Monday, April 6, 2009

Pay up, stupid Christians! You've got holohoax "survivors" to pay for!

The sheer chutzpah that this video(which is being played on Fox Jews Channel) is dripping with is nauseating. It is perhaps one of the most offensive things I've ever seen, and living in a culture and country awash with kikejew poisoning, that is saying something.

This is just one steaming pile of insincere bullshit. This kike rabbi, with the fake catch in his voice as he whines "dis should not be!" has all the authenticity of a circus barker or pitchman for the latest $19.95 marvel product. Obviously, this tripe is aimed at zio-xian jew lovers who watch Faux News believing everything they see, and separating said dupes from their money, not noticing the contempt jews have for them, barely able to keep a straight face and not rub their hands together in anticipation as the kike lovers reach ever deeper into their pockets to pony up the loot.

Rabbi Yech(!)ial Eck(!)stein, the charlatan in the video and leader of this "charity" garners a salary of roughly $824,000 annually. That could buy a lot of "passover boxes". If there was a "holocaust" and actual "suvivors" that is. It's good "work" if you can get it...


  1. Makes you wonder how many dumb ass Goyim will actually fall for this one? Is this another scheme? Let the billion dollar kikes take care of this ....if its actually true. Think about how much money these vampires can actually scam if 1 million Gentiles fall for this.
    Dish is duh vay ya ya ya make special deal ya.
    Maybe its for the Ukranian survivors or the brutal kike bolshevecks? NAAA dats not duh vey
    ...........muh money............

  2. You know zio-christians are the only ones who will take this serious and shell out the money. Stupid fucking assholes.

    These kikes really lay it on thick don't they? The weeping, wailing jews, the sad, emotive swindler's list violin music, the rabbi pretending to fight back the tears...

    "...dose dat vood obliterate jewish memreez..."
    I'm more interested in obliterating the jew from collective White memory so we can heal the damage done by these kike parasites and rebuild our country and world. Now dats da vey!!!

  3. Oh Gawd! I've seen that POS on the telly before. It is so pathetic that I had to laugh. They have no shame. Po widdle old iews. Boo hoo! Are they ready for the soap factory yet?

  4. It's retards like this who will be elbowing their way to the front of the line to buy a "passover box". The sick thing is this sums up most of the brain dead White people who consider themselves "Christian conservatives":

    "He iss all alone now. Except for his brother who vas turned into soap. He keeps him on an empty, dusty shelf in da pantry, vich hass no kosher food for da come-ink passover. You dumb goy should--I mean-ahem- vee should be help-ink people like dis..."

  5. Rabbi Yech(!)ial Eck(!)stein, the charlatan in the video and leader of this "charity" garners a salary of roughly $824,000 annually.I believe you, but do you have a link for that? I would love to see it.


    I know. It must be hard to believe that one of G_d's Self Chosen would actually be a charlatan out to swindle money from Christian folks. Whatever you've been told about the beneficence of the Children of Satan by your Christian leaders and teachers is a lie.