Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the Blind Will Still Refuse to See...

Israeli Spokesman Says We Control Stupid Americans

"Another Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache, stated that she was not worried about negative ramifications the Israeli onslaught on Gaza might have on the way the Obama administration would view Israel. She said "You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can't criticize Israel."

Kikes call this "chutzpah". Jews always over reach. They are more brazen and more out in the open than they have ever been in modern times. Their greed and hubris is beginning to attract more and more attention. The survivors of the economic tsunami are going to be left in the debris of their lives wondering what- or who- was responsible. They will likely take to the internet to find those answers. People like us are going to be here to give it to them. It will not end well for "G_d's Self Chosen." I have never been more confident or absolute in my belief that we are going to get out from under the iron heel of ZOG as I have been these past 5 months. The more ZOG begins to lose its grip, the more wild and reckless it becomes. Victory, friends and fellow Patriots, is within reach!


  1. Good posting brother....Obongo's cabinet is all kike anyway. You now I am truck driver go all over the country.Meet many from all walks of life.. I tell you the Goyim (sic) are waking up. I beleave the Krakow ghetto rats are becoming more and more aware of it. That is why they are sucking more blood out of the USA then ever before (last three years) and more so then any other country except Germany that they have infested...Diiiesh ish duh vey.
    I would bet in fifty years they will be gone to the isrelie. Makes you wonder why they have the Arabs all rounded up and pushed to ocean.
    WE can only hope..muh money
    Another one you called right is this
    Read where this low life wants the taxpayers to bail out their zionist charities..You want to take a bet the US government does?..Why not find madoff's billions and give them back..Thats right the money is the holy land can't touch it...
    Just want to slap the beanies off the filthy animals

  2. So The Weasel wants you and me to pay for his own stupidity in thinking that a fellow kike wouldn't bilk him out of everything but his under shorts. "Ya. Let the goyim pay. Dats da vey!!!" Fuck these parasitic devils in human form.

    You're right about the money being in the "holy land." I'll make another prediction: Madoff gets off, then gets on the first plane to Tel-Aviv. And you're right. The goyim are going to cough up those stolen billions.

    I'm in the process of putting this whole swindle into easy to understand terms. It's all related.The tentacles of these parasites are all over the place and it's very complex. That's why it's taking so much time. Madoff, Geithner, Rich, the banksters, etc. You, I and the regular readers here know it's the jew. It's time to connect the dots and name names for the sheeple to grasp what's going on. I hope to have that up by the end of the week. Stay tuned...dat vood be da vay. ya!ya!!!

  3. Look forward to reading your next installment brother.
    You're right they have their filthy tentacles in everything.
    They are no "good" jews, just some jews whose culpability is less.

  4. This just makes my blood boil..Notice how they even rationalise the self centered kikes payment for (talent) Instead of what is good for their host country...Slap the damn beanies off them..then while they bend over to pick them up give them a good swift Doc Martin in their brain and tell them to act human.

    Insurance giant AIG to pay $165 million in bonuses

    WASHINGTON – American International Group is giving its executives tens of millions of dollars in new bonuses even though it received a taxpayer bailout of more than $170 billion dollars.

    AIG is paying out the executive bonuses to meet a Sunday deadline, but the troubled insurance giant has agreed to administration requests to restrain future payments.

    The Treasury Department determined that the government did not have the legal authority to block the current payments by the company. AIG declared earlier this month that it had suffered a loss of $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter of last year, the largest corporate loss in history.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has asked that the company scale back future bonus payments where legally possible, an administration official said Saturday.

    This official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said that Geithner had called AIG Chairman Edward Liddy on Wednesday to demand that Liddy renegotiate AIG's current bonus structure.

    Geithner termed the current bonus structure unacceptable in view of the billions of dollars of taxpayer support the company is receiving, this official said.

    In a letter to Geithner dated Saturday, Liddy informed Treasury that outside lawyers had informed the company that AIG had contractual obligations to make the bonus payments and could face lawsuits if it did not do so.

    Liddy said in his letter that "quite frankly, AIG's hands are tied" although he said that in light of the company's current situation he found it "distasteful and difficult" to recommend going forward with the payments.

    Liddy said the company had entered into the bonus agreements in early 2008 before AIG got into severe financial straits and was forced to obtain a government bailout last fall.

    The large bulk of the payments at issue cover AIG Financial Products, the unit of the company that sold credit default swaps, the risky contracts that caused massive losses for the insurer.

    A white paper prepared by the company says that AIG is contractually obligated to pay a total of about $165 million of previously awarded "retention pay" to employees in this unit by Sunday, March 15. The document says that another $55 million in retention pay has already been distributed to about 400 AIG Financial Products employees.

    The company says in the paper it will work to reduce the amounts paid for 2009 and believes it can trim those payments by at least 30 percent.

    Bonus programs at financial companies have come under harsh scrutiny after the government began loaning them billions of dollars to keep the institutions afloat. AIG is the largest recipient of government support in the current financial crisis.

    AIG also pledged to Geithner that it would also restructure $9.6 million in bonuses scheduled to go a group that covers the top 50 executives. Liddy and six other executives have agreed to forgo bonuses.

    The group of top executives getting bonuses will receive half of the $9.6 million now, with the average payment around $112,000.

    This group will get another 25 percent on July 14 and the final 25 percent on September 15. But these payments will be contingent on the AIG board determining that the company is meeting the goals the government has set for dealing with the company's financial troubles.

    The Obama administration has vowed to put in place reforms in the $700 billion financial rescue program in an effort to deal with growing public anger over how the program was operated during the Bush administration.

    That anger has focused in part on payouts of millions of dollars in bonuses by financial firms getting taxpayer support.

    In his letter, Liddy told Geithner, "We believe there will be considerably greater flexibility to reduce contractual payments in respect of 2009 and AIG intends to use its best efforts to do so."

    But he also told Geithner that he felt it could be harmful to the company if the government continued to press for reductions in executive compensation.

    "We cannot attract and retain the best and brightest talent to lead and staff the AIG businesses, which are now being operated principally on behalf of the American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury," Liddy said.

  5. Had to post this for you Brother...
    Watch the ultimate kike here..Notice how it can call obongo a schwartze and nothing happens..Then it tries to say its White.
    Notice how pompous and arrogant this krakow getto rat is. It is hard to beleave others have not awakened to this yet...muh money

  6. An old kikejew trick: do something criminal or politically incorrect and pretend to be "white." If Jewkie Mason really was White he would never have gotten away with what he said in that video. If they persist in pushing it he will say he's a jew and it's impossible for a jew to be racist and furthermore to think otherwise is "anti-semitic." Does this mean the governor of mexifornia needs to change his name? "shwartza nigger"?

    How come nobody raises so much as an eye brow when these kikes refer to White women as "shiksas" which basically means whore bag cum dumpster? Or the thousands of other degrading things in their "holy" talmud.

  7. Because duuu halohoax da halohoax..Notice how the media still hasn't really picked this up.
    I vonder vhy? Itsh becaush day vill nottgo afters vone of der own dish is duh vay..muh can we be so antisemitic and point this out.......

  8. yea i see the kikes has no problem giving themselves a "bonus with our money" they should be put up againest a wall and taken care of end of story. Im so pissed about this, make those kikes get a real job like they have back in the camps in germany, digging ditches, nice hard manual labor, treat kikes like this just like you would teat a nasty nigger.