Friday, May 8, 2009

Beauty and the Bestial

What transpires in the video clip below is so beneath contempt and comment that I hesitate to even shed any more light on this poisonous mushroom growing in the dark(considering that MSNBC has about 9 viewers and dropping).

As our friend from Access St. Louis, Orion, has said, these degenerate abominations are not "gay." There is nothing "happy" about a hateful, venom filled, self loathing affront to Nature, and the vitriol that these perverts often erupt into is probably the result of their conflicted, sick, and debased "life style." Let us instead begin calling these filthy faggots by their true name: sodomites. That is what they are and that is what they do. They are not "cool", "hip", "cute", "funny" and all of the other fallacious presentations of these sick fucks that we have been programmed to believe, all in a drive to gain acceptance of this garbage as normal and acceptable behavior. They are the results of depravity and should be shunned and shamed, not lauded and worshipped.

America (the real America) needs to look at this and see just what these alien elites think of their culture, values and faith. Michael Musto is the prototype of what they want to turn your sons into.

I am more impressed with Carrie Prejean every time I see her. Class, dignity, beauty, and grace. The absolute polar opposite of sick faggots like Musto and Hilton. Aryan Woman with sword held high, fearlessly walking into the perverted den of the sodomite, vanquishing that evil as they spew their infected vomit on her, trying to drag her down into the bilge water with them. The more they curse and villify her, the larger her stature and more apparent her quality becomes. I would be proud if this young lady were my daughter.

And Olberprick? He is actually more detestable than the faggot who he has given free reign to, as he smugly sits there, approvingly lapping it all up while the sodomite does his dirty work. I would love to put my fist through this sleaze merchant's fake sun tanned, smirking face.


  1. Jews are pathetic and predictable. Instantly on the attack whenever you dare deny their filth and degeneracy. Having the chutzpah to look down at this beautiful woman and ridicule her, sends me into a frenzy.

  2. Our public schools exist almost for the sole purpose of turning boys into fags. The degeneracy is now so strong that boys are kissing each other the way girls were at parties ten years ago. For an example of what I am talking about click here.

  3. It angers me too, Joy. But I think the way Miss Prejean is handling this fire storm, by not dignifying this gutter trash with a response, is to her greater credit. And let's not forget the majority of Americans, even those who might be sympathetic to the fag agenda, are seeing this character assassination and vulgar display of 3rd grader antics, and have to perhaps reassess who these smiling "benevolent" perverts really are. Believe me, mainstream America, as flawed as it is, is not amused by this.

    I had no idea there was an entire subculture connected to this "emo" fad where this perversion is one of the trappings. I clicked on one of the pictures and was taken to a blog that seems to be dedicated to this trend. That was about all I could stomach.

    I've never been a big t.v. watcher, but, I completely boycotted the jewtube over a decade ago when I happened to be surfing and came across a Christina Aguilera video with two fags kissing. I wasn't at that time aware of the jew and didn't know Sumner Rothstein's agenda of promoting this filth, but on a very basic level I was offended enough to turn the sewer line off. Also, I have read over the years that sitcoms all seemed to have a token "gay" character which has gone a long way in conditioning sheeple to accept these degenerates as "just one of the family."

    And the phenomena of teen girls kissing and pretending to be "chic" lesbians was/is a result of the mainstreaming of porn. The culture wars have pretty much been lost. The inmates are running the asylum and there's nothing left to do but burn it all down.

  4. I did not even know there was such a thing as "emo boys". This world is shot to hell.

  5. A quote from

    "We should expect to be character assassinated in the vilest way by our enemies. They will try to make us out as alcoholics, women beaters, gays, child pornographers, racists, any type of societal misfits, just so that the public won’t take us seriously. In these times we need to be strong. We need to support our leaders and read past the Main Stream Media(MSM) propaganda. There is no doubt that we as Nationalists are at war and under siege. Exposing the agenda of our enemies takes the wind out of their sails.

    In this day and age, publically declaring you are a Nationalist might cost you your job or your career, but at the same time our enemies propagate “freedom of speech”….Yes, the only freedom you have, is to agree with what THEY say.

    But the tide is turning against Multiculturalism and Politically correct nonsense. People are waking up to the dawn of a new age, the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness."

  6. It's also pretty damn funny that niggers and fags are now on the same level of "civil rights."
    Nigs & fags..,together-4-ever! LOL!!!

  7. Maybe the fags could breed with niggers..No wait that has already happened.I could only watch about two minutes of this degenrate filth.Mainstream America has been so conditioned not to say anything about this stuff. They are just as discusted but afraid to say anything about it. Unlike us who are not afraid to tell the truth about this orgy of degenerate joo programing..And they wonder when I tell them I want to slap the damn beanies off them...

  8. Take a look at this picture on myspace. The picture was posted by a Swedish girl studying in Australia. Take a look carefully and you will see she is naturally blonde at 18, not a dye job, and she has blonde eyebrows.

    I've never seen blonde eyebrows on a woman. Maybe you have in Michigan, but I've never seen it here in AZ, even among native north European Whites.