Monday, August 30, 2010

More Piddling Cum Puddles From A Masturbating Pseudo-Intellectual

A true leader of (girly) men

For someone who touts themselves as being an intellectual, "Hunter Wallace"(a.k.a Cunter Wallace, Fade the Butcher, Fag the Bitcher) never ceases to churn out mediocre writing that expresses (in tedious, dry, masturbatory essay form) the inane thoughts of someone with far too much time on their hands.

One of his latest offerings from the Occidental Dipshit is an essay that declares Glenn Beck as something of a White Nationalist Messiah. Beck held a rally in Washington D.C. over the weekend that was part evangelical love-in and part multi-culti utopian bullshit festival celebrating the "legacy" of "Dr. Martin Luther King" (real name Mike King). One wonders what there is to celebrate about a plagiarist, communist and woman beater who declared on the night before he was assassinated "I'm not a negro tonight!" before savagely beating a White prostitute in his motel room.

In addition to Mike King's niece(giving Beck the much need "street cred" to prove he's not "racist") there was a gaggle of kikenweasel rabbies, islamo-nutbag "mullahs" and other clergymen of dubious theology all on stage. Almost all of the "heroes" who spoke were niggers, from what I saw on Beck's program this afternoon.

The bimbosaurus Sarah Palin was also in attendance. Cunter also proclaims her as the spearhead of "implicit Whiteness." Really? Is this the way a WN talks?

Cunter pumps his palm to drop this load all over himself: "Glenn Beck has done us a service here. Undoubtedly, “Restoring Honor” will be attacked in some circles for its kosher rhetorical concessions to political correctness. This is missing the forest for the trees."

The goal posts have been moved in several critical ways:(insert eye rolling emoticon here)

1.) White Americans are starting to think of themselves as “outsiders” ruled by “insiders” – the arrogant liberal elite that Barack Obama symbolizes. This is a major prerequisite of group identity, consciousness, and rebellion. * See below why this is an absolute falsehood

2.) Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have succeeded in politicizing millions of White Americans who were formerly apolitical. Sheer apathy has always been one of the biggest obstacles to the formation of White racial consciousness. (Huh? "Politicized" to what end? Voting republicunt in order to finish off the White dispossession started by democrats? More Whites killed in endless desert wars implementing the foreign policy of Israel Uber Alles?)

Joe Six Pack has progressed from tuning out politics altogether to growing concerned about the direction of the country. Simply getting him to put down the beer and cheez-whiz, turn off the football game, and get off the La-Z-Boy for a moment to think about the future is in itself a huge accomplishment.
(Off the couch to go to a multi-kult rally to have White Guilt reinforced and the "diversity" message hammered home yet again. It will be nappy time once again for the herd once the next republicunt takes office, and they can return to their lives of relative comfort, smaller government(with an ever expanding military-industrial complex) and a life of baubles and empty amusements. So much for taking a moment to "think about the future.")

3.) White Americans are starting to believe that America has been hijacked and perverted by an alien elite. This isn’t the whole truth, but it is a tantalizing enough clue to point curious people in the right direction
.(See above commentary. That curiosity will have evaporated by the time the new republicunt is sworn in. Business as Usual. Meet the New Boss and everything old is new again.)

4.) White Americans have been told they are justified in “taking our country back.” This is a nationalist claim. If it is our country, we are entitled to it. The rightful heirs can take it back from the interlopers. (this is every bit as much empty rhetoric as Cunter bashes other WNs for.)

Glenn Beck’s Implicit White Nationalism (lol. No. Really. I'm laughing out loud.)

Fifty years of brainwashing isn’t going to be cast off in a day. If we have any hope of influencing our peers, we must have a realistic attitude and take as our starting point where ordinary White Americans find themselves on the political spectrum.(Who's going to do that? An effeminate little blogger? The only thing that's going to cut through the decades of jewthink inculcation is a fucking brick to the face by a savage nigger rioter.)

Judging by the “Restoring Honor” turnout, Glenn Beck seems to be striking the right chord in that respect. He can now speak with authority for the White majority. Unlike the rhetorical radicals, he has tailored his message to get their attention. (Does this fucking clown even watch Beck's show? He's a confounded goofball who changes positions and thought patterns on a dime from show to show, is given to womanly balling, despises his own German heritage because of what the "Nazis did" and has said so numerous times and constantly runs these fraudulent segments every week called "Black Founding Fathers".[sic]

He's a self proclaimed "historian" except he's just in the past year started reading it, and he shares what he's learned (often wrong and/or incomplete) on the day he learns it which makes for a bunch of disjointed conspiratorial mumbo jumbo that conveniently leaves out jewish malfeasance in every instance. More importantly, the entire enterprise is a self aggrandizing money making machine used to sell books, garner ratings and have rallies like the one Cunter is so in awe of.)

