Friday, May 15, 2009

Waiting for the Sun to Set On Amerikwa

Census: U.S. becoming more "diverse"(non-White)

Latrinos, Afkin Merikins, Asians and other minorities account for about a third of the U.S. population. Mestizos are the fastest-growing group.

The future face of the 'Kwa is looking muddy

JEW YORK -- The nation is becoming even more diverse: More than one third of its population belongs to a minority group, and Hispanics[sic] are the fastest-growing segment.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday that the minority population reached an estimated 104.6 million - or 34% of the nation's total population - on July 1, 2008, compared to 31% when the Census was taken in 2000. Nearly one in six residents, or 46.9 million people, are mestizo, the agency reported.

Even more telling for the future: 44% of children under age 18 and 47% of children under the age of five are now from minority families.

The quickly expanding Latrino population is having a healthy impact on the economy(?!?!), according to Ken Gronbach, author of "The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Growing Demographic Trend."

"Latrinos have saved our country," he said. "They represent 14% of the population but 25% of the live births. The United States is the only western industrialized nation with a fertility rate above the 2.2% replacement rate."

Growth of other minority groups is also outpacing that of the majority population. Asians, the second-fastest growing group, increased 2.7% year-over-year to 15.5 million. The negro population rose 1.3% to 41.1 million.

Minority births, combined with high immigration levels, kept the nation's population growing dynamically, spurring the economy by adding to consumer demand.

They will also help to prop up the real-estate market once the economy begins to recover, according to Rakesh Kochhar, associate director of the Pew Hispanic Center. During the housing boom, minorities closed much of the homeownership gap, although the bust has worked to widen that again.

As it ages, the Baby Boom generation, the largest age cohort in U.S. history, will start to sell their castles as they look to downsize their empty nests. But the group that would be expected to buy those houses, Generation X, has about 9 million fewer members.

Minorities will help take up that slack. They are relatively youthful and looking to house their families. The mestizo population, for example, posted a median age of 27.7 years in 2008. That compared to 36.8 years for the total U.S. population - which is a year-and-a-half older than the median age in 2000.

The number of 65-year-olds and older is nearing 39 million, or 12.8% of the population, up from 12.4% in 2000. The state with the oldest average residents is, not surprisingly, Florida: 17% of the retirement Mecca's population was 65 or older.
Biggest minority

Latrinos and other minority workers contribute to keeping the Social Security system solvent, according to Monique Morrissey, an economist for the Economic Policy Institute. The undocumented workers among them often pay more into the Social Security pool than they will take out in benefits.

The most mestizo county in the nation was Los Angeles, with 4.7 million people. Crimmigrants accounted for nearly half the population there and increased 67,000 during the 12 months ended July 1, the most of any county. The Rio Grande border county of Starr, Texas, has the highest proportion of mestizo residents: 98%.

California leads all states in the number of mestizo, with a population of 13.5 million, an increase of 313,000 in just one year. New Mexico, appropriately, has the highest percentage of mexiscum: 45%.

New York State has the greatest number of niggers - 3.5 million - while the District of Columbia and Mississippi have the highest percentages, at 56% and 38% respectively. In terms of counties, Cook County, Ill. (Chicago) leads all others with 1.4 million groids, while Claiborne County, Miss., had the highest percentage at 84%.

More than 5 million Asians live in California, more than in any other state; Hawaii has the highest percentage of Asians at 54%. It's the only majority-Asian state in the nation.

Los Angeles County is home to 1.4 million Asians, the most of any county. Honolulu, with 58%, had the highest proportion.

Go to the interactive map to see how your state is swirling around the toilet bowl:

This story is so full of fallacious multi-kult bullshit and the soft peddling of our impending doom, I don't even know where to begin in dissecting this steaming pile of "journalistic" excrement.

The quickly expanding Latrino population is having a healthy impact on the economy, according to Ken Gronbach, author of "The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Growing Demographic Trend."

Wha-wha-what?!?!?!?! If you call driving down wages, importing third world poverty, crime, disease and the bankrupting of the healthcare system and the exponential expansion of the welfare state "a healthy impact." Gronbach is probably a kikejew who salivates at the prospect of exploiting a never ending wave of slave labor while at the same time exterminating the goyim. It's a win-win for traitorous scum like him.

He expands on his lie:

"Latrinos have saved our country," he said. "They represent 14% of the population but 25% of the live births. The United States is the only western industrialized nation with a fertility rate above the 2.2% replacement rate."

This pap is ludicrous on its face. "Saved our country"?! See my list above of the "benefits" that these invaders are bringing to this nation already in its death throes. This statement is telling on a number of levels. Gronbach is obviously a globalist. Like many of these elitists who are motivated solely by the number of dollars they can extract from their hosts, he sees no borders, no sovereign nations, no unique races and cultures.
"Culture" to parasites like him is an abstraction that means nothing, merely a "market" to be exploited. The polyglot nightmare that they are ushering in is not seen as a boiling stew of races but these are merely "consumers" to be sheered for all they're worth.

Because kikejews like Grombach view themselves as "citizens of the world" and have no loyalty to race or nation, he can crow about "replacement rates" that outstrip the rest of the West. But this is an affront to the actual reality. What is a nation? Is it merely a collection of disparate people with no common culture, ancestry, faith, language, etc.? No, it is quite the opposite. Anybody can be an "American." It has so lost its meaning as to become laughable.These invaders may "replace" the Whites who are the rightful heirs of the nation built by and for them, but they will never be "American" in the way that we as true Patriots have come to define the term. They will continue the course of mindless consumerism, but the America of antiquity will have absolutely no resemblence to this third world version. Raspail's "Camp of the Saints" has become reality and it has come to our shores.


  1. The Mestizos also helped cause the mortgage meltdown.

  2. Yes, add that to the list of treasures brought to us by the Crimmigrants.

  3. Interesting though all the greedy self centered baby boomers with their McMansions selling off won't get near what they paid for them. The same generation who bought into all the halohoax bullshit will be caught up by the beanie wearing filth too...So funny their payback be will hit in their own pockets. Does anyone really think that mudskins can shell out a million dollars for a house?

