any time soon. And thanks for listening.


  1. I couldn't agree more. They might not be jews (highly doubtful) but jewthink permeates thoughout. I'll bet they have fun on the muslim bashing sites as well, probably even moderate at free republic.

  2. Stop reading my mind Reichmarshal!
    I could not agree more.Maybe you recall, but back at DIC, I stated that such forums were a waste of time.Also I know Cleveland had issues with them, especially regarding naming the joo.
    It seems the whole damn world has blinders on. I get so frustrated, it is a lonely place when you know the truth.
    Carry on dear brother, your thoughts are like water to a dying man...priceless.

  3. Thank you, Orion and Joy.

    Yes, it was actually you and Cleveland I had in mind while I was writing this, as I remember very well what you guys thought about these "nigger bashing" sites.

    I don't really think they're jews either. I'm at a point now where I don't make much distinction between the jews and their shabbas goy. Both are weeds that need to be cleared from furtile, productive ground.

    These clowns actually make the average neocon which has been flooding Stormfront lately look good.

  4. Dear Friends,
    Seems like I opened a hornets nest here....a good thing.Remember the three hundred pound joo at chimpot?...Even admited he was joo. And read into it now and odin88 is a celebrity there...makes me wonder..Why would a skin head nazi post freely at a joo owned site? I think the Judicial is right stating that this bunch is actually funded by joos to make it look good for them...the joo. I think that the chimpot owners borrowed from niggermania and remember the break up..I got them mad with my avatar then used another one of the klan and the Detroit Blacks a klan off shoot from the twenties and they didn't like that eather.I still believe the joo uses others to stir up hate and trouble among the rest of the races to keep the focus off them while the vampires strangle us.....muh money

  5. What's sad to me is that Odin88 was spending more time at chimpout being idolized by those clowns, and spending zero time at DIC where he was truly respected for all the right reasons. It does indeed make one wonder...Maybe we didn't fluff up his ego enough.

  6. Well, it's refreshing to read of others who have no tolerance for the endless juvenile behaviour that accomplishes nothing.

    How many different stupid jokes and big lipped, chicken munching pics can you come up with ? You're right, this accomplishes nothing.

    There's too much at stake to go about matters half assed. I agree that efforts with these non - committals are generally wasted.

  7. Anyone who gets kicks out of calling people 'niggers' isn't a nationalist at all.

    Anyone not respecting others' national liberation struggles is not a nationalist at all.

    We need to work with all races, if we want to be free!

    This divisiveness just smacks of NWO/ZWO divide and conquer.

    I'm not saying that you should marry blacks, it's that groups like the Black Panthers, and white groups should work together against the common enemy. And if you don't see that, you are probably working for them.

    Fight for the freedom of association, let the blacks have a couple of states.

    Don't waste time with enmity vs blacks, that is how the Zionist Jews want you to be.

    Stay out of those racist idiots sites, they are probably government funded -if you see calls to 'kill niggers' or such lowbrow Overthrow/Hal Turner(all Feds/Zionist infested) stuff, you can tell what the intended outcome is.

  8. I, and those of like mind here, don't "get a kick" out of calling blacks "niggers." Neither do we shy away from properly identifying them for what they are. It's not really a pejorative, nor is there really any malice in our use of the term(at least not in my use of the word). PC is not spoken here. We call things by their proper terminology. I know that what you said was directed at the folks I wrote about in the blog, but, for the sake of clarification I'm stating my position on the matter.

    I have associates who are committed White Nationalists and do not use any racial slurs in their speech or writing. And I have associates of equal commitment where the converse is true. As far as the jewish media is concerned, there is no difference between the former and the latter category. Just ask Don Black and David Duke how the image polishing is working out for them.

    It will be up to White groups to take your advice about working in tandem with the Black Panthers and other nationalists of color. Neither faction is any of my concern. If you haven't read any of the previous posts, I am promoting Lone Wolf strategies here, and I am trying to urge others away from these out dated modes of high profile organizational groups which are rife with federal agents and ZOG operatives. I am also dealing with preparedness in matters of survival in a third world post-America, rather than fantasies about Swastikas or Vinnlandic flags flying over the White House. Humpty Dumpty is going to have to fall first before we decide on which way he should be put back together again.