Beck is now in a position to lead the White majority from George W. Bush-style “compassionate conservatism” to Sarah Palin-style “implicit White Nationalism”; from apathy to engagement; from flag waving nationalist insider status to Don’t Tread on Me outsider status; from reform to revolution. (This passage is actually embarrassing. Cunter's cum rag is saturated beyond all recognition with this spew.)

Should he choose to do so.(and why would he throw away his media empire for something as non-lucrative as White survival?)

If you are looking for a more realistic assessment and analysis of what this rally really portends then I recommend this post from James Edwards of the Political Cesspool. Much more in tune with reality and without the pseudo-intellectual dross:

*Why "Fade's" first point is wrong and why his entire argument crumbles into dust:

Why Americans Don't REVOLT

50% of adults work for government at a local, county, state or federal level, or for a corporation that has a contract with the federal government. None will bite the hand that feeds them.

10% are unemployed and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

15% are on welfare and will never ever bite the hand that feeds them.

20% are getting or within a few years be getting social security and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

The best chance the unfunded 5% have is a worldwide economic collapse where the other 95% lose their System support.

It should be obvious by the way that I constantly refer to Brad Griffin(his real name) using the same unflattering mockeries of his various handles used by his detractors that I dislike this pudgy, pud whacking pile of dog shit. That would be an understatement. From the first moment I heard this whiny little faggot on the Jim Giles radio show where he wailed like an old woman about some hypothetical jewish kids being killed versus the very real day to day rape, mutilation and murder of White men ,women and children, I detested him. Subsequent viewings of his blog Occidental Dissent have done much to reinforce my disdain. I learned that he's a bored rich kid who changes ideologies the way one cleans out their closet to make way for this year's newest fashions. He used to be a liberal and a malicious hacker. He attempts to ride the coat tails of Jared "I'm o.k. with the jews, how about you?" Taylor and actually boasts of having the neo-cohen kikejew David Frum linked to his blog, as if this were an honor.

I only keep abreast of what this buffoon and his other equally pretentious co-conspirators are up to by following the blog roll on Access St. Louis. Most of the Occidental Dipshit's headlines don't inspire me to click on and actually read these boredom inducing masturbatory musings. Were this particular post not so outrageously inane and fucking stupid, this little slug would not have merited a moment of my thought. But at least we can all rest easy in the knowledge that he's "out in the real world" saving the White race, one useless whigger at a time.


  1. Hehe, good analysis, RM. I tend to be more forgiving with Hunter because I realize he's young and still finding his way around. Usually when people try to look at disasters through rose colored glasses they tend to see what they want to see.

    I'd give him some time. I wouldn't be surprised if in another year he is calling for an armed revolution. I feel he knows that is what it will take but will grab at anything before coming to the conclusion.

    I save my disgust for people like Kevisky or however you spell his name, Sorenson and a few others females with dicks over there. Anyone Preaching Migration, non-violence and "strict legality" seem to me to be working for the other side.

    Hail Victory! It will be ours in the end!

  2. You're more forgiving than I am Orion. Pastor Lindstedt also gives this little pecker head a pass for the most part, simply because he once set up a v-bulletin that the Pastor liked...but in typical "Cunt-aire" fashion managed to muck it up.

    Much of what this kid writes should not be postulated publicly or published for the scrutiny of people like me. A naive and off the mark intellectual exercise like this Glenn Beck essay should be kept in a personal diary or something. I've looked at the comments over there. Most of them reflect the attitude of what I've said here, stripped of the viciousness of course. Not even his own people can take the idea of Glenn Beck leading a White Consciousness movement seriously.

    A person stumbling around publicly, riding this trend then moving on to that one, loses much credibility in my book. Much like that "Mea Culpa" post he did after Jimmy Giles mind fucked him on Radio Free Mississippi. A hysterical, estrogen soaked calling into question of his own ideology. I'm looking for folks made of sterner stuff.

    I think this kid wants to be a "paleo-con", take his ideas into mainstream and rub shoulders and padded elbows with people like Dr. MacDonald, Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts. "Respectability" and probably some financial pay off are more important than halting our steady march to oblivion.

    For all of the big ideas that Kievsky, Hunter and the rest of the crew toss back and forth over there like a fucking circle jerk, I, for one, am not seeing anything measurable coming of any of it. Not fair to say? Of course it isn't. But this is how they measure the rest of the bowel movement.