    Its all coming back on the dimwhits that helped caused this..Well besides the kikes will shine in our 51st state.. Or will it be the United States of isrealie?

    We can sit back and watch in amazement what will unfold in the next ten years..

  4. I think the housing bubble has completely burst and it wont be coming back. By design. Already the very ones responsible for the mortgage meltdown are the beneficiaries of assistance to continue to stay in houses they couldn't afford in the first place while White suckers who actually pay their way are shafted. More will default. The more defaults within a neighborhood the more drastic the property values of the entire area plummet.

    All of this is heading towards the nationalization of the housing market. When the government has control of housing, even rental properties, then they will have the power to socially engineer who lives where and with whom. This is how they will force Whites to submit to integration and their own genocide. The rich elites will be safely nestled in their gated communities.

  5. The adoption of television under centralized control was the great American tragedy of the 20th century. Because WW2 generation let the glass toilet overflow into their living rooms and into the minds of the Boomers we lost an entire generation to liberal stupidity.

    RM, I know you criticize Evangelicals on their silence on Race, but I want to point out that TBN, basically an Evangelical network, was nearly crushed by the feds during the 1990's. If you are willing to read a religious newsletter about what happened, click here.

  6. TBN is joo-day-o-xtian, jew worshippers who have sold their soul to the devils for filthy lucre.

  7. Joy, any network that decided to take an independent line can easily get be destroyed.

  8. Ronduck, I read the article. I take it you are implying that the Clinton administration(let's face it, they were likely behind it) was using this technicality as a pretext to persecute TBN for political reasons? I suppose it's likely. Being passive and softening the message, in my opinion though, wont take them out of the cross hairs of those who want to destroy them.

    My problem with the Evangelical movement really boils down to the universalism of their message which paints them into a corner where it's the "Christian thing to do" in accepting perversion and moral decay.

    Only last November, Pastor Rick Warren stated that homosexuality was akin to bestiality and pedophilia(which I concur with). Post-obongo, however, he has soft pedaled on that and has hemmed and hawed and equivocated.

    On James Edwards' "Political Cesspool" blog, he wrote that the Christian churches are going to be "rethinking" their stance on homosexuality to make it more "inclusive". Fag marriage is going to be the law of the land in 10 years or less and the one group of people with any influence to stop it are folding like lawn furniture.

    As churches move to be more "moderate" and "modern" in an attempt to "keep up with the times" (i.e the "culture" of death and corruption) they become even more irrelevant and their obsolescence becomes even more apparent. There's already a "New Age" movement.

    The text of the Bible dealing with racial separation has been "reinterpreted" just as the passages regarding sodomy are now being reconsidered.

    If you're going to go down the road of moral relativism, why have a church at all?

    Case in point: In Norway back in the early 90's members of various black metal bands(a sub-genre of heavy metal music) were engaged in dozens of church burnings. The ideology of these bands is a mix of Satanism, Nordic ancestor worship(Odinism) and Nationalism/Nazism. These were acts of revenge for the building of these churches on sacred Viking burial sites and forcing their ancestors to convert at sword point.

    I was puzzled at this, because, why not direct that energy towards, say, the islamification of Europe? The church in Europe is pathetically weak and liberal, indistinguishable from the social democracy that it should be standing against.

    One of the ring leaders, Varg Vikernes, stated that it was precisely BECAUSE the church was liberal, weak, irrelevant and in the Darwinian sense should be wiped from the face of the planet. They actually respected the Evangelical movement to be found in America, because it was strong, dominant, uncompromising and therefore, a worthy adversary.

    Trying to placate evil and go along with the decadent mudslide towards oblivion will only make the forces of the left have even greater contempt for them. Once you've compromised your values, there's nowhere else to go.

    I may not be a Christian, but, I'm more sympathetic to the ideals and the moral code of ethics that the churches once represented and is necessary for a society to function. As I've stated before, I defend Christianity to the extent that attacks against it are really assaults on White Western Civilization and the principles upon which it was founded.

    But, ultimately, the church has to stand up for those principles. Holding two diametrically opposed ideas in your mind at the same time is not the mark of a person who knows the difference between right and wrong. It's the very neurosis that infects liberals.

  9. Fag marriage is going to be the law of the land in 10 years or less and the one group of people with any influence to stop it are folding like lawn furniture.

    1. Fag marriage IS the law of the land right now.

    2. Evangelicals do not form the majority of the White population, only a subset of it. Essentially, every other group in America that is not a White Evangelical gives half or a majority of its vote to the Democrats. Over on my blog I collected a series of pre-election polls showing that atheists, agnostics, White Catholics (49-41) all gave their votes to Obama. So a minority, under attack from all parts of the establishment has tried to stop abortion, public degeneracy, and even save America.

    Can you name any other group that has publicly partnered with the Evangelicals? Any at all? Barna research did a few studies and found that those who self identify as an evangelical gave (this is from memory) 68% of their votes to Republicans. Barna then created a seven point definition of Evangelical and found that those who met the criteria voted Republican 90% of the time, and remember that these numbers include all races combined, so Whites Evangelicals who met Barna's test probably voted 100% for the Republicans. Obviously there is a gap between 68% and 90% so there is quite a bit of dead wood that carries the name but does not follow the Bible.

    Evangelicals have to form coalitions in order to get anything done in most states, and most of these coalition partners, such as the Catholics, are two faced at best. The fact remains that the Federal government is a creature of opinion, and the majority of Whites in this country are either clueless or in bed with the elite that is destroying us. Ypu alluded to this White blindness when you said that many Whites would still remain blind even if Mestizos came their house and kicked down the door.
    Saying that a minority of the population folded like a lawn chair when they have to fight while under attack with no allies is grossly unfair. If you think America is going down now, just imagine what this country would be like without the Evangelicals at least trying to resist.