    Enmity. Interesting choice of words. Deep seated, often MUTUAL hatred. Not enough of our Folk have it, nor are they aware of the extent to which they are the targets of glaring animus. This leads to a lot of White victims of nigger crime and atrocities. Should I not have a certain amount of enmity for an enemy who rapes 33,000 White women annually? For those of our Folk who are knee deep "in the soup" and come in contact with these savages on a regular basis, your words about extending the olive branch will fall on mostly deaf ears. And as well they should. Niggers may be only a symptom of the larger(jewish)problem, but when they're kicking in your door, dealing with it has to be your primary concern.

    You are actually on the polar opposite end of the spectrum in respects to the niggermaniacs. They say "focus on niggers, not jews." You say "focus on jews, not blacks." I'm a pragmatist, and I can see the bigger picture. You ignore any aspect of the racial problem at your own peril. And make no mistake, the problem is indeed racial. The incompatibility of two or more sub groups of the same species vying for the same territory does not occur in nature without the destruction of one group or the other. That is a biological reality. And so it is no different in a multi-kult Balkanized nation.

    I do agree that the entirety of the Human Race will never be free until the jew is purged and exiled from every land in which he works his subversion and manipulation.

  9. Reichsmarshal - I give a hearty rebel hurrah and amen !

  10. I'm glad that you finally have noticed the spic-festation. Take a look at these pages I found on the website of my local Catholic diocese.

    1. In this link (PDF) the local diocese has what congressional and state legislative district each Catholic school in the entire state is located in. That way any time a congressman decides to do his job and oppose immigration the local principal can dig up an immigration sob story from among his students. Or maybe pressure his son who may be attending a Cathoic school.

    2. On
    page the local diocese's full-time lobbyist brags in the third paragraph that the RCC is the most influential group lobbying the state legislature. Which would explain why the state legislature is loathe to do anything about the immivasion.

    3. On
    page the diocese has a listing of all candidates that ran in the 2008 election and their responses to questions posed by the diocese. Questions 5, 9, and 13 are explicitly pro-spic. Question 4 advocates that mothers on welfare (mestizos) be given bigger welfare checks if they pump out another puppy to add to the litter. Question 8 is part of the RCC's complete opposition to capital punishment. So if your wife or daughter gets killed by a mestizo invader they do not want them to be adequately punished.

    is a pastoral letter read to the flock from the pulpit that calls for more immigration. And here is an editorial signed by the bishops here in AZ calling for more Mestizo Catholics to be admitted into Arizona.

    For your information, here is the wepage of the diocese's political arm.

    In Kevin MacDonald's book on immigration he states that the Jews built coalitions to keep the floodgates open. Who was a member of those coalitions between 1870 and 1920? The Roman Church. Also, a lot people make it sound as if 98% of Americans vote Republican while these evil 2% twist the government to the will of the Jews. If this were true then it would follow that 98% of Americans are conservatives when the reality is that a large minority of Whites are liberals. The Jews wouldn't be able to carry out this scheme without lots of gentile support.

    Going further, the Mainline Protestants have been drifitng away from God and back to Rome. Since the MP have all become liberals they no longer believe in God. Since they no longer believe in God they no longer see any reason for the Reformation. They should be called almost-catholics, with a small "c". Together the almost-catholics and the Roman Catholics almost compose a majority here in the US, making the US part of Catholic Latin America. These are the morons who vote for Ted Kennedy.

    Until you acknowledge the role of the Vatican in the destruction of America and Protestantism then you cannot have a full understanding of our problem. The reason it is OK to point out the Jewish role in this while ignoring the other group that came in on the same boat, is that Jews are 2% of the population while Catholics, almost-catholics and former Catholics are a majority. No one wants to criticize their friends, family and neighbors.

  11. All of this to say what? That Catholics are liberals? It's no real secret that the dying whore, the catholic church, is bleeding wealth and losing influence the world over, thus necessitating the importation of mexcriment and other third world refuse to get the numbers up and the coffers flowing again. To suggest that this treason elevates them above the jews in crimes against the White race is absurd. If all you got out of Dr. MacDonald's book on immigration was the reinforcement of your myopic assertion that Rome is the fountain from which all evil flows, then I don't know what to tell you. You are probably unreachable.

