Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White People Can Survive

Country music. Heavy metal concerts. Ice hockey. NASCAR. Tolkienesque high fantasy. Legends of the Old West. These things, among many others, represent what I have heard a few White Nationalist writers on other sites call "Implicit Whiteness." That is to say, something that is undeniably White both culturally and in the expression of ideas (justice, for instance) that historically could only have existed in the noble mind of a White man, and are unquestionably and exclusively "White" without even the need to mention it. All attempts to niggerfy (or otherwise taint with multikult poison) these things for commercial or socially destructive reasons have failed. It is rejected both by the Whites who hold these things dear, and by the muds who find these genres and concepts so alien that they inevitably take a pass and it dies in the marketplace.

This Hank Jr. song can only be about White people. It speaks of and to our spirit of rugged individualism and the can do nature of our Folk. It's the people championed in this song who stand the best chance of surviving what is coming. I'm not a "country boy" by birth, but I am one by choice. As David Allan Coe said in song, "I am that Yankee's Rebel Son."

No slick video for this one but, Charlie Daniels is a no nonsense kind of man that I respect, and this fan made clip with its single static image works really well with the song. The views expressed in this song are traditionally White, and the fact that we think like this makes kikejews, niggers and White liberal traitors cower in fear. They hope that this atavistic nature never re-emerges among the wider White population, given as they are to coddling criminals and other vermin. In times past, the ideas that Charlie sings about here were generally referred to as "common sense."

This one, both lyrically and visually, is a documentation of a small sample of our lore and historical achievements. It's a "White Thing", nigger. You wouldn't understand.

I generally don't care for "Monkey Gentry" as they are a part of this modern crop of slick, over produced and packaged commercial "country" music artists that lack the soul and creativity of the old school performers. I especially don't like the fact that they have this bullshit video I saw on CMT where some "Klan" guy recants his "racism", burns his robes in absolution, and he goes nigger lover and it's just one giant cluster fuck. But, in spite of themselves, and in spite of some out of context quick shot of Martin Loofer Koons ape face that has no reason for being here, other than to downplay their own "Whiteness" because it's so Uber Cool and makes the haters jealous, they have managed to create a song that is quintessentially White and an expression of White values.

It doesn't get any Whiter than this. Vikings, sailing the seas, conquering new lands, adventure, courage, a dramatic recounting of our rich and varied heritage. There are a number of bands who, in spite of being ignored by the mainstream, are actively exploring these themes and tapping into our ancient histories and heritage. What irresponsible darkie with a victim complex or weakling jew could possibly relate to this sort of musical fare?

This clip has been widely circulated over the years, but it bears dusting off for our purposes. Phil Anselmo, sadly, a few years after this, degenerated into a slobbering heroin addict who could barely keep his eyes open let alone get through a performance without falling over. But he is absolutely right in what he's telling the kids here. If only there were more in the entertainment world who not only thought like this but were willing to speak this fearlessly.

It's interesting that the White people who are fans of these types of artists, past times and cultural elements are called "red necks" and other disparaging terms by the "elite" jewish media. It's all part of their program to dispossess us of our identity and alienate us from our past, while trying to counter it with corrosive degenerate multikult swill, which further confuses, creates chaos and promotes the very destruction of our People.

Never let some snot nosed glob of slime who was indoctrinated with jewthink in some ivy league ivory tower tell you that "white people have no culture." We not only have a culture, we set the standard for how cultures are measured. It's the indelible foot print of White Western Man that allows these over educated cretins the luxury of leisure required for navel contemplation and the self indulgence of whining into a "blue tooth" while simultaneously cursing the very ground their hippie sandals walk on, as if point Z were possible without first achieving points A,B,C, etc. It is that same indelible footprint that the dark hordes are eager to repudiate and cover up through revisionism while taking advantage of the benefits our ancestors, through blood and genius, have provided.


  1. That Hank Jr song is fantastic. I don't think we have many white people in Europe like the people in that video- more's the pity.

