Thursday, February 12, 2009

Send in the Clown

Mike Burks: Proving that it takes one to know one...

I don't really know much about the creature known as Mike Burks other than what I've heard through the grapevine: troll, traitor, agent provocateur, homosexual, misfit, and unreliable goofball.  I don't even know when all of this drama transpired, but that's not terribly relevant, as I'm using this situation for illustrative purposes.

Here are the more salient, pertinent parts of his "statement."

After nearly seven years of being in the “pro-white” movement I feel its time to retire. After taking the last month in half to think things over I have come to the conclusion that the entire “pro-white” movement is a joke. In my seven years worth of experience I’ve never witness anything good from it. Instead I have met the biggest group of hypocrites, back-stabbers and anti-social misfits one could ever come across. I have much better things to do with my time, energy and money.

I have met enough odd balls in this “pro-white” to know walking away is the right thing to do. Never in my life have I met a group of mentally ill, white trash and anti-social group of scumbags in my life. It’s amazing that so many of these people exist. I think back and one thought kept coming up – “Who has attacked me the past few years?” No, it wasn’t the Jew, the non-white or other “so-called” enemy of my race. It has been my own people. The Randy Grays, Matthew Ramseys, McKinley Mitchells, and Matt Roberts of the world are the ones who have stalked me, harassed me and threaten me. It wasn’t One Peoples Project, the SPLC, or ARA I had to worry about. Instead, it was my “own people” who attacked me.

The number of whores, closets homosexuals and liars I’ve met within the “pro-white” movement is something I can do without. These people do nothing useful. Not only are they a total disgrace to the white race, but a total disgrace to all of mankind. Walking away from these people won’t be hard. With that said, I am not joining some ARA group like say Erica Hardwick did. 

As for Bill White, I can say this - He will not be set free. And after being questioned by the FBI, I can see why. Bill White did break the law and I regret now that I stood behind him after his arrest. I believe in free speech and don’t believe that Bill should be held for juror tampering. With that said, he did break other laws. He stated on live radio that people should kill Richard Warman. He didn’t say he hoped he died or that he wished the man died, Bill clearly said to “kill him” and gave out his address. Bill also told the news in Tampa that he wished a crazy would kill Leonard Pitts and the people in the Newsroom. Bill also asked me to hide evidence during one of his many investigations – also illegal and yes, the FBI knows all about it. No, I didn’t snitch on Bill White. The FBI had the call taped.

Every group I have joined has been a complete failure. So below I am going to take the time to name the groups and give some facts and personal eye witness accounts of each. Enjoy!

Imperial Klans of America (IKA) – Was the first group I ever joined. Led by Ron Edwards and National HQ based out of my home state of Kentucky. This group was a joke. I met men who beat women and a countless number of drunks. Most of the members were high school dropouts or people of low education. Ron was jobless while his wife was working paying the bills – what a “tough” white man! Once I quit members of the IKA harassed me for the next few years. Lucky the IKA recently lost a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit and will no longer be a factor…. Wait they haven’t been a factor the past two years anyways.

White Revolution – I stayed in this group for a quick two months. Knowing the people within this group was enough to make anyone with an IQ over 80 quit. You had Mark Martin, which is laughable. Some 400 girl from Arizona that seemed to stalk Mark Martin, also funny. A mentally ill man in Kentucky who blew his brains out. Their South Carolina leader Billy Brown dated a girl with mixed children. I mean, I could go on but I think you get the point. Oh yeah, Bill Roper was their leader, enough said,

Knights Party – Led by career con-man, Thom Robb. Like money making preachers you see on television, “Pastor” Robb will sell you a $350 brick for “White Christian Revival” – other words the money goes in his wallet. For a “Christian” I question the people I met within this group. Richard Hensley of HQ staff and David Barnett of North Carolina were divorced, a sin last time I checked my Bible. A guy named Phil was a former pot dealer. A woman from New York wore an upside down cross (symbol of Satan). Randy Gray, a high school dropout, seems to have a homosexual fixation on me which is very sick and disturbing to say the least.

American National Socialist Workers Party – At first we did great activism. The last few months I realize we only went after people that made Bill White mad. We no longer did political activism. All our time was spent on people Bill hated. Bill would appoint people like me to leadership roles and never listen to my advice. I told him for months to kick Justin Boyer out. Boyer, who spells like a retarded child, was a disgrace for anyone calling themselves a man. Instead, Bill allowed Boyer to make a complete mockery out of us. I find it funny now that Boyer testified against Bill. I also told Bill to kick Tim Bland out. Bill ripped me for this and took Bland’s side. A few months ago Bland was arrested for selling pot (we have the police record). Of course I was right and Bill was wrong. Bill also ran off my good friend, Mike Garrett by calling him mentally ill and making him looks bad on our yahoo group.