    It wasn't catholics who sued to have "under God" removed from the pledge of allegiance. It was jews. It wasn't catholics who sued to have the Ten Commandments removed from every court house and public square in America, it was jews. It isn't catholics who, every year, whine about nativity scenes being displayed publicly. It's jews. It wasn't catholics who created the Frankfurt school of thought and Critical Theory which seeks to erode every fiber of White Western Civilization and the indoctrination of the very liberalism you rant against. It was jews. It isn't catholics who own all of the media and the motion picture industry that vomits forth anti-White, nigger loving messages of faggottry and miscegenation. Pederasts aside, it isn't catholics who are actively trying to normalize pedophilia and homosexuality. It isn't catholics who comprise the second largest lobbying body on behalf of a foreign entity. It's jews. It isn't catholics who wield disproportionate power in the u.s. government. It's jews. It wasn't catholics who slaughtered millions of christians in Russia, it was jews. It isn't catholics who run the Federal Reserve and World Bank or responsible for the malfeasance that destroyed our economy. It' jews. It isn't catholics who extort money with "kosher" label scams, it's jews. It's not catholics who want to put me in prison for scoffing at their holohoax fairy fables. It's jews. It's not catholics who keep a dossier (and probably have one on me) on all of those who dare criticize jews or Israel, it's the jews of the ADL. It wasn't catholics who lied the U.S. into a war to further jewish supremacist aims, killing over 4,000 americans and millions of Iraqis. it was jews who were architects of the whole criminal enterprise. I could go on and on, but, you get the idea...

    Of course jews couldn't get away with this garbage without gentile co-conspirators. These are called liberals. They are created in jewish run indoctrination mills called "schools." Their indoctrination is further reinforced by jewish controlled media which tells them what to think. The "conservatives" who aid in this treason are just either money hungry whores feeding at the trough of jewish lobbyist money or are "christians" who have fetishized jews and bought into the bile that they are the "chosen ones."

    How did you arrive at the conclusion that catholics represent a majority in America? According to the Pew Research Institute, catholics account for 23.9% of the Christian population, which itself represents roughly 80% of the population. Protestants represent 51.3%. How many of that 24% march in lock step with the church? How many are even real church going, practicing catholics?

    But then the answers to those questions is really none of my concern. I reject judeo anything out of hand. I reject the universalist jew message of "christianity." I think it is your Protestant up bringing that has you in a state of disbelief that your beloved jews, who are bit players in your morality plays and mythology, could possibly be as evil as I have been telling you they are.

    The funny thing is the moral rot and the erosion of Protestantism that seems to be your primary focus can be laid at the feet of jewish scum who have subverted the moral order of America and have been working towards this aim for over 8 decades. If you must be an adherent to religious dogma, I suggest Christian Identity. At least learn that these edomite, khazar, Asiatic impostors are not the Israelites of your Bible.

    Go out in public and bash catholics(jews do it all the time). Nothing will happen to you. Do the same with G_d's Self Chosen and you'll be socially and economically destroyed and they are working to see to it that you are also physically destroyed or at least locked up. Then tell me that my scope is not fixed on the right enemy...

  12. Thank you for responding.

    When I said Catholics represent a majority, I was including the mainline protestants denominations, and for good reason. Over time the mainline protestants are drifting back to Rome as they drift away from God. The mainline are catholics with a small "c".

    Now back to the scarlet whore of Rome. After the Ellis Island era most Northern states were saturated with Catholics to the point where the Catholics ended up assimilating their protestant neighbors to their culture. As such, catholicism forms the backbone of the liberal half of the country, which is what leaves them open to the manipulation of the Jews who want a liberal society.

    Take a look at this map of religion by state in the US. The map shows what religion has a plurality or a majority in each American state. The South stands alone as a region that values its' Protestant faith, most of the remaining states however have a large Catholic plurality or are Lutheran. If you accept my contention that the mainline (especially including the Lutherans) are returning to Rome then really the largest denomination in each state is catholic, except in Dixie. The Northeast in general and Massachusetts specifically stand out on the map as Catholic cesspools that support liberalism. This means that the Evangelicals are the only people resisting liberalism, and they are therefore the main targets of the establishment for infiltration and destruction.

