Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Frightening Pandemic of White Pride Disrupts Sleepy Suburbia

I'm somewhat at a loss here. The word "discrimination" is used countless times throughout this video, but I, for the life of me, cannot find the discriminatory element inherent in a seemingly innocuous statement such as "White Pride World Wide."

This whole thing reeks of the paranoia I grew up with in the 80's with the "Satanic Panic" phenomena where teenagers with Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne albums tucked under their arms were evidence of a wide spread coven complete with "breeders"(presumably for a steady, uninterrupted source for "sacrifices" to Old Scratch himself) and a super secret cult of Satanic baddies further sensationalized by cretins like "Geraldo".(Being one of those kids, I thought the whole thing was quite a hysterical hoot.)

But this is far more ridiculous (and insidious) to me. The implication here is that pride in one's heritage is equated with some evil that dare not even speak its name. Look at the pampered suburbanite mom in the Greta Van Susteren mask, who finds the whole thing "disturbing". "It's nothing I believe or teach my children to believe." On what fucking planet do these people reside? So apparently mom is doing nothing to counter balance the brainwashing her kids are receiving whereby they are taught to hate themselves, the Founding Fathers, and Western Civilization itself. I doubt these people live in an area that is even 50% nigger. Even if she did, note that she drives her kid to school, and doesn't subject her to the animal holding pen on wheels that most public school buses have come to represent.

Contrast this video with the previous story of the bus beating I posted. Police were dispatched, notices warning of the impending "danger" were sent out and a community quaked with fear because of a....couple of stickers? Where there is actual violence(and always directed at White people) it is met with apologists bending over backwards to not make a "rush to judgment", searching for the motive(from the victims, not their attackers) and the reactionary, almost rote proclamation that "race did not play a part in this crime." And that, of course, is if reports of the atrocity even see the light of day at all. The attitude is so "blah-zay" in fact, that when it does occur, able bodied adults(like the driver) feel no particular duty or inclination to stop it.

This is how far we've fallen and how suicidal our society has become. Words, even harmless ones that proclaim pride, supersede actual acts of violence and sexual assault. Calling attention to criminal acts has become more despicable than the act themselves. The good news for us is that such an upside down world adhering to these insane and ruinous ideas cannot for very long sustain itself before toppling and descending into chaos.

The message of this anti-White piece of propaganda is clear, when they have made the incredible leap by linking "let's kill people" with "White Pride World Wide." To quote the 9th grader in the story who's upset by this whole nefarious pride plot: "it's like uhhhh...bad and people shouldn't do it and stuff." I agree. Knock off this anti-White horse shit.

Oh, and lest I forget: "White Pride World Wide" everyone!


  1. You know brother I really hate to say this,but I hope that dumb-ass's kid turns into a mudshark,

    Her (the Mother) and many like her and the hoople head with the goofy goatee really have no clue at all about whats going on around them.

    Lets just say its a another way to wake up the denying self anointed dipshits..

  2. Ooohh, that was turrible ! All the blood shed, all the traumatic stress the victims must of undergone ... we just cannot allow this kind of ..

    Wait a minute ! Fricking little stickers stuck in a couple places - while elsewhere on the school yard, guarantee ya, some white girl is being groped by some nigger. Some white boy is being hassled and shoved around ...

    But NONE of that equals the audacity of the "obviously deranged" individual who is trying to draw attention for the need of whites to awaken and regroup.

    Yeah, with suck ass, white apologist parents like these, where will these kids get encouragement ?

  3. No doubt Jeff,

    I hate to say this..

    But maybe the worse it gets and the more kids get hurt maybe then they will wake up.

    Has to be some form of wake up call. Folks like us telling the truth to them isn't working.

  4. Just talked to man whose daughter is the principal at an elementary school here in town, she told him that on the schools "Open House" some man came in and asked when he say "The Cross", "Where is the star of david"?
    She asked "are you jewish"? "Yes", so she told him that "the teacher is free to decorate her room as she pleases, but she will take note of it". She also told her dad that they(school/teachers) "ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ARGUE WITH JEWS"!!!!!
    Is that some shit or what?
    These bastards have got to go!

  5. Yer right Cleveland ... and although I don't particularly like it either, the hour is too late and fence sitters will not be tolerated - by either side. Matters have progressed far more rapidly in this generation than ours ... that's just a reality. Parents who turn their kids loose in these jungles without support should be beaten with barbed wire whips.

    The Bible says, in addressing our white kinfolk - "thine own wickedness shall correct thee"
    (I know the KJV aint 100 % but I cross check - I was raised on the "thee's and thou'" and like them).

    In essence, we're gonna realize just what it is we're doing wrong according to Gods way or we will be destroyed.
    No other options exist.