    Now go over to the blogpost I linked to and read the top half of the post on religion and voting. I want to repeat my point that we Christians in this country have NO allies - none. Especially take the time to read the two article I linked to from Barna.

  10. Your barna links are dead, but I looked over the other articles.

    When Pastor Rick Warren gets on Larry King and LIES about his previously stated stand on gay marriage, given the vehement position he had prior to the election, that, to me, is folding.

    Is the church a political animal, or is it an institution that upholds tradition and the moral order regardless of the currents and trends of the wider popular culture? Or is it more concerned with softening it’s “image” to attract more opened pocket books to the enterprise? Who would want to form a coalition with something as fickle as that? In answer to your question of who is standing beside the Evangelicals, I guess there is no one. Maybe the Republican party. But look at how they have wavered as well.

    What about the dispiriting and dejection that the congregation feels when they see someone like Warren flip flop like a double talking Massachusetts liberal? Some one who is supposed to reaffirm their basic tenets and beliefs.

    Here is where I see the Evangelicals ultimately going:

    “I see hope in the fact that we’re all sure we must do what Scripture would have us do—both in terms of the policy we adopt and how we implement that policy in extending loving acceptance and pastoral care to all our members. Might it help our conversation forward if we parked our certainties at the door and humbly asked our best minds to do some fresh, serious Bible study that is also informed by the latest scientific research on the subject (since Reformed folks do need to consult creation revelation as well)?”

    “Park our certainties at the door”? Why not throw the Bible out all together and just start tossing I-Ching yarrow stalks like so many stale pretzels to glean the future and get a better grasp of which way the political and cultural winds are blowing?

    Yes, it’s hard to hold a (seemingly) unpopular opinion. It’s not fun to be called a “racist, bigot, sexist homophobe” over and over again. But I can’t understand the irresolution of these “leaders” when a 109 pound little blond girl can stake her career aspirations on the righteousness of her convictions and stand firm in the face of the most vile ugliness I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life time, as far as the pillorying of a public figure goes.

    We are covering old ground here, with your concern over demographic breakdowns and who is voting for whom. Do you still think it matters? You think the Republican party is going to save our race? Aside from these political carrots that both parties dangle before the sheeple such as social issues(which never actually get addressed or resolved one way or the other) and populist rhetoric about taxes and the “middle class”, there is no difference between the “two” parties. The first priority of both wings is the maintenance and expansion of personal and political power. Our best interests are often in diametric opposition to those goals, which usually involve catering to minorities and the lowest common cultural denominator.

    America is in its “Hellenistic” period. Cultural rot, breakdown in morality, a rise in cynicism and nihilism, decadence, the erosion of global hegemony…these are the signs of the death throes of empire. It’s over. The America of idealistic memory is no more and cannot be resurrected by political means. I’m still out here on the fringes of the internet trying to sound the warning bells, but, the writing is on the wall. It took 70 years and a highly concerted effort to capture our institutions and indoctrinate our People with Marxist jewthink. A mass awakening is a pipe dream at best.

  11. Anyone can open a church and call themselves an evangelical, but the defining mark of an evangelical is adherence to biblical truth. Rick Warren is a fraud and has always been a fraud, see here.

    As a general rule softening a church's image is a loser when it comes to attracting converts and money. Who would want to commit to a religion/worldview that they can have instead by turning on the TV? Once Rick Warren is no longer a media star and some other telegenic liar is selected by the Media to be their token Evangelical "leader" he will fade away.

    I beat on the differences in voting because they reflect differences in regional and group beliefs and these differences in belief dictate how willing a group is to support White survival. The most Evangelical Whites in the country are also the most likely to oppose welfare and racial dispossession. Whereas the Whites who are not Ev. completely supported the civil rights movement until it came to bite them in the ass personally. And just like on religion, the Southerners really have no allies.

    Some of these groups have been opposing White America for at least two centuries. Let me give you an example from the Mexican War:

    3. Despite early popularity at home, the war was marked by the growth of a loud anti-war movement which included such noted Americans as Ralph Waldo Emerson, former president John Quincy Adams and Henry David Thoreau. The center of anti-war sentiment gravitated around New England, and was directly connected to the movement to abolish slavery. Texas became a slave state upon entry into the Union.

    4. One interesting aspect of the war involves the fate of U.S. Army deserters of Irish origin who joined the Mexican Army as the Batallón San Patricio (Saint Patrick's Battalion). This group of Catholic Irish immigrants rebelled at the abusive treatment by Protestant, American-born officers and at the treatment of the Catholic Mexican population by the U.S. Army. At this time in American history, Catholics were an ill-treated minority, and the Irish were an unwanted ethnic group in the United States. In September, 1847, the U.S. Army hanged sixteen surviving members of the San Patricios as traitors. To this day, they are considered heroes in Mexico

    So here we have an example of New Englanders and Irish both working against the intersts of White America. Longstanding behavior like this shows up in regional and relligious voting patterns. When the end of America comes some of these people will blame it anything other than race, in fact some may even blame the collapse of America on its treatment of its minorities. We should work on saving the one in four that I think is receptive to White survival.

    Aside from these political carrots that both parties dangle before the sheeple such as social issues(which never actually get addressed or resolved one way or the other)They do get resolved, by conservative defeat. I said in an earlier post that half of our race is evil, another quarter is conservative and spineless. So on any social issue 3/4 vote to advance the liberal agenda.

    I found a few Barna links: link link link

  12. Our race is not evil! Stupid, ignorant and stubborn, yes, but not evil! We are the most benovolent People to have ever walked the earth.Conservative and liberal are just talking points these days and mean NOTHING.

  13. We are still human Joy, and part of our race collaborates in our dispossession.

  14. I hate to beat this thread to death, but I noticed this paragraph:

    As it ages, the Baby Boom generation, the largest age cohort in U.S. history, will start to sell their castles as they look to downsize their empty nests. But the group that would be expected to buy those houses, Generation X, has about 9 million fewer members.