  13. I really do not have to much faith in a book written by joos, converted into Greek then Latin,then all the other languages. Then the King of England wants a divorce and has own bible made up. Then the off shoots of that.
    True the Catholic church wants to bring in all the beaners to their coffers. But who is really destroying the United States? Its the joo period. You should read what copied and posted here about Ben Franklin said about the joos..He was so right and accurate.
    I would recommend you read the International Jew ....By Henry Ford. So truthfull then even more so today its scary. That will open every ones eyes to the khazar vampire..I just want to go around and slap the damn beanies off every one of the filthy, degenerate, imbred bastards.....muh money

  14. Cleveland, I live about 150 miles north of the Mexican border. Whenever I read a race site like DIC the members will admit the RCC is a problem, but they end up being dismissive of its' power and then mention the Jews. I know a majority of US Jews are a problem. But it annoys me to no end to have northerners near the Canadian border tell me that the(ir) church is only a minor problem compared to the Jews. If the church is a minor problem then why are there 45 million mestizos in the US when there used to be none? If the church is a minor problem then why is Arizona becoming part of Aztlan?

    You Northerners took the wrong side in the Civil Rights movement and now you are taking the wrong side about the church. You, your Catholic and almost-catholic faith and your political opinions can all go to hell.

  15. Mr. Ronduck
    Did you ever think that they are a form of cheap labor? I drive a truck for a living and I can safely tell you when you go to every packing plant or food processors most of the employees are mexicans or southern guest (?)
    Who has their vangs in the commodities of this country? Why is it for every 30 dollars you spend on groceries you spend a 1 dollar on a kosher tax.
    Also back in the sixites howard metzenbum and few other kikes are the blame for the your hispanic problems changing the immagration around.
    Do you really think I like having no health insurance crippled as I am and these invaders live better then me? Its to bad the old DIC forums were wiped out. So much information gone.
    Yes the catholic church is wanting more chatholics. Yes I have hard time beleaving them or any other church telling me the khazar filth is Gods chosen. Yes when I have hard time with the a true halocaust the kikes are performing with my tax dollars now while I watch the dumbass christain preachers say we should back the murdering hypocrits with everything.
    And no I don't go to church or claim any religion. Its all false anyways. Its all about money. Its all about who is the biggest.
    And if your one of those anti abortion Christains and all look up who owns the clinics and quacks that perform them. Yes your friends the khazar destroying the white race.
    See they have had a hard on for us for about 2000 years. Their media and government control makes it quite easy for them to destroy us.
    The zionist Christian is just as much if not more of worse problem then the kikes themselves, The zC are led to beleave so much b,s. it is scary.
    Now I have given you a civilised debate not even that a opinion. You don't need me to tell go to hell. I am living it now watching the country my forefathers who fought and died for getting destroyed in what the last 35 years? And look around at who the true culprit is,,,,dish is du vey....muh money

  16. Please accept my apologies for my outburst.

    Also back in the sixites howard metzenbum and few other kikes are to blame for your hispanic problems changing the immagration around.

    I know that the kikes were involved, so were Ted Kennedy, JFK and RFK. If the kikes are leading, then the Catholics are following on liberalism.

    As for the DIC site I am sad to see it go too. It was nice to be able to talk about the nigs.

    I remember on the DIC forums you said you were a navy veteran, why can't you go to a VA hospital?

  17. No problem my friend,Yes ted kennedy and the rest from the progressive(?) liberal states are the worst criminals the White Race has ever produced. I would have to say New England not so much Midwest close to the Klondykes. I have talked to people from Upstate New York and they wish they could seperate from the drain of the city. High taxes and bullshit laws.
    My Navy experance well lets just say I was a example of racial discrimination that kikes and other scum pushed in the 80s. My knees are ruined and back is to from it. I was in for 5 months and 29 days. You need 6 months for benifits. Tried to sue them and well a liberal kike judge wouldn't let it go to court.
    Anymore I have lost faith in my government, the voting process, and every thing my forefathers fought and died for. My family history goes back to 1633 in this country and do have proof of it. I can join the Sons of the Revolution, Sons of the Confederacy and other groups..The country is destroyed. It will never come back. Thank God I didn't bring any kids into this fucked up world.
    God damn kikes ooooooo I just want slap the beanies of the degenrate filth. Im glad Brother RiechsMarashal left the offical slapping job open to me. He knows I won't let him down on it. Datsh duh vey...muh money

  18. Ronduck, I am no fan of the catholic church, but after perusing your links for the past few days all that can really be said about the matter is that they are complicit in promoting and lobbying for illegal immigration, which puts them in the same camp as La Raza and other spic-centric groups.