  2. Excellent post RM ... you knew us ol' country boys would crank them vids up !
    Yeah, that term "redneck" has never offended me, most of all because I never thought much of those who were delivering the supposed insults. Softies aint gonna make it, so we'll see who one ups who.

    (aint got no use for sandels neither - these boots were made for stomping)

    Saw Hank Jr. some years ago in Richmond - he was rowdy true to form. Oh, but we all slow down.

    Here's an oldie of Charlie's from the early 70's, a chuckler ... back in his misbehaving days.

    Blue collared, God fearing hard working men built this country - and we'll take it back with His help. Gonna watch all yer vids now.


  3. Thank you, Shieldline and Jeff. I wrote this thing and assembled it with passion but after it was all said and done, I was worried if after sending it up the flag pole anyone would salute(or perhaps even pitch rotten tomatoes at the thing).

    Yeah, even though I was born and raised as a Yankee city dweller and only split for the country in the last 5 years or so, I take some offense at terms like "red neck", "white trash", and all of the stereotypical implications that accompany those terms. You're right, you've got to consider the source, but, I'm just very attuned to ferreting out anti-White sentiment, because once you've awakened to it, it's literally everywhere, even television commercials. I'd rather be a "redneck" though, than the faggified metrosexual eunuchs they are grooming the White American male to become,so the "insult" doesn't really have the bite they hope it does, as you've pointed out.

    As good as the original Uneasy Rider is, I kind of like the '88 reprise of it, which is even more politically incorrect. "...some orange haired feller singin' 'bout suicide..." cracks me up every time I hear it.


  4. Ha ! Don't believe I've ever heard that version RM. Sounds like they could of incorporated a molotov in this version somewhere !

    Yeah, you can learn alot about folks makeup by just letting 'em talk and listen.
    They'll usually end up showing their true colors.

    (I was thinking you had stuck a David Allen Coe in there ...
    aah well, I best just let them ol' tunes pass on)

    "... the faggified metrosexual eunuchs they are grooming the White American male to become ..."

    Aint that the truth. Pretty good at prancing 'round all pretty, not much account in the field.

    Think I'll crank the Hank once more before heading out ...

  5. I only mentioned David Allan Coe in passing, but, I suppose I could have scrounged around for his underground "x rated" hit called "Nigger Fuckers", a hilarious repudiation of mudsharking whores. I guess that would be "Explicit Whiteness"? heh. jewtube tends to delete those kinds of things as soon as they pop up so...

    DAC, you could say, was the "gateway" of how I really got to know and appreciate country music(from the 70's on back to folks like Kittie Wells, Buck Owens and Ray Price to name but a few;"old school" stuff as the kids say. Don't much like these new CMT pretty boys). I grew up on metal and classic rock, but I heard bands like Pantera and the wigger punk Kid Rock always talk about this David Allan Coe fellow. My curiosity was raised enough to buy a couple of those "bargain bin" cassette tapes(kids, before these new fangled cd's and "mp3's", they used to record music on these bulky things that would get gummed up in the machines that played them and turn the tape into spaghetti,and let us not even speak of the fossils called "vinyl"). Now, I can't believe what I was missing all those years of my misspent youth.

    Most of my faves are dead, but I did get to see DAC up in Taylor Michigan 5 or 6 years ago(in a genuine shit kicker saloon with a giant Rebel flag proudly displayed on the back wall). He was drunk and the show was way too short, but, in spite of the less than stellar performance, I loved every minute of it!(being a little shined up myself didn't hurt the general good feelings either...haha)

  6. Hello Friends,

    Have to agree with comments. We will We do survive. I'm proud to be a (Redneck) its better then being all kinds of other words, like niggers, beaners, kikes, etc.

    Big R you should check out Hank 3. Old school with an attitude country, he looks and sounds like Hank 1. Hank 1 is my favorite,. Hank 2 well................. http://www.hank3.com/ as yes you can count me in as a Hell-Billy.