    Joy - "... they(school/teachers) "ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ARGUE WITH JEWS"!!!!!"

    Now aint that the epitome of idol worship - a false god ?!
    These same deluded ones will show up for their weekly dose of "luving Jesus" at their local talmudic swill stations ... honoring God with their lips but their hearts (and minds) are far from Him.

    Yep, the meltdown can't be far off.

  6. I get riled up and stray off course Cleveland ...

    It will most certainly take more "in yer face" to wake our people up. I think we've all experienced or knew of friends / family who couldn't seem to be bothered with our racial folks dilemna UNTIL it happened to them personally. I can think of a few in my own family. Then they think EVERYONE should pay them heed.
    That's hypocrisy.

    Truth of the matter, I believe our folk love delusion, as long as it's fairly comfortable for them and the rose colored glasses are functioning fairly well.

    But as so many of our folk sayings are Biblical based (albeit unknownst to most) -
    what goes around, comes around.

    Or - whatever a man sows, that shall he reap.

    Indifference and apathy will also be extended to him in his time of need.

  7. "Truth of the matter, I believe our folk love delusion, as long as it's fairly comfortable for them and the rose colored glasses are functioning fairly well."

    I took a look at the demographics of this place this morning: as of the 2000 census this tiny burb of 23,677 people was 96.58% White while only 0.72% negro(with a smattering of Asians and Latrinos rounding out the numbers). Interesting. So, essentially these people have practiced the very discrimination they snootily condemn by insulating themselves in an all White community.

    I actually have more respect for lunatic liberals who wander the streets of Calcutta or roam the jungles of South America looking for savages to "help", than I do these hypocrites looking down on us from the safety of their lofty ivory towers. "White Flighters" who preach a good game but whose actions and life style scream the exact opposite.

    And to Cleveland's point about the daughter getting jungle fever, I'll bet mom wouldn't like that one damned bit, in spite of her "I don't believe that, nor do I raise my children to believe that." Once the shoe is on the other foot, as the saying goes, these people all of a sudden find their race consciousness all the while wondering why it's happening in the first place, unaware of the changes that have been occurring while their heads were buried firmly in the sand or up their own asses.

    This story is 1 part hysteria/media sensationalism and 2 parts "it's time to do another story making White people guilty about their own self determination".

  8. Here's a "craw sticker" for you, Joy.

    My friend worked in a fairly upscale athletic club, with a very large jewish clientele. At Christmas time each year, they were instructed to, under no circumstances, commit the fire-able offense of wishing the gym members "Merry Christmas." Yep. In the United States of America, Birmingham, Michigan, those two words can cost you your livelihood.

    These kikes, a-rabs, and other non-Whites who come to our lands only to find offense at our customs and traditions, need to spin on their heel and head right back to the sand pits where they come from.

    On the other hand, my friend who only knows about jews what I tell him,spent 7 years getting an up close and personal first hand education on jewish supremacism and the condescension and contempt for which they hold the goyim, particulary those whose job it is to serve them. His eyes were really opened when a jewess realtor tried to literally jew him on a real estate deal, but he "turned the tables" so to speak, a beautiful story too detailed to go into here. That kike whore, I am told, carped to anyone who would listen about how she "lost money on dat deal? And fer vhat? Oy vey!!!"

    Auslander Raus! Juden Raus!!!

  9. But maybe the worse it gets and the more kids get hurt maybe then they will wake up.

    I always have mixed feelings when anyone says that. The Whites of Detroit were literally expelled from their homes, neighborhoods and jobs, and yet as a state they continue to promote this crap with their votes, and with their silence.

    I really don't know what will wake these people up, if anything will at all.

    I hope I am wrong.

  10. Actually, let me expand my point. One of the lessons I have ended up learning in my short time here on earth is that I can't run from myself. Many of these White-flighters think they can move away from the problem and insulate themselves in their "pure" communities, thereby avoiding reality, and their own flaws. Once they have fled the symptoms without fixing the cause these libtards will often then go on to vote for the same crap they fled.

    The only way to get people to realize the error of their ways is to point out to them how their worldview is flawed when they are in moment of doubt. Our mission is to be there when these people waver.

  11. It would be nice to see hundreds and hundreds of those stickers go up around town. Hopefully giving a few 'liberals' heart attacks.

  12. Many great comments I have to agree with all.

    No doubt Jeff the fence sitters are the ones who need to hop off eather way and very soon.

    I have to agree with the big R about the libtards in jungles and third world cities.
    I have none, can't respect the libtard in their isolated communties..As long as it doesn't affect them communities.

    I can remember first hand the early stages of forced busing. These videos posted about kids getting ganged up on by niggers, beleave me is far from being a new experance.

    It just seems to be getting worse year by year.

    When are people going to wake up????

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