As you can tell, I have created this Blog*. I will dedicate this Blog as a “pro-white” news source much like White Reference does. The only difference is that my Blog will expose the frauds and corruption within the “pro-white” movement instead of glorifying con-men such as David Duke, Don Black and others. I am sure many will hate me and threaten me. Wait, they’ve been doing that for a few years now lol.

*His commitment to White Nationalism is on par with his commitment to blogging. It's already been self deleted. 

I give this piece of flotsam more attention than he deserves only because it illustrates perfectly what Tom Metzger has been saying about organizational groups for a long time now. But, to me, it also points up something else. This drifting, directionless piece of shit never recognized himself as the sort of untermenschen that such organizations inevitably draw. His observations of the people he's dealt with may very well be accurate and, in fact, knowing what I know, I take him at his word that it's true, even without personally knowing those named.  But what, ultimately, does it say about Mike Burks, and others like him? It took wandering in and out of four of these low rent organizations before he learned how ineffective they are? But then, if you believe a flake like Bill White ever even remotely did something called "political activism", you are probably on the short bus as it is. Even more so, if you have to get up close and personal, cleaning the guy's underwear in order to realize what a fruit loop you're dealing with. One click on the overthrow website a few years ago told me all that I needed to know that this was either a federal agent or a mentally ill attention seeker.

What puzzles me about these people who always pop up, and always with these overwrought "final farewells" to "the movement", is the seeming ease with which they are able to bury their convictions, if indeed they ever truly had them in the first place. I cannot imagine turning on a dime and forgetting all that I know about the jew, the statistical data on race, and my own observations of such things, because some other person turned out not to be as advertised, regardless of how heart breaking the betrayal or disappointment may be. What does someone else's dysfunction or ineptitude have to do with reality or the way that I perceive it? Nothing, if you've successfully broken free of jewthink. If David Duke and Don Black actually were con-men, it wouldn't change the truth they've told or my recognition of that truth.

My guess is that this clown was never a White Nationalist in the first place. He was a mere joiner. The sort of hanger on whose existence is validated by his being "active" in the organization, any organization. This retard could have easily drifted into any sort of collective. If the wind had blown him in that particular direction he would have been the treasurer of his local "Pokemon" card club.

Yet another reason to heed Terrible Tommy's words and steer clear of these organizations. They are rife with the folks Burks points out, but, they are also teeming with the sort of wishy washy, fair weather "activists" that Burks himself personifies.


  1. Oh, he has lots of blogs. Here's one:

    Funny thing about that mulungeon, he talks about hypocrisy when he was everything he accused others of: backstabbing, rumormongering, attacking others in the "movement". You can't say he was attacking fellow whites though because hey, he wasn't white himself. A real piece of work, that guy. Tommy was right, organizations will let anyone in as long as they pay the monthly dues.

    As for William, I never thought he was a fed, just an extreme megalomaniac. I think that's why he felt he had to wear a Nazi costume and be called "commander". Never understood that. He is pretty intelligent however, and I always enjoyed most of his writing, though I always cautioned about giving him any personal info or joining any group. I have a video of him on my blog giving a speech at some rally and it was actually pretty good. just a shame he felt the need for costumes, and to attack anyone that disagreed with him.

  2. Unbelievable. I looked at some of his other blogs featured on the side bar. He's got one where he shows pictures of some skanks who he claims are his girl friends...for what purpose I could not ascertain. Showing us his jerk off picture collection, perhaps?

    An extreme megalomaniac like White is possibly more dangerous to those who've hitched their wagons to him than a fed, as the result is about the same, given the current situation. He is the personification of the "mini-Fuhrer" I wrote about in a previous post. The brown shirt costume party should have ended with George Lincoln Rockwell, about the only person who brought any dignity to the uniform on this side of the Atlantic and the only person I would honor with the title of "Commander."

    I did think it was pretty cool when he posted the names and addresses of the Jena 6 niggers and the location of one of Al Sharpton's jew york offices on his website. Useful idiots can provide useful information for Lone Wolves collecting intelligence.

  3. I believe this is the same "Michael Burke" who has posted on several CI (Christian Identity) sites along with hosting a radio show along those lines.