    Never could really figure why hank 2 gives so much attention to no talent punk kid rock, while his own kid was/is struggling. Most people never have even heard of him

    DAC has written so many songs it boggles the mind. Many of his songs have made it to the top by other artist.

    If you want a copy of the uncensored DAC I would be happy to burn it for you,,Including (nigger fucker). I can only imagine how the wimpy whites feel when she ran with a nigger.A six foot eight inch buck..He wrote that in 70s..Maybe Jeff remembers that far back....

    I have met Willie and Cris..Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Hank 3, D A C a few others here and there. Trucking does have some benefits. Wish I could of met Waylon and Johnny.
    So much class compared to what passes for country today. Although I can listen to Toby Keith and Alan Jackson.

    Nothing like cruising across I 10 with Waylon blasting watching the sunset between San Antonio and El Paso. The desert is beautiful there. Or cranking up some Old Merle going across I 40 in Ok. Or listening to the Highway Men acoss North Dakota into Montana..Well you guys get the hint.

    Great post Great message.

  7. Had to post this for you


  8. Yeah Cleveland ... I remember back that far. Reckon I'm (we're) telling on ourselves here ! Late 70's - early 80's I was in Florida ... still rowdy and misbehaving. Skynyrd country. Living a lil bit on the run.

    I remember I-10 to Houston. I'll bet you have seen some sights and met alot of folks.
    I did see Johnny Cash, with June and Rosanne. And I dare say I've got the best collection of Hank Sr. and Merle this side of the Mississippi ! Although as RM mentioned, they're Smithsonian relics (LP's). I was weened on that old time country flavor. I was country when country wasn't cool !

    I don't listen to any of these guys newer stuff though.
    Hank chumming with the likes of Kid Rock aint how it used to be. But if some of the old country or classic rock is on someones radio, can't help but give it a listen.

    You guys know I'm a Christian and alot of this stuff reminds me of days I'd just as soon forget. I'm not really reminiscing over it, but often it's just to show youngsters that all Christians aint stiff collars without a clue. Been there and done that. Through many hard knocks and alot of prayerful study - we've finally gathered the bigger picture. There is a better path.

    Ya see RM - it turned out to be a tomato free post after all !

  9. Hey Jeff,
    You can go here


    Id recommend going in person. You can visit Hank and Ms Audry and Hank's mothers grave not to far away..

    You can go here to replace your wax collections


    There was a complete box set released around 2003 (?) has over 200 songs along with Luke the Drifter..Remember him?


    I highly recommend the museum.

    Take a trip to Hank3s website and enjoy some of his old school country..joo tube has plenty.

    I still beleave Hank 1 is the all time great....well along with the Highway Men and ol Merle and a few others.

    Hey were not that old are we???

  10. Naw Cleveland ... it sounds to me like we both still got a good bit of fight left in us ! Aint ready for that rocking chair and corn cob just yet.

    I was what you might define as a Hank fanatic. Yeah, I've got several Luke the Drifter original albums. Got books, flics. Hank was the bridge between country and rock. Nobody else ever got 6 standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry (Lovesick Blues). He tore the house down. Most folks don't know he died at 29.

    Granted, it is an acquired taste. It is too sad and depressing for me to listen to anymore. But I reckon I could still belt out the words to most any of his songs.

    My sister went to Nashville years ago and got me that poster of his last tour to Canton, Ohio - the one he never made. "Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise ..."

    Well, guess we oughta turn the dial control back over to Radio Werewolf. Great talking with ya man 'bout the olden days.

  11. And to swing the thread back to something RM said that is very apropos -

    "I'm not a "country boy" by birth, but I am one by choice. As David Allan Coe said in song, "I am that Yankee's Rebel Son."

    Many northerners fought on the side of the south, understanding a common enemy in the form of government. Today we realize that it was a manipulated genocide / a move for control and are no longer divided. The destruction of us all is the game plan. North - south, east or west ... that rebel flag flies worldwide.

