Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I'm looking forward to Armageddon..."

I didn't think there was anything more repulsive than a jew, but I may have found something that comes pretty close: "Christian" Zionists. This pretty much sums up why the Republican't party is a viper's nest of anti-White shabbas goy toadies, and therefore of no use to the White Nationalist.  That goes without saying for most of you. I instead aim that sentiment at any fence sitter who may wander in here who still has faith in the political process and believes that there is a difference in the Zionist controlled two party system.


  1. O SHEEEIT Obongo is the Anti Christ...
    Pretty sad when a joo makes more sence the white.s do..and dats da vay yaya dish is.
    ........Muh Money......

  2. Christain Zionist, Judeo-xtian, all the same. Nothing but a crock full of shit. If they would get their head out of the jew's ass they would see what a mockery the jew has made out of them by the jew-inspired, jew-worshipped 'new' religion. Growing up, I never heard "judeoxtian" or xtian-zionist. In fact, when people still thought with their minds instead of emotions, the jew was despised and known for their filth.

    They are nuts! Looking forward to the death of millions just for damned jew. Crying and wailing that a jew was hit with a rock when jews are murdering with rockets, bombs and chemicals with no accounting for. What utter hypocrites.
    They are twice the children of hell.

  3. Want to add that John Hagee the founder of "Christians United for Israel" is a big fat piece of jewish excretment. I hate that pig.

  4. Indeed. In a long, uninspiring line of jew loving saggy joweled preacher men, Hagee is particularly disgusting and offending.