    I left this post on the iSteve blog about the same subject

    Vercingétorix, I would like to point out that we are on the verge of a mass wave of elderly poverty. The Boomers that did not have children will have no one to care for them. The Boomers that had one kid will either burden their one child with their care, or they will get nothing from that one child. Those that had two or more children may die in dignity.

    Essentially, most Boomers saved nothing over the course of a four decade working career, or a good portion of their stock holdings may get wiped out, leaving the savers in the same position as the spendthrifts.

    A minority of the Boomers will die homeless, broke, and alone since they refused to breed. The birth dearth and legalized abortion are coming home to roost on those who supported it.

    In fact, quite a few will end up in nursing homes staffed by the children of the Blacks they spent so many years subsidizing, and the grandchildren of the Mestizos they imported to mow their lawns. How these Boomers will be treated by the staff of the nursing homes of the future when they are a helpless member of a hated racial minority can only be imagined

  15. I wasn't necessarily propping up Warren as someone I agree with or put any particular stock in one way or the other. I used him merely as an example of an "Evangelical" who is currently the "flavor of the week" in terms of media saturation. I agree that he's a fraud. At best, he's just a pop culture Christian. Touchy feely new age bullshit.

    I'm somewhat of a Social Darwinist. Survival is the highest law. Right now, far too many Whites have their heads deeply buried in their feed bags and can't even detect the rumblings that "business as usual" is not going as advertised. What will it take? Apparently a lot more than you or I are willing to sit still for. The basic instinct for survival inherent in every living thing will either over ride the jewthink conditioning, or most will be holding the trap door lever of the gallows for their own execution. Time's running out, and the people who most need to wake up aren't likely to be reading our blogs.

    I know what it's like to have no allies in the electoral process. I live in Michigan, where my vote is cancelled out every two years as this misguided populace keeps electing over and over pukes like Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, and the insufferable John Dingle who has held that Congressional seat since the 1950's!!! Even my protest vote against obongo didn't count due to the fraud of the electoral college that makes "one man, one vote" a sham. I liken it to a "reverse" Skinner Box. Instead of a wave of pleasure every time the mouse hits the lever, the electorate of Michigan wreaks disaster with every ballot, yet they continue to support the very people who have gutted our state.

    I don't really subscribe to your view that the Irish were/are historically anti-White or otherwise subversive. They also rebelled and rioted against conscription into Mr. Lincoln's dictatorial occupying force. The keeping of slaves was, in my opinion, not to the advantage of Whites, save for a very select few wealthy, greedy land owners who benefited by it. Abolition was an inevitability, and not necessarily a liberal position, but a human one. Lincoln knew, just as Jefferson did, that these aliens did not belong here, nor could they ever be our "equals". Sadly, Lincoln(as tyrannical as he was) was killed before his repatriation plan could be implemented. The ball was tragically dropped after that.

    As far as the Catholic church is concerned, I just see them as another tentacle of the jewish beast. Jewthink permeates that abomination from branch to root.

  16. Excellent discussion here, If I might add some reinforcement to some points being made:

    People like Rick Warren are not fading stars of the movement, they are the future. Just like the South African Churches that suddenly said "we have re-examined our bibles and found that aparthid is a sin, let us embrace our black brothers", so will the mainstream church in America do the same with homosexuality. The mainstream churches are not concerned about souls, they are concerned about attendance, which translates into money.

    The Evangelicals will never have allies because they are wrong on so many things; Race, immigration, jews, brotherhood, nation, the nature of Christ, ect. The enemies we face today are it's rebellious spawn, and will see to it with a religious fevor that everything White America holds dear is utterly destroyed. I lived in San Francisco and it was my cultural Anthropology project to study faggots and I was fascinated to discover how the faggots got to be like they are. I found two things in common among almost all of them: They had come from religious families and they were hateful, mental basket cases. I don't believe this was so much the case in the past because Christianity was much different then. Today, it is a habitation of devils.

    How we get out of this mess, I don't know. What I do know is that alliances without firepower are going to get us nowhere. This is not the parlimentary system and with the jews in full control of the debate and selection of candidates, there will be no voting or as the recent selection of the alien latrino shows, no relief at the courthouse either. The jews and their Obama puppet are just getting started.

  17. People like Rick Warren are not fading stars of the movement, they are the future.

    Orion, most men are followers by nature, and most know this about themselves. Since most men know that they are followers they seek to follow men who they believe are smarter than themselves, and who they perceive as being the leaders of their nation/tribe. Men like Rick Warren will exist as long as we have a unified media willing to recruit liars, put them in "tribal dress" and present them to the masses as leaders. The purpose is to promote everything that is verboten in the Old Testament in order to destroy those who are gullible enough to still watch TV. The "churches" full of men who are unwilling to stand on Truth, racial or religious, will eventually pass, and are proof that some men in every age are willing to deny the obvious in return for social standing.

    To take the religious analogy further, a good part of our race needs to have a "come to Jesus" moment about race, where they repent for promoting or engaging in evil. People like Joy above seem to think that only Jews and niggers can be evil, but Whites have free will and many have chosen to aid and abet our current order, and for this they are guilty. In fact, many Whites are only willing to admit the truth about race if they simultaneously claim that they were deceived by the Jews, thus relieving themselves of any responsibility for their own actions.

    At base, many of our nation's ills stem from an unwillingness to accept responsibility for our own actions.

    Just like the South African Churches that suddenly said "we have re-examined our bibles and found that aparthid is a sin, let us embrace our black brothers", so will the mainstream church in America do the same with homosexuality.