    Viewing profile - Michael S. Burks
    Username: Michael S. Burks Rank: Christian SoldierLocation: Louisville, KYOccupation: ANSWP Midwest LeaderGroups: Registered users Add friend Add foe Contact Michael S. Burks
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    Joined: Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:13 pm Last visited: Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:02 pm Total posts: 37 | Search user’s posts
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    I was right! His name has always stuck with me for some reason. Jeromy Vissor of that site, Covenant People, is the leader, and self called pastor. I have never trusted that man, and I have spoke to him on a couple of occaisions. Oh no no no. I will not join a collective.
    Burkes reminds me of Hal Turner. FYI, my first thought when I saw his picture? He's not White.

  4. There was a time when I was a member of a group. Around the ages of 18 to 23 yes I know ancient history....had some life changes got out of it and never looked back..Some members were a bit to radical for me even. I wonder how many were joo plants though?..
    In all fairness to Bill White weather good or bad when beanie wearing, hooked nosed, kike lawyer my ex wife had the filthy animal made me return to my rootes and I stopped in his on his website. And in truth it ignited a fire in me about joos again.
    Which in turn lead me to stumble into the DIC forums we all enjoyed so much.
    Sister Joy that burke dirtball could be half Italian or more. That knucklehead co driver I had was half Irish half Italian...Darker skin.
    Also met some French thoughout the years darker complextion like this clown..Who knows?

  5. Yeah, I thought he looked kind of Lebanese or mestizo or something. The only other photo of him that I could find (wearing a Klan robe) which was kind of small and grainy, he looked White, but extremely "geeky." If he's not White, then it just goes to show how fucked up this kid is wanting to join a pro-White group in the first place.

    Cleveland, I've spent my fair share of time on White's website, too. This was way before I ever "met" Detroiter, and I wasn't used to seeing racial things presented in such an over the top way, so I kind of enjoyed it myself. He did serve his purpose. I just wouldn't want my name and personal information turning up on one of Bill White's membership rolls.

  6. There are alot of folks that 'look'white, but are not. Take jews for example. There is something 'different' about their skin. I don't know how to explain it, but it is real. Somehow you just know that they are not of the same tribe of people as yourself.

  7. Brother to late me for I was getting subs to his magazine..Although none lately.Yes I miss the DIC forums..still going through withdrawals from it.
    No doubt Sister Joy on others looking white. But a a friend of mine I have met his parents are 100 percent French Canadian. He and his sister are of Olive Complextion. Maybe from southern France. I have seen northen Italians with fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes and others with brown eyes, hair and darker skin. I myself am not lily white..Same as my father and his pedigree goes straight back to Germany (Prussian) France (Alsace Lorraine) (actually German names both sides) Both of my Fathers Grandparents from Alsace Lorraine and from Prussia were 100 percent white and non kike.
    My mother though Highland Scot, English and one Cherokee ancestor is of the lily white...
    It easy to point out a joo out. When you suspect one start rubbing your hands together and talk about money and you'll see their filthy greedy eyes light up like one armed bandits in Vegas

  8. Well, Brother, I doubt you've got much to worry about. I was talking about actually joining with Billy Boy and marching around with him. He's going to take somebody down with him. His kind always does.

    I know what Joy is talking about. With jews it is not just a hook nose, which is not always evident, but, there is something about their lips that are almost rubber like, which I have used to identify many crypto members of The Tribe. Look at heebs like Paul Wolfowitz or Simon Weasel-thall. Most kikes have those sort of disgusting, bizarre alien lips.

    As for this Burks puke, I think he looks like a rag head. Semitic lips and that dark area around the eyes that a lot of arabs have. Even if he just happens to be a Mediterranean Caucasoid, judging by his thoughts and actions, he definitely aint one of us!

  9. No doubt brother..There are other ways to spot them besides the money test. Another way is when your next to them they look down there noses or they stick their noses up in air at you...Many times throw big words at you too..
    That would be a good thread for a board..
    How to spot a joo... Still miss bashing that lipshits kike from the old dic.

  10. yes i to have dic withdraws from time to time, that site brought happiness to my day, that i could relate to others on how i felt about detoilet bring distroy, and how the kike media tried to control the real truth, i can see how the kike uses the nigger long before i ever found this site, everyday life is a good teacher, just the hard facts of this site make it a clear truth beyond words, and about the fruitcake this article is being written about, he reminds me of that fag josh from the old dic, this guy gos and joins all these groups just to find out he has shit to say about them all, sounds like a tipical fence rider, who knows how he is in real life, maybe he likes girls one day and boys the next, this goof is just strange, i wouldnt want to buy anything this fruit is selling.