  3. Another thing that has me suppressing the bile rising up my throat every time I read it is their clever little dancing around and endless hand wringing over what these dipshits call the "Jewish Question."

    What further galls me is when it's reduced down to "JQ." How cute, how clever, how original and intellectual.They've analyzed the "JQ" to death. Now what?

  4. I hear ya, brother. All good points and I understand where you're coming from. I think we've all been through that stage where, desperate to see some progress, we begin to think that anyone with the slightest inkling of racial awareness is "secretly" on our side (ron paul, pat buchanan, glen beck, Jan Brewer) et all only to find they aren't. And they won't be as long as the current system remains in place.

    What really frustrates the hell out of me are the types who say we can work within the system, that we just need to concentrate in one area and grow gardens, bla bla. This is classic head in the sand thinking. I can understand it because no one, including myself, has the guts to do what needs to be done. I haven't heard Hunter talk like that, which leads me to believe deep down he knows the endgame.

    Hunter is looking for political answers to our situation but there are none forthcoming. He might sway this way or that but from what I can tell since he's been around, it's all youthful firing of the synapses. :)

    Giles on the other hand, is all over the board and he should know better. Isn't he on a religous kick now? We'll see how long that lasts. To be honest, I don't trust anyone that runs to the FBI over something trival like what he did with that one guy. Huge red flag with me.

  5. To clarify, I understand why people would cling to a political solution since the alternative is pretty nasty. Right now we can only try to get as many people on our side before the rivers of blood start raging. On that I can agree with running for office ( to publicize the issues, not to get elected) or working with other organizations.

  6. To clarify, I understand why people would cling to a political solution since the alternative is pretty nasty

    there is NO "political solution"...not @ this late stage of the game!

    the longer it's left as is, the NASTIER it's gunna get!

    i think ZOG senses this...there-fore: watch for more & more 'Kwan "troops" to be "pulled out" of Iraq & the 'Stan!

    wtf did the Führer say abt "intellectuals"?

    one able-bodied, brave storm-trooper was worth a thousand of them!

    Orwell also said some-thing abt them: there are some things so stupid that only an "intellectual" could believe them!

    like, for instance, thinking that the White Race can "vote" it-self out of its current predicament!

    !Google "white farm murders/Sth Africa", aborted white babies dumped in trash compactors and the ever-increasing incidence of this sort of crap to rapidly dis-abuse any-one with more than ½-dzn fully funtioning brain-cells of that facile notion!

    i don't know what the agenda of the subject of this "thread" is, nor do i care...except to say that any white adult not advocating a Racial Holy War against our racial enemies in the not-too-distant future is only fit to be nailed to the back fence and used for bayonet practice!

    *join the Creativity Alliance forum..."White Will" now a prominent member!*

  7. Did anyone else notice the barbie doll in natural sunlight..well you know

  8. Werewolf you have this kid pegged. He strikes me as someone whose political beliefs change with the wind and who gets his ego easily bruised. Since he didn't spark his wet dream of a mass movement in Virgina he's pissed off and takes every opportunity to attack white nationalists who wouldn't support his efforts, whatever they were.

    I lost respect for him after his exchange with Jim Giles. I think Giles is a complete moron but "Hunter" lost his marbles when it was suggested that some sweet Jews may have to lose their lives. Vicious kikes like Susan Sontag and Noel Ignatiev indirectly advocate genocide of whites and Cunter, in one of his posts, says it's "not the same thing".

    No doubt we'll be treated to another long winded essay soon about how we are all fantasists and ne'er do wells but he, the great and fearless Hunter Wallace, has the answers.

  9. I looked over Giles site again and I misspoke about him being on a "religious kick". Looks like he's posting that more as a mockery than anything else.

    Anyway, he's looking for 40k a year to rant and rave into a microphone. There are actually people talking him seriously. When I read stuff like that I get really discouraged about the "struggle".

  10. Jim Giles has now completely flip flopped on just about every principle he claimed to have. He ranted for almost a year about the "White Money Movement" and is now shilling for donations. I heard grampa died, and with him the steady pension/SS checks that let Jimmy rant and rave day after day. He has also mocked blogs and forums as pathetic wastes of time yet he's now reorganized his site to include both.

    40k huh? I guess bee keeping isn't cutting it. My blue tick nose tells me something aint right over at Giles-shire.

  11. "RM" this 'blog still going or wtf ?!?

  12. Maybe. And maybe not. Is it worth continuing? Does anybody care? I'm at a point now where rational self-interest might supersede the time investment of spitting into the wind. Or wtf.