    White men, battered and bloodied are finally seeking out the root causes of their ills. They are determined to know the origins ... looking beyond the local, national or even international levels.

    We will shake the delusion from our minds and not be bound by earthly constrictions either. In all the vastness that is space unmeasured - there has to be more. There has to be meaning.
    And to us alone is the answer, the solution offered.

  12. I know you don't care for Hank Jr., Cleveland, as it came up before, probably on the DIC forum.

    I heard that III publicly came out in support of Obama last year. That's been kind of a barrier for me in checking him out more thoroughly. Kristofferson gets a free pass from me for being a flaming libtard because of the great songs he's written and at least, for the most part, there's no politics in the songs themselves. Since I've left adolescent hero worship well behind me, I'm able to compartmentalize these things more easily. But I agree, hitching his wagon to the dirt bag wigger Kid Rock, has diminished Hank Jr.'s credibility and stature. DAC disappointed me too, by going on tour with him and talking ad nauseum about "kid rock" from the stage. But at least David gives support and admiration to III also, which is something I've never really seen or heard Jr. do.

    "...alot of this stuff reminds me of days I'd just as soon forget."

    Jeff, I know exactly where you're coming from. I know for myself there's things I shouldn't have done(hard partying and such) and being around people that I had to walk away from because of the destruction those sorts can lead the best of us towards, and the music often becomes a sound track for times good and bad. There are a lot of perfectly good tunes that will remain forever in the vault because of the sheer ugliness they have come to represent. We can't change the things we've done, but we damned sure don't have to dwell there either. My rear view mirror doesn't get used much. The weight of today and what may come tomorrow is plenty to carry.

    This has been a good discussion. I for one have learned a lot. I thank you guys for sharing your memories and insights on a subject that's slightly off the the beaten path, at least as far as the grim stuff that has brought us together in our common struggle is concerned.

  13. Yep, we can't long afford to get distracted. Time to kick some dirt on this fire, throw the coffee dregs out the cup and move on to what's at hand.
    I enjoyed it too fellas, for it showed the common road we all have traveled.

  14. Hi friends!
    Been absent here lately,(new job and nasty virus) but y'all are never far my hearts. Doesn't matter where we are or what we've done, we are all here together today of one accord. I am very proud and honored to call you all my brothers and friends.

    Hey Cleveland, haven't heard from you in awhile. Did you get my email with new number?

  15. Thanks for stopping in, Joy. I think I can speak for Cleveland and Jeff when I say that we're equally proud and honored to be your friends. Glad to see you back.

  16. " I think I can speak for Cleveland and Jeff when I say that we're equally proud and honored to be your friends. Glad to see you back."

    Yer absolutely right there - hope yer feeling tip top 'fore long Joy.

  17. Hey Joy ,,Yes got your new number, Started new job finally,,running hard mostly nights. Will call asap.

    Brothers as the sayings go... Don't regret the past or shut the door on it...

    Also put a foot in yesterday and a foot in tomorow your pissing on today..

    Made sence to me. A most excellent thread. I always thought of ReichsMarshal as one of those Led Zep , Black Sabbath types...
    Hey I still am..

    Hope to meet you all someday. Well heading on down to Charlotte area tomorow in the am. I am in Jeff's kinda sorta neck of the woods. I 81 by Wythville..See yas soon

  18. I don't regret anything, Cleveland. I look at the negatives as the crucible of fire that forged me into the man I am today. Sometimes wisdom can't be gained any other way but the hard way. I do shut the door on it to the extent that I don't allow the past to ruin the beauty of today with unnecessary dwelling in negativity. It's history. But I am so far removed from who that was, that it feels like someone else's history at times.

    Hey, I AM one of those "Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin types." I grew up on heavy metal/classic rock. But, listening to that stuff for like 30 years you've gotta branch out and find something new. Thankfully, old school country was there to fill that void and I'm still discovering contemporaries of Hank Williams Sr. so everything old is new.

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