    And upon further reflection, the "social justice" that catholics advocate and their opposition to the death penalty are perfectly in line with a weak universalist dogma that denies reality and human nature in general. "Turn the other cheek and I'll smash you on that one as well."

    I think part of the problem here, at least for my part, is that I don't see the world through the prism of religion. You keep asserting that Protestants are somehow going liberal or are not true enough. I don't know how you measure that and put a hard number on it. That's a game that I find particularly distasteful, saying that these folks over there are not as pious as we folks standing over here. That's the fragmenting nature of religion that is one of the biggest road blocks to anything resembling White unity, even in a small pool of like minded people under the banner of this thing called White Nationalism.

    I defend Christianity to the extent that I see attacks on it as an attack on the moral order of Western civilization and White traditions. Follow the slime trails and it always leads back to scum like the ADL.

    I whole heartedly agree that the South is the last bastion of hold outs against the liberal tide. Did you know, that in spite of the overwhelming victory that McCain got in the South, the GOP is abandoning it's time tested "Southern Strategy" because it's "divisive" and "bigoted"? Did you know that the party elites are embarrassed by Southerners, Evangelicals and the rank and file Wal-Mart shoppers who comprise their base? The GOP, now that they've put their own token nigger in charge has ensured their own defeat for decades to come, pandering to the people that despise them while alienating the solid White block who could ensure a Republican dynasty well into the next few decades. That's off topic a bit, but, it just points out the extent to which the rot has infected everything.

    Which brings me to my main point. You and I can't control what people do and what they think. I am past the stage of preaching about the jews, liberalism and nigger crime, dragging these obstinate donkeys to the pool of knowledge. If you come to Radio Werewolf, you're either already on board(or willing to learn), or you stand in opposition. I don't say that arrogantly as "you think like I do, or else!" No, I simply mean that I'm done trying to teach the general herd of sheep about the poisons that are killing them. JewThink is far too pervasive for one man to counter on his own. We can really only control our own destinies, and take steps to assure our own survival. That's the real focus of this site. I have no desire to copy what Detroiter is doing, but with a nod of appreciation and acknowledgement that if DIC hadn't been shut down(or existed in the first place), I never would have started this thing.

    I understand your concern. You are a de-facto alien in the heart of Aztlan. There is no White cavalry charging over the desert plains, so you will have to make a decision of whether to stand and fight against impossible odds or concede that the mexiscum has won that particular battle and find a safe harbor for yourself. The collapse of Mexico is imminent. That overflow of subhuman refuse is going to end up on your door step. The only consolation I can give is that "worse is better" in terms of getting White people to see what's really happening and that their own survival hangs in the balance.

  19. I read Civil War 2 by Tom Chittum online a couple of months ago and was scared shitless reading it. After reading it I keep thinking of moving to Yakima, Wa to be near family, but even Yakima is half Mestizo. If you ever move to the Pacific Northwest remember that the Whitest and most liberal areas are west of the Cascade mountains that run 50 miles from the coast. The interior is a dry, irrigated desert, with lots of Mestizo agricultural labor. My uncle is a cop in inland Oregon and the situation is the same there.

    If the Southwest does become Aztlan, what are the odds of the whole process repeating? If Chittum is right and the north becomes a White homeland, what are the odds that the RCC will use its' White Catholic base to import the Mestizos even farther north, this time in the name of the dispossessed Indians we have on reservations?

    If you think long term, it is going to get ugly when America hits the fan. I've already begun to stockpile food, and bought my first firearm recently.

  20. I am not among those who advocate a mass White migration to Oregon and Washington. As you point out, those states are infested with hippy faggots who have never even seen a nigger in person and think they're all like the shines they see on t.v.

    I live in rural Michigan, about 40 minutes drive from nigger fuxation in Detroit and the epicenter of islamo-Amerikwa in Dearborn. It's not perfect, but, I'm relatively safe here, among rural, rugged, gun toting Whites. Niggers couldn't find the small village I live in if they had a map, much less make it out alive once they got here. I will either stay here, or return to my native Ohio. I'm not going anywhere else. Vinland is under my feet, and I'll stand and fight for this small patch of land in the region of my birth.

