Friday, March 27, 2009

"Jew Talk"

Some of you might not find this song as catchy as "cold in tha D" or "lemme smell yo dik" but this video captures pretty succinctly and accurately the genocidal nature of kikejew supremacism and the agitprop which most of our People are unknowingly awash in 24/7. The jew is always talking. What comes out of its mouth is vile, bilious, defaming, audacious, ridiculous, and above all: untrue. I long for the day when the jew yaps no more...


  1. You and I both, brother. I pray I'm around to see the day. The picture of Klum pregnant with that niggers baby enrages me!!

    Thanks for the Video, I'm going to add it to this CD I'm putting together for distribution.

  2. The brightside of the klum niglet is she is helping to breed them out of future..
    I still believe kikes are more annoying
    then coons are. Damn I hate joos, the most hypocritcal, degenrate,annoying,filthy race the devil himself has spawned on the world.
    And dats not duh vay
    Muh money

  3. Are you ok Brother? Haven't seen you in awhile

  4. I'm good. Haven't been commenting too much at DIC but I am always lurking and read every comment. Glad you are still laughing about edgar lipshitz asking me to give you pointers to be a better, more civilized antisemite.haha Pure poetry, Brother. As true today as the day I said it.

  5. He he he damn that was funny. I still crack up when I think about it...I can only imagine the look on its face when he read my comment then yours. Probably had to take its beanie of to let the heat out its head.
    Dat vas duh vey.