Saturday, June 12, 2010

FBI = Federal Bureau of Israel?

I appreciate the way this lady toyed with these regime criminal goons and made them look as stupid as they are, but, conversing even in this round-robin fashion is a dangerous game to be playing.

It's been a while since I said it, so a refresher is in order. Always remember, when agents of ZOG approach you, no matter what alphabet soup organization or police department they belong to, invoke the 5 Words: "I have nothing to say."

She did invoke her right to remain silent...then was anything but. I chalk this up to playing it up for the cameras, knowing this would make an ego aggrandizing jewtube video. She did keep the pigs out of her house, which was the right thing to do. Never let Zog Dogs in. They want to get a gander at your reading and viewing material and they are searching for anything to give probable cause.

Don't play games with these people and don't assume you can outwit them. You just might talk yourself into something you can't get out of. Martha Stewart was locked up not for any wrong doing, but for lying to a federal agent. She talked. Don't be stupid like Martha.

"I have nothing to say!"


  1. While I will agree for the most part with what is being discussed here, you should never answer questions from the FBI without the presence of a lawyer. There are certain instances where it cannot be avoided though. Anyone who has to have a security clearance for their job can attest that you will be questioned at length and you background will be dug through with a fine toothed comb.

    While many jokes abound about the idiocy of the federal investigators, but they are well trained and have a way of sniffing out the information they desire whether it happens to be true or not no matter how witty you may believe you are. Like RM stated most of these people who get in trouble are not arrested for their initial crimes but for lying to law enforcement. These people are not here to assist you; in fact the opposite is true. They want to close their cases with as little research as necessary.

    Remember in your Miranda Rights it states, whatever you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. It says nothing about what you say can be used in your defense. I have even heard now that you have to invoke your right to remain silent; simply refusing to answer is no longer good enough.

  2. i'm compiling "a general to-do list" of "targets" to be "dealt with" vis à vis "extreme prejudice";

    *kikez....particularly, rich, powerful ones
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    hmm.....that "little lot" will prblby "do" to be going on with, eh?!?

  3. What's wrong with feminism? So a woman cannot have self-respect? Or should a woman comply with physical abuse patterned after her childhood traumas? I totally understand when a woman doesn't know she is being taken advantage of because it is normal to her. There is a big difference between feminism and man-hating, though a woman can hate men and be a feminist. Intelligent women have self-respect and know when a line is being crossed, just as much as a mother knows it's wrong when somebody touches her child. I find it weak to focus so much on bodies and decomposing meatbag skin that will age and wear overtime... We above this thinking now, because we are above this primitive attitude. Marriage doesn't make people moral... ever heard of the paterfamilia? It had nothing to do with morals. Its' not Christian.... Stop throwing morals in my face as though white people don't listen to slayer, do drugs and abuse eachother just as much as they abuse themselves and women....that metal crap full of songs about guts and rape is just as bad as hip hop. Stop throwing superficial morality bullshit in my face.