Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Camp of the Saints" comes to life

This is but a single camera's view of what the final demise of White Western Civilization will look like: a mud slide of subhumans (mostly mexcriment in this case) dancing around the fire gleefully celebrating the demise of our race and the destruction of all monuments to our once greatness.

The 'kwa is a lot like that ransacked and burning taxi. The savage subhuman mind lashes out at the engines of prosperity and, because it can only destroy, takes out its impotent rage on some one else's means of livelihood. A more violent and direct form of the Marxism that these turd world pieces of shit need to implement lest they die off because of their own Darwinian inability to sustain their own existence.

It's a good thing the piglice showed up before that cab got really damaged...

*note: jewtube videos, as of late, at least on this particular blog, seem to be cropped or cut off so that the full screen of what is actually occurring can't be seen. After pressing play you can click on the video again and it will take you to jootube where you can see the video as it was intended.


  1. This is the direct result of jewry. This sort of degenerate behavior is glorified by the LA kike with every endeavor he partakes in.

    Once again, an excellent example of future "american" behavior brought to you by Reichsmarshal...


  2. most of these Mexi-fucks are xtians/ verifies what Linder says ad can't turn a "mud" into "a human being" by tipping "holy water" on them!

  3. This Chinese fellow that posts these endless periods (that contain links) is trying to raise the search ranking of the sites he is linking to. I checked out a couple of the links he is promoting and some contain Asian pornography.

    I doubt you want to be involved with that RM. I suggest you delete his comments. Feel free to delete this one comment of mine too. I'm just trying to help out. I don't intend at all to come across as a censor or anything.

    The Chinese comments are not a real person. The more of his links that are spread about the web the higher his search rankings will be on Google or what not. Don't contribute to polluting the minds of young Chinamen :)

  4. Thanks, Dave. I see these chink "comments" everywhere and I'm less than vigilant about keeping them off of this site. I will do my part to stamp out gook smut.

  5. I see your back on RM glad your back.