    There is a Russian professor who predicts that America will further fall apart and collapse into six ethno-states. I'm going to look for that article and make a post of it, or perhaps you can google it yourself in the mean time. It's mostly plausible except for his belief that China will have a sphere of influence on the West coast.

    I can't predict what Catholics and liberals will do in that scenario. If it actually came down to a fragmented America and they would still persist in committing suicide, repeating the same mistake, then either sane people will stop them or we all deserve to be destroyed and replaced for losing the Darwinian sweepstakes.

    I am thinking long term. That's what I advocate with this blog. Keep building your Ark and let the sheeple stumble along with pie eyed dreams of "hope" and "change." If you're short on funds, just buy one or two cans of food per week for your surplus. Over the long term that seemingly small step is going to add up. Stock pile bottled water
    in case there's a disruption in utilities and services. Generators are indispensable in a massive grid power failure. If you have a yard, grow as much of your own food as you can in the summer months.

    We're in the eye of the storm right now, and it's a little late in the game for trying to get the general population to open their eyes to jews, the catholic church, or much of anything else. Survival is my ultimate goal at this point, and that's what I want to impart to anyone reading this blog.

    Also, I don't advise telling people in your day to day encounters that you are making preparations. When the shit does hit the fan, these desperate souls will either be at your door step begging for help or raiding you out right. If you have family, friends and trusted neighbors however, you can create a mutual support network, which is beneficial if you live in a suburban area that might be subject to roving bands of non-Whites, which I predict will be spilling over into the outer areas in the event of societal collapse. And it goes without saying: if you live in an urban area GET OUT NOW!!!

  21. And I have heard of Chittum's book, but haven't yet read it. I have a site in my book marks that has the most extensive library of White Nationalist and pro-White books on PDF, and Civil War 2 is among them. Time to crack that one open...

  22. I live in an apartment, so I am still thinking of using my job with the Kroger company to either transfer to WA, or even to one of the Kroger owned Fred Meyers in Alaska.

    Here is a Wall Street Journa article on the Russian professor's predictions.

    Here is the website where you can buy a legal PDF copy of Chittum's book for $6. A bootleg scan of the book is available here, and the Amazon listing of the book is here.

    Could you post a link to the site with the pro-White PDF's?

    I live a suburb of Phoenix that has its' own Mexifestation problem. My state is only 60% White at this point so...


    An incredible number of books on war, genetics, race, etc. And don't overlook the link that says "PDF" in bold blue letters followed by the following: "Many of the PDF files are clustered here at this link. Others are sprinkled thru'out the site by topic -- see the categories below." Even more treasures await!

    If current trends continue, Arizona is going to be a mestizo majority state. I would advise getting out as soon as economically possible, if there are no White enclaves in the state that you could hold up in. Alaska is an excellent idea, one I've considered myself in a push comes to shove situation. A lot of drunk natives up there, but far preferable to the southwestern hell I would think...

    Thank you for the links.

  24. As for moving to Alaska look at this WN blog:

    I have an escape route I have been planning out into the desert, but If AZ is going to get taken by a brown wave then there will be no white enclaves, or they will be vulnerable to attack. Right now Mesa is a nice place to live, especially the farther east I go. It seems that all of the new mega developments out east that are masterplanned have the mestizo fast food clerks preinstalled from the day they open. Areas where land was just divided and sold are still white though. Clearly Mexicans are part of the plan!

    One of the things I have noticed about the Mexicans is that they love fences with spikes on top, and this trend is now showing up among anglos. near where I live there is large development that has a large gaurdhouse structure up front that could have big gates if needed. Inside the development the houses are grouped into 20 house clusters, with each cluster having its' own gate. The post office cluster boxes are inside the gate so residents don't need to exit their secure zone to get the mail.

    I'll post on how the RCC can repeat the mestizo-ization of a White homeland late if I have time. Remember history is often the most accurate guide to the future!

    Hopefully we can learn as a race.

  25. Here is a good article on the Protestants and Orthodox going back to Rome.

  26. Hello big R, i agree the jew is using the black againest us, via the media or the government, everything to help our 51st isreal, keep up the good work!

  27. Thanks, Don! Glad you finally found all of us. Thanks for signing on to the blog. Glad to have you on board. Nowhutumsayin?

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    You can also send cash anonymously.

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