    The most destructive thing to happen to Apartheid South Africa was the introduction of television in the 1970's. Since most of us have rather limited life experiences we gain a lot of our understanding of the world from conversations with acquaintances, and from our education. The introduction of television made possible the referendum that ended apartheid, by immersing the White children of SA in a world where pigs fly, niggers walk on water, America is a beacon of hope, and Morgan Freeman is the model of God for them to copy. Television also served to separate children from their rightful moral instructors, their parents, and to prevent these children from absorbing the often subtle moral lessons their parents had learned the hard way. The churches of Azania are merely a consequence of the cultural transformation that has happened down there, and have gone on to become little more than social clubs.

    Despite what I have written above, the Whites of SA are culpable, just as the stupid Whites here are. They chose as a group to allow television, and they chose as individuals to allow it in their homes.

    The mainstream churches are not concerned about souls, they are concerned about attendance, which translates into money.

    Which was Luther's claim during the Reformation.

  18. Ronduck I don't believe that only jews and niggers are evil. That is not what I said or believe.

    " I said in an earlier post that half of our race is evil, another quarter is conservative and spineless. So on any social issue 3/4 vote to advance the liberal agenda."

    May 21, 2009 1:09 PM
    Joy said...
    "Our race is not evil! Stupid, ignorant and stubborn, yes, but not evil! We are the most benovolent People to have ever walked the earth."

    Our race in not inherently evil. There are some evil Whites, that is a fact, but that in itself is an exception. I would not classify half of the White population as evil merely because they are ignorant of scripture, the machinations of the jew, cowardly and greedy.
    Not good traits to have by any means, but that does not make them evil in IMHO.

    Perhaps I misunderstood your statement?

    Also for clarification, yes I believe that jews are inherently evil. I don't think niggers are anything but a higher form of animal.

  19. Our government wouldn't be able to carry out its anti-White program without either the support or acquiescence of a significant part of the White race in America.

    Simply put I believe men are responsible for their actions, and those among us furthering our demise are responsible. The problem is that a significant minority of our own race is unwilling to drop its anti-Southern, anti-conservative or pro-Black agitation because it either serves their short term political goals, or promotes their own vanity.

    I no longer care what these anti's grievances are against mainstream White society, but they have chosen to aid and abet our enemies, they are unwilling to support us or any conservatives and judging by the election results they form 44% of our race. These antis are evil and like I said this means that half of our race is evil - by choice.

    Second, Blacks are part of the same species as us, otherwise they wouldn't be able to have children with Whites or if they could such offspring would be sterile.

  20. Forgive me for coming on stream so late, and if I misinterpret what has been said. Lots of words to follow but it sounds like some good advice in parts being spread around by all though. If yall start chunking rocks, I'll kick 'er over 'n head back out !

    Ronduck, don't take special offense 'cause I start here but yours are the last words and it's there my feeble brain starts !

    I agree with most all that you mention if I follow correctly, but there's no way I'm gonna be linked with a negra ! I will give them all the credit they're due as a creation of God, but in my belief they are the neanderthal race. Maybe they have evolved to an extent by our ungodly ways of immersing with them, but they are no image of my God. They are what they are and they belong where they belong - but not here. Once we start taking care of righteous business that message will finally get across.

    I most certainly agree with you that our people hold a greater burden of guilt than most. The jew should never of been allowed in, same with the black (only 2 of many violations). They serve a God given role when His people are rebellious to His will ...
    we have but to look around to see proof evident of His warnings.

    You're in accordance with Christ in as much as He acknowledged that the jew is evil by nature ... it is in his makeup. But He said the proselyte ( the jew toady, the willing subservient, our own racial traitors) were TWICE as guilty as the edomite. Some of ours willingly sell out and they will answer for it.

    But were not most of us hoodwinked at one time or another ? How can we mass label so many, not knowing for sure if they've had the opportunity and intel as of yet to reform their minds as have we ? But I agree ... it doesn't look promising and I aint placing no winning bets on mass conversions. But this only goes to show how serious and needed is our "call to duty 'n arms".

    But didn't RM (rightfully)say most of the deluded ones wouldn't be reading these kinda blogs anyhow, or be apt to listen to our warnings on the street level ? I will continue as long as I sense fertile ground, but at some point the bullets will become too thick and priorities will change.

    Think everyone here knows how big a tool of subversion and mind pollution the TV world and the like have become. And yes, our people love to have it so. It's so much easier to let someone else do our thinking for us, and to relish the joy ( sorry sister !) of that warm feeling of "brotherhood". Who wants to hear the "harshness" of scriptural reality when you can just condense it down into an oozing, meaningless love for all things - deviant or not. Just make a law or redefine God - not a problem. For awhile.

    I agree with your analysis of the damage done SA by the boob tube. And I don't think they went as far with Apartheid as they shoulda. The first thing I would of done would of been to erect a 40 foot wall from east to west. It would have been much cheaper than the combined cost of funds, blood and terror they've paid since.

    In my opinion 98 % of these mainline preachers are bought and paid for by this beast system and will never change. Many know just what they're doing, and the damage, but have deluded themselves into thinking they're gonna get by with it. It will be their own congregations who will beat them to death when they finally awake to what's coming down.

    Seems throughout history the majority have more often than not been wrong. We cannot look to that for confirmation of what's good or righteous. These false gods are gonna come down.

    RM, if I've rambled too much, you can just delete. Doing my best to keep up with everyone.

  21. Jeff, I have yet to hear you "ramble" on any subject. Quite the contrary, your input, particularly in a discussion such as this that touches a bit on theology, is most welcome!

  22. What Ronduck has the most difficulty in grasping due to his Evangelical/Protestant upbringing is the inherently subversive (and yes, "evil") nature of the jew as deceiver and nation wrecker. He has fully bought into this khazar fantasy they've concocted for themselves of being "G_d's Self Chosen."

    The influx of t.v. and hollyweird bile, is of course, detrimental to our People. But Ronduck and others like him think that this "liberalism" all just occurred in a vacuum.