  13. Brother I have to agree with you and in truth I don't blame you. Ninety nine percent of the time it falls on deaf ears anyway....

    Weather or not if we "Lone Wolf" like you state or take the risk and join a group a big risk..

    I am starting think its not worth wasting our breath anymore either, matter of fact I know its not.

    We can't fight the unknowing the key is :unknowing: Bible folks who just as well want to go to their grave defending the beanie wearing filth as we are telling the truth about them.. I bet Folks like Sister Joy and Brother Jeff are probably pulling their hair out dealing with them..

    We can't fight the billion dollar holohaox scam. Sure maybe another 60 years from now the truth will really be out and they will exiled again. No matter how many real holocaust have been done by joos towards Christians they turn their heads away..Like so what at least it wasn't joos.And you mention to a lib that their was 100 million africans holocausted by joos in the slave ships and its still so what?
    I don't undertstand it..That is going on their writings of one out ten survived the passage. They brought over a million.

    We can't fight the media and the protocols..
    How can we? Fighting the joo trolls in chat rooms like the goofballs we get at DIC?

    I am tired of it to..Forty eight years old and no matter how hard you try..or how long..Look at the pictures of the protesters circa 1979 in the John Demyanyuk case in Cleveland you will see a younger Cleveland waving an American flag and yelling about proof and dual process..thirty two years later its gotten worse..

    Yes Brother I agree with and will not hold anything against you..Although I will miss enjoying your writings...

    Hopefully will not have to miss our Friendships we have developed over the years

  14. @ "RM": it all depends how "committed" you are!

    for me, that "boils down to" how badly you want REVENGE! against ZOG for FUBAR'ing yr life!

    i WANT THAT very badly indeed!

    in 0zz, getting revenge is some-what difficult because of our numerous, crazy fucking ZOG-bot laws and because of the extreme difficulty in acquiring "the (necessary) tools for the job"; viz: guns & explosives!....this country is like Canada...but with much harsher gun laws!

    you can imagine!

    so, for me, what remains is hoping to inspire others, else-where!

    personally, i have found that a "one-man 'blog" is, ultimately, a recipe for failure because no-one can predict the various vissicitudes that may "Crop up" in yr personal/family life...that's why, on a subject this important (the survival of the White Race and REVENGE!! against ZOG) a team of writers is the ideal situation!

  15. Dontcha get tired of these fuzzy faced younguns who long to be in the lime light .. elaborating on all the solutions they've acquired over their 3 or 4 years of somewhat dedicated, but albeit incomplete studies ? That boy hardly looks old enough to shave yet and I'd bet he aint got no callouses either ! On that basis alone, I'd take his word with a grain of salt.

    Jimbo - sounds like yer trying to audition for a speaking position at the Wolf's Lair .. seeings as you imply questioning doubts as to RM's commitment. Could I ask just how you would define this in a person ? Is it the one who can loudest proclaim the blood lust for revenge ? Is that all that should propel us ?

    Blogs are usually started by the individual and most often projects their "take" on a matter (this personal touch is what most find appealing - it allows those of us out here in the ether to identify and connect with like minds). There is no demanded continuity in the program put forth - sure, things come up and the Admin at the control helm gets back when they so choose / can ... and his (her) friends await that reconnection and word that all is well.

    Hate is not that hard to inspire in folks .. in fact, it is the basest of emotions to reach and inflame. But once one embraces it with both arms, you'll eventually find out that it tends to suffocate and drown out reason / logic in other areas. Guess there's no need for me to broach the subject of cannon fodder. The second wave will await the expenditure of the first.

    Guns and explosives, 'eh ? (what's the Aussie equivalent of our ATF ?)
    Man .. aint it a good thing nobody monitors these air waves. Otherwise some might get suspicious minds about those who so openly advocate partaking in illegalities. No worries here though mate.

    Cleveland - you hang in there brother. We all get our batteries drained, it's part of the price ya pay. I've been trying to talk to folks about the jew issue since about '78 or '79, the Biblical aspect (as pertains CI) since about '86 ... and no, the vast majority brush it off. Yer right, facts will not sway them nor will reason.

    Used to be I'd try to hammer down each and every one I talked to - no more. I'll admit that I do a rapid and cursory evaluation now ... certain questions, certain key words / phrases. If I don't glimpse a sliver of hope, I move on. My time and energies could be better allotted and it is my duty that I see that is so.

    For every 40 you meet, you may find one nugget. Do it for HIM, man. He's (she's) out there looking for you.