Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Savage Nation

I'm looking at my watch and it appears to be time for yet another savage nigger attack on a public transit system. Forget for a moment about the nigger assailant(s) and the mob of savages who cheered them on. Forget even about the flaccid, impotent response of the bus driver who did nothing to avert what could have been a fatal assault, and in my opinion is every bit as culpable as the nigger beasts. I want to instead focus on the White kid who was beat.

He did nothing. Not a fucking thing to defend himself or make the aggressor pay for targeting him. This isn't macho, arm chair analysis about ass kicking or how "I woulda done this...". This is the fact that we as White people are in this war alone, and we can't even count on our own Folk to come to our aid in these circumstances. If your choice is to die on your knees or die fighting, but die nonetheless, would you not want to go down swinging and draw some of your tormentor's blood in the process? Aside from that, I've said time and time again that these niggers are absolute fucking cowards who can smell the palpable fear of Whites like hyenas can detect a rotting carcass. Fighting back and bloodying the flaring nostrils of these apes is the only deterrent they understand.

I look out over the sea of White sheeple and, by and large, what I see is a bunch of pussified cowards. I take no pleasure in saying that. We are raising plump pigs ripe for slaughter, and our enemies are only too willing to oblige.

This is usually the part where I ask "how much more are we going to take"? Apparently a lot more. So much more, in fact, that it's time that I stopped asking the question all together.


  1. "This is usually the part where I ask "how much more are we going to take"? Apparently a lot more. So much more, in fact, that it's time that I stopped asking the question all together."

    I hear what you're saying man.
    I think we all are guilty to some extent, for it's only natural to automatically gauge the consequences for any actions taken.

    I'd wager alot of folks feel as I do at times - sometimes you just wanna go off, damn the torpedos and come what may. Just make it count before the plug gets pulled. That day will arrive.

    I'm not holding up any scalps on my saddle horn either but a large portion of our menfolk are just as you described - plump in body, mind and indifference. They would fold for relaxing nites that included a 12 pack, chips and nigger ball on the tube. Such are the priorities.

    You know my call will always be for whites to seek our God and pursue His ways ... and one thing we need to get out of our heads is the perceived need to "fight fair". That mindset will get us dead.

  2. You know, this time it's not even about chest thumping and "let's start putting some nigger heads on pikes" and going on a Wyatt Earp style revenge ride. It's about the simple fact that I'm damned tired of White males who don't even raise a hand in self defense, like what that fellow who was talking about the Wichita Massacre over on Joy's blog was saying. Lambs to the slaughter.

    I'm not holding any scalps either. Nor would I allow myself to be a victim. I was raised to walk with a straight spine. That right there sends a message to niggers and any other scum bags. It's not even about coming out of such a situation victorious, but at least with head held high that you didn't just lay down. Through judeo-feminism, we seem to have lost that basic instinct to be the men that nature intended.

    Orion says the local media over there is accusing this kid of "egging on" his attackers. To my mind that says, no matter what we do, the nigger will always get the benefit of the doubt, so, throw down and let the chips fall where they may and let the "hate crime" laws be damned.(They are even calling it an "alleged" beating, even though it was carried out in the broad light of day for anyone with eyes to see!).

    As you can probably tell, I'm real angry about this. I've seen this bullshit too many times. Niggers are accountable for their savagery, there is no question of that. But to lay down in defeat, accepting every degradation with a smile, well, I'm beginning to think that for the most part our people are losing the Darwinian struggle and the very right to survive, harsh as that may sound and the regret I have in even thinking it, let alone speaking it publicly.

  3. Yep, when we don't stand up in some fashion, we are being publicly denutted ... and this eggs the heathen savages on like fuel to the fire.

    I'll have to slide by Orion's ... didn't know he had posted anything of late.
    What good are most of these militia's nowadays, but entrapment gatherings ? Wasn't it the 51st that openly invited Federal agents in for their meetings ?! I don't have much faith in anything above ground these days. And certainly not those who curry the beasts favor.

    I was on an army base recently
    (scoping some LEGIT work) and took note of all the white boys hanging with "their brothers". Baggy drawers, sideways caps and talking that nigger sh@t. Goofiest bunch of clowns you'll ever see. Nothing but fodder.

  4. I think most of these "militias", particularly any popping up in the last year, are Fed nets, probably ran by ZOG.

    Speaking of race mixing jar heads, isn't it interesting that since niggers have been integrated into the units with real fighting men, the United States has never won a war?(not that I approve of any of these Zio-contrived conflicts, but the fact is telling.)

  5. The Military is both a promise and a curse for us. On the one hand, it wakes people up to the real nature of negros and other muds, and we get potential recruits who have the knowledge and skill sets we need. On the other, they can really start believing the military's bullshit about equality and how we all bleed red and work to "preserve" this rotten, corrupt system at the behest of the jew.

    As for the Militias, I couldn't agree more. The real ones won't be above ground. The others are FBI listening posts, which presents interesting opportunities for the real revolutionary to muck up their intelligence system. Is it interesting that everytime a leftist president gets into office, we have these militias pop up?

    Lindedst, for all his faults, was keyed in on the Militias of the 90s. I'd take his insights on the current crop too.

  6. Your hyena analogy reminds me of the film The Lion King. TLK is a good film for teaching small children why "Lions" and "Hyenas" should not be in the same society.