    The slime trail always leads back to the jew. The plan to capture our media and institutions was laid out by the Frankfurt School and the implementation of Critical Theory that attacks every value that made Western Civilization the shining beacon that it is. Pornography, promotion of faggottry, normalization of pedophilia, feminism, race mixing, nihilism, alienation, etc. the jew's vile hoof prints are all over every denigrating and destructive aspect of our culture. Nearly every European war all the way up to the modern 21st century with conflicts in Iraq and Georgia can be traced to jewish subversion and the Rothschild Bank(or their rotten progeny) sewing the seeds of White destruction. These "people" are the epitome of evil, and I'm inclined to believe that there's a great deal more truth to this Biblical notion that these devils are the true children of Satan than I previously believed.

    Whether genuine articles or forgeries, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are being carried out on the global stage to the letter. Something to consider.

    Now to culpability. I cannot quite bring myself to call White's who embrace liberalism and all of the filth I mentioned above as "evil." They have been fed a bill of goods, indoctrinated completely. And that indoctrination has been reinforced by the "education" system, the news and entertainment media, and now of course the churches, a 24/7 bombardment on the (common)senses. Most people are, by nature, followers and non-thinkers. The responsibility does lie with the individual to get out from under this "Matrix"-like yoke of unreality, but we have to consider the power of the brain washing that has been successfully implemented here. It's a bit unfair to simply condemn such a brain dead automaton as "evil." The only hope these wretches have is experiencing some sort of epiphany. This is why I even bother to do this blog and comment on other White sites. I hope to be a trigger to ignite that step towards epiphany and enlightenment. Even one more person brought to our side is worth the time and toil.

    There are of course, fully willing Whites who have gotten their 30 pieces for betraying us. Almost to a man, most of these bastards can be found in Washington D.C.

    Don't make the mistake(as others have accused us) that we are guilty of elevating jews to Deus Ex Machina status as all powerful figures endowed with god like powers, who move the goyim around like mere chess pieces. It is far more complex and insidious than that. But the "conspiracy", for those inclined to look, is being carried out in the broad light of day. Expanding on what Jeff said above, allowing the jew into any White nation is a consignment to destruction, the "Original Sin" as it were.

    I've soured on the political process as a means of achieving our long term survival. This last election drove every last bit of hope and utterly naive belief in my fellow White to make the "right"(was there a right choice, given the option of a Marxist anti White nigger and a pro-jew anti-White neocon with liver spotted hands eagerly awaiting the detonation button?) decision.

    The truth is, salvation lies in bullets, not ballots. The Founders of this country knew this. They anxiously await, restlessly in their graves, for us to preserve the gift they've given us. The Bill of Rights is being spat upon every day by these kikejews and their shabbas goy toadies. The Tree of Liberty referenced by Jefferson is dying of thirst.

  23. Gotcha man. I was raised in a Pentecostal church, so I know about "scaring the hell" outa ya to keep the trembling flock in line and the god - like subservience that is mandatory towards the jew.

    Rule # 1 - Thou mustn't question the jew ... ever. If that aint bowing down as unto God, I understand nothing. We don't even show God that much respect/reverance but the jew gets a pass ?!

    And I can tell you that these preachers don't like it one bit when younguns grow up and start asking questions (my case I was 14 or 15), not yet being thoroughly deceived -

    "Well yeah, but what about this scripture ... or this one" ? The goyim is not to question why, but for the glory of the jew you must live 'n die.


    Too many places Christ outright plainly denounces them as evil from the beginning and having nothing but vile interests at heart.

    History tells us this.

    The jew himself tells us this.

    There is absolutely no scriptural support for those who call themselves jews to lay claim to the Israelite lineage, nor to the land they occupy solely with Amerikan military support. A farce from beginning to end.

    They built Hollywood and proudly admit their deviant nature.

    To deny all this is to slap God in the face and despise our birthright and God's covenant with His true people.

    Yes, one true people above all others - separate and distinct. He does not change. He does not amalgamate. He does not apologize. His main concern is for one race of people.

    And if we look for the tribe of Judah in history, a match would be better found researching the Germanic lineage. Think warriors.

    So, is God the ultimate "hate mongering bigot" ?

    Do we better grasp now why our minds have been so intently prepared by TV, educational means, etc. (re: RM's list),to resist this "supremacist" attitude ? Why we the masses have been programmed to react this way ?

    The jew knew this day was coming.

    True Israel awakes !


  24. It's OK for THEM to be the chosen of God (with no Biblical support), but let another ... the white race raise the concern and sound the alarm (with reams of evidence)... HEY ! That's us !

    OH ... listen to 'em wail !

    Supremecist !
    Bigots !

    (you know the drill)

  25. There are of course, fully willing Whites who have gotten their 30 pieces for betraying us. Almost to a man, most of these bastards can be found in Washington D.C.

    And our state capitals, and among most of our Mestizo nanny using elite. It's worth noting that even Judas felt shame and attempted to give the 30 pieces back, I don't see our leaders even doing that.

  26. RM, the heart of the matter is that the North and its Pacific colonies is supporting the destruction of the US. Some of these people are blind due to lack of experience with Blacks, but others have a defined sense of being Northerners and vote like it. This regional loyalty begs the question: what the fuck is wrong with this region that it supports White destruction?

    My short answer is Catholicism. The White population of most Northern states was in the past, and still somewhat is, divided between Mainline Protestants and Catholics. I think that over time the Mainliners will go back to Rome, which is even more probable when you consider that many of these mainliners are descended from Catholics who converted to a higher status denomination. Second, most of these Mainline denominations are sharing the same diseases as the RCC, such as gay clergy. That and if you looked at my post of voting by religious group it shows that mainliners vote like Catholics.

    For an example of what I am talking about go to this site and selct Catholicism from the map on the left and then when it takes you to the next page go to the top of the right column and below the words "religious composition of" select Michigan in the blue bar. Once you selct your state the brown bars in the graph give the numbers just for Michigan which are:

    Catholic: 23%
    Black: 8%
    Mainline: 19%


    The Evangelicals in your state are only about 26% meaning that they are outnumbered, which explains the congressmen from your state. Well, that and unions.

