Friday, April 17, 2009

Sloppy, bra burning hippie dyke: "This is straight up racist!"

I don't much care whether the "Tea Parties" were good or bad, were effective, or addressed the various concerns that we have as White Nationalists(they obviously did not). What is of particular interest to me is the vitriol, condescension, and out right hatred expressed by the mainstream media towards the attendees and the unveiled contempt displayed for White people gathering to express their displeasure with the Kenyan Pretender and the state of affairs in general. The multi-kultists are completely unhinged, irrational, hysteric and they no longer care who knows it, or worry much about continuing the fraudulent facade of journalistic "objectivity." (one news whore was rumored to be frantically querying the crowd "where are all the african americans?! why are there no black people here?!?!!?")

This is all good for us, and I hope the trend continues. It doesn't much matter that these people are not hip to the jew or the Federal Reserve or nigger crime. What matters is there is a growing, disquieting discontent and people are getting angry even if they can't quite place their finger on the pulse of what is causing that anger and discomfort. The White Sleeping Giant is being rudely, albeit slowly, awakened and he is groggy and unfocused but he is pissed! And the more these media hacks belittle, browbeat, bully, malign, ridicule and decry them as "racists!!!" the more chance that a certain threshold is crossed and White people feel the resentment of being villified and lash back. Remember, these people are being classed with us as "White Supremacists"[sic], even though they are far from being White Nationalists. Anybody who opposes the status quo is a racist bigotted homophobe. As the recent Homeland Security report shows us, we are all "Right Wing Extremists" now. This is a cause and effect situation that ZOG is ratcheting up with this sort of rhetoric. The people who are distrustful of the government have now been declared a security threat, reinforcing that distrust and giving them creedence that they are not paranoid lunatics, but that there is indeed a basis in fact for their unease. Connect the dots and play the scenario out to conclusion to see where this ends. These future conditions are favorable to both Lone Wolves and those of you who wish something, anything will happen in this excruciatingly slow death by bleeding.

The Magic Negro didn't exactly do much to calm the growing dissatisfaction. When asked to give his thoughts on the tea parties being held in all 50 states, obongo arrogantly responded that he knew nothing about them. "Let them eat cake" is the writing between the lines.

The stale, dogmatic media mouth pieces on neither the Left nor the Right understand this. The Left, in predictably reactionary response, decries these rallies as "conservative", "republican", "right wing" gatherings. Faux News had nothing to do with organizing these Tea Parties which spontaneously began popping up a few months ago in various locales, but, the neocons have butted in and tried to commandeer something that was originally a Ron Paul, libertarian minded movement, proclaiming it as their own. They just don't get it. The shell game of "republican vs. democrat" is not entirely what this is about, no matter how much they are trying to make it that, so that it fits their overly simplified template, which they can then compartmentalize factions into a recognizable set of heroes and villains to either be cheered or jeered. The discontent and rising anger stems from the fact that the system is built on rotted timbers and only now that there's a little less beer in the fridge and money for nigger ball tickets is a little harder to cough up, is there a realization that things are amiss. Again, they may not be up to speed on where to place the blame, but, the fact that they are agitated and are aware that "something is wrong" is one of the most positive developments for the cause of White Self Determination that has happened in a long time.

The caustic hatred for White people spewed by this filthy hippie wash up is typical of jewified hollyweird liberals. It is also further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. It's patently absurd that a person who's entire ideology is based on emotional, platitudinous falsehoods should try to armchair psychoanalyze the inner workings of the rational mind that sees reality for what it is. Just another clueless psuedo intellectual in love with the sound of her own nauseating voice. Keep it up, scum. The more White people hear what you erudite snobs really think of them, the more who are potentially awakened to the genocidal plan for their ultimate dispossession and destruction.


  1. I honestly wonder if these two imbeciles actually believe the garbage they are spewing, or are they following a script written by their masters? That worthless, has-been sure was willing to talk a lot of nonsense about the brain capacity of so called "racists". I wonder if she'd be willing to discuss the scientific evidence and statistics that shows that blacks have, on average, smaller brain size, lower I.Q., higher testosterone, and the fact that blacks are raping thousands of White Women a year. All the while olberscumm sports a shit eating grin like a pederast in a pre-school. Two limousine liberals who, most assuredly, live in White areas, yet preach about evil "racists". Scum is too good a word for these things. I can't even look at them as human.

  2. Another great essay from the Reichsmarshal. I was going to write up something about this false operation but you said it all. We can only hope that some of those that were suckered into this useless exercise in "protest" will understand that if they are going to be called racist no matter what they do, they might as well come out and be one! Then the rantings of intellectial giants such as the two worthless breathers in the vid won't matter one iota.

    You can't petition an evil, illegitimate government. You can only kill it. The more people wake up to that fact, the sooner we can get to work offering up real opposition.

    Wake up, White Man!!

  3. Bravo! Excellent summation!

    The protests and many more to come, have been a great tool for us, the hatred and ridicule spewed by the media towards the participitants are awakening our People.

    Olbermann is yet another vile jew, constantly making puns of "teabagging", referring of course to sexual innuendos and practices.
    Garofalo is a idiot and I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of that hag.

  4. After I got done barfing from watching these degenerates I had to wonder. If you go back to Roman times the Great Thinkers of Divide and Conquer would think how does it benifit Rome the most?
    Fast forward 2000 years and look who gets the benifit. Keep stiring the pot so we can fleece you more and more. Notice how quickly Americans have forgotten about the arabs over in Gaza. The Europeans haven't. Their media is not all joo owned like ours. Their is many other things to forget to. The economy. Notice in video the unemployed.
    The kike has things so interwoven in our society it is truly scary. I wonder if this pinhead barfofalo is even aware how the joo uses her and her friends or not? Or even if she is aware is the joo paying her?
    ...I need some asprin