    If you read Civil War II by Thomas Chittum you would know that Chittum not only predicts the breakup of the United States, but also that the Northern dominated federal government will intervene in the race war in the South on behalf of the niggers. If or When the North decides to do this the half millenium European project of colonizing this continent in order to double the living space of the White race will be over. In addition, Chittum specifically mentions my county, Maricopa, as one that will be overrun when Mexico meltsdown.

    When you fellow Northerners decide to kill your fellow White men in the South will you still excuse their behavior because they are "infected with jewthink"? Or will you finally hold them responsible for their own action?

    And if you draw the line at supporting White Genocide, can you not also condemn those Whites who are pushing us down that road now?

  27. Some of your contentions are, quite frankly, bizarre. Reading the previous post and many of your preceding comments throughout this site and else where, I can only conclude that you are trapped in a time warp circa 1865, with all of this hostility directed at "the North", to say nothing of the ethnic chauvinism that you've aimed at the Irish. Your obsession with Catholicism has clouded your ability to see what’s really going on. The Catholic Church is only a symptom of a much larger problem, not THE problem.

    "...but others have a defined sense of being Northerners and vote like it. This regional loyalty begs the question: what the fuck is wrong with this region that it supports White destruction?"

    Regional loyalty? Defined sense of being a Northerner? I cannot imagine anyone stepping into a voting booth to cast a ballot with the conscious thought of “regional loyalty” or “I’m a Michigander and I’m committed to White Genocide!!! Hail the Union!!!!!”

    What generally motivates people to vote a certain way is their own bottom line. Democrats are the masters of divide and conquer politics and group identity. They don’t see people as Americans, they see them as black, women, gay, mestizo, middle class, etc. They promise much to each of these groups by way of populist economic rhetoric but deliver very little real “change”. They are really banking on the “hope” part of the equation to draw the suckers in cycle after cycle. And yes, labor unions in the industrialized North play a huge role in the outcomes, more than most outsiders even know. Also, the majority of White America is non partisan. Each wing has a 20% hard core base that backs the party line no matter what. The 60% who vote either with the notion of “who is the best man” or “the lesser of two evils” (the so called “center”)are the folks that the political hacks scramble to reach every two years. If you’ve ever actually talked to a fair number of regular people, most simply don’t care about the hot button issues that we as informed awakened Whites do. Abortion? “Who cares?” Gay rights? “Hey, to each his own“. Illegal immigration? “Geez, I don’t know. I don’t see many of those people where I live. There just here to work, right?” In fact, most things, including “socialism” barely elicit more than a shoulder shrug, so long as there is no perceivable threat to their own jobs or long term prosperity. This is the most frustrating thing about trying to talk to people in the real world. They just don’t give a shit. That’s not “evil”, that’s just abject apathy. It’s inexcusable, but, that’s the way things are.

    You can pore over the numbers, looking over every last stitch of data, determine the voting trends of male heterosexuals who only shower twice a week compared to the demographic of those who shower daily, but, what really does it matter in the end? It should be patently obvious to you by now that the political system is corrupt and “democracy” is a sham.

  28. Your “conservatives” have, since the year of my birth, 1970, been in(executive) power 28 out of the last 40 years, with the Dems just in power a meager 12 years. Did they end abortion? Affirmative Action(Nixon actually established it)? Secure the border(Reagan‘s amnesty act of 1985)? Otherwise stop White dispossession and genocide? Would John McCain have addressed any of the above concerns? The cold fact of the matter is that a nigger made it to the White House because George W. Bush, an evangelical, so fucked up this country with pre-emptive wars for Israel and governing like an absentee land lord , that the coronation of the Kenyan Pretender was inevitable.

    In spite of the fears I professed back on the old DIC forum, I’m glad that obongo is at the helm, heading for the biggest ice burgs he can find. Worse is better. Let the whole fucking thing come tumbling down. Even a principled man like Ron Paul would not be effective in fixing this rotten abomination. Our People would just keep sleep walking through the next 8 years pretending everything is all right, in a false state of complacency, prolonging the inevitable. The awakening is coming and it’s going to be rude, with plenty of privation to go around. Many still wont figure it out.

  29. “And if you draw the line at supporting White Genocide, can you not also condemn those Whites who are pushing us down that road now?”

    You misunderstand my segment on culpability. They are indeed responsible. Acknowledgement of a root cause of something does not negate the call to action necessary to confront it, or to hold those so afflicted accountable. I am sympathetic only to the extent that I know the insidiousness of the indoctrination that has destroyed too many of our People mentally. I view them in much the same manner as a rabid dog charging at me. It must be put down. Dr. Pierce’s fictional vision of race traitors and shabbas goy hanging from lamp posts is going to one day be our reality. I can’t stop that, nor will I lament those so condemned. I’m just trying to get everyone on the Ark who’s going before the rain starts. It’s almost time to pull up the planks and start battening down the hatches, which is probably why I’m not as concerned as you are with demographics. The faith you seem to place in the electoral system is misplaced. You are fretting about something that is almost inconsequential at this point, as futile as cursing the sun for rising every day. The barn door is open and that horse isn’t coming back, so why keep buying oats for it?

    “When you fellow Northerners decide to kill your fellow White men in the South will you still excuse their behavior because they are "infected with jewthink"? Or will you finally hold them responsible for their own action?”

    Agents of ZOG will come from every region and will be of every race, creed and ethnicity. Even from Arizona. You have one there already, McCain I believe his name is. Worst piece of race traitor scum in all of politics actually. Mr. Lincoln no longer rules here, so I fail to see where this strange adherence to antiquity comes from. You may put the term jewthink in sneer quotes in order to scoff at the notion, but, it doesn’t change the reality of what I have learned to be the absolute truth. There is no convincing you of that, I know. At this point you need only be convinced that I’m convinced. I got out of the mind control business a while ago. I can’t demand that everyone march in lock step with me, I can’t stop people from voting Democratic or joining the Catholic Church, or stop White women from debasing themselves by committing bestiality with nigger bucks, or stop people from being indoctrinated with jewish lies, or go down to Texas and start putting up a border fence on my own. As one man, one Lone Wolf out here in the wilderness, there’s not a whole helluva lot I CAN do or have a great deal of influence over. But I can SURVIVE. I can still urge others to prepare for and do the same. I may be, for the most part, preaching to the choir with this blog. But, I take some small degree of solace in knowing that there is a choir out there at least.

  30. 1. Past is prologue. Chittum thought that the federal government would take the niggers side again if a race war broke out. Northerners don't explicitly come out as Northerners, but they do mock Southerners as being ignorant yahoos, even when Southerners put up honest well defended arguments.

    2. Many still wont figure it out.


    3. I argue the point about voting because the voters themselves are different and because of something I saw here in AZ. In the northeast of the Phoenix metro area Scottsdale and Fountain Hills share a single congressman, which used to be JD Hayworth. In Hayworth's last election he ran ads specifically condemning illegal immigration and promising to work to stop it. Hayworth was defeated and he was replaced with a Democrat, which went against what I thought I knew about the area. At one time this area fielded a strong right wing senator such as Barry Goldwater (who I know was half a Jew). What caused the change from upper class conservatism to gutter liberalism was the influx of Northerners attempting to flee the messes they had created in their home states by their stupid voting. So these people carry the stupidity with them and work to ruin my state too.

    I suspect, based on a few anecdotes that a lot of these newcomers are Catholic.

    This has also happened to the entire state North Carolina. NC used to field men like Jesse Helms and now it elects men like Johnathan Edwards, and even voted for Obama in the last election. The change happened because millions of Northerners moved in from failed places like Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York and then continued to vote like...Northerners.

    I mentioned how this influx changed Scottsdale to a truck driver at my work who is from Chicago, and he said "good, we believe in unions".

  31. Friend Ronduck,
    I am truck driver and I have been all over this country. Even good old NC and the great vinegar based Bar B Que you folks have there..

    It is not the whites from UP North who move down south who are your nemesis.

    It is plain and simple the joo. Yes I get disgusted how it seems that every Southerner is a Card carrying inbred Klan member.Who owns the outlets portraying that?

    Ever notice the kikes povich or springer always seem to find hill billies with southern accents for their shows?

    The catholic church is just as much of sell out to kikes as any other church. They all suck.

    Remember the pope going to kikeland and their halohoax bullshit....while the Arabs are experiencing their own eal one RIGHT NOW thx to American tax dollars and weapons..let alone the joo guilt trips and the biblical bullshit of they are God's chosen.

    I really can not put blind faith in a book translated from joo to Greek to Roman and translated again when a deviant pervert king wants a divorce and has it rewritten to his liking. Then millions of sheeple blindly follow it.

    How many chapters were left out or added?
    What was correctly translated? What wasn't?

    The unions could be a good thing...Look at your great down south for instance..How whites are treated just like niggers for slave wages while the god old boys live in their mansions.

    I challenge you or anyone else to go to a poultry, hog, cattle etc packing plant or food processor or for the most any factory except automotive down south and tell me that 80 percent of the workers are not beaners. Making sub level wages while the good ol boys are making millions,billions, while the whites who didn't grow up rich or bad luck or what ever are forced to live without..

    Drop the Anti North bullshit we are all in the cesspool together..Another way the joo keeps us fighting each other to keep the focus off them

  32. I don't think the Federal government will "take the niggers side" in a race war. The Fed will crush anyone, anywhere, who threatens the stability and the sovereignty of its illegitimate rule. However, in the event of weapon confiscations, I look for "selective enforcement." Whites will be more compliant than say niggers and MS-13 types. They'll go after the weakest and most "law abiding" people.

    I think you're reading too much into the last two election cycles ('06 and '08). The pendulum constantly shifts(for the reasons I mentioned, that 60% of non affiliated). The Republicans held both houses of Congress from 1994 to 2006. A pretty good run(but what, really, did they do for us as Whites?). And places like North Carolina (and quite surprisingly Ohio, a fairly conservative state) went for Obongo because of the (real or perceived) belief that Bush's policies were responsible for the economic devastation. The bottom line is everything. Keep that in mind. Face the reality: Bush destroyed his own party and tarnished the brand.

    Also, I don't believe that voters from any region who relocate bring their loyalty to the North(to the extent that such a thing even exists)with them. They bring with them liberal jewthink.

    Cleveland pretty much hit the nail on the head in regards to where anti-Southern invective comes from. It emanates from the jew. Jerry Springer type "entertainment." Hollyweird movies, and the dialogue therein which makes it acceptable to use terms such as "red neck" and white trash, and vulgar stereo types about trailer parks, crystal meth and inbreeding. The jew's ultimate mission is our destruction. The Christian beliefs that you hold dear(and by proxy, the Southerners who embody them) must be crushed to break down the last remnant of moral order. This is why they are mocked, derided and marginalized. Whites(and Christians) are the only group who can be slandered publicly. Who represents "whiteness" more than Christian Southerners?

    The truck driver with whom you had words with actually reinforces my previous point. He sees nothing but "the union" which is tied to his bottom line. So long as spics aren't congregating in HIS neighborhood he could give two shits about the country swirling around the toilet bowl.

    I'm of a mixed mind on unions. There was a definite need for them at one time. Now, they seem to be overly concerned with fag rights and filling the coffers with mestizo memberships. But, so long as there is greed and worker exploitation, the working masses will continue to flock to them and vote their interests(whether or not these organizations actually do anything for them or not).

  33. We're talking past each other, so you don't need to respond to my last point. I remember reading in 1994 that demographically Ohio represented the US voting population. Whether its percent married, percent Catholic, or percent Black Ohio seems to represent the country, only smaller. So a man wanting to win the country almost always needs to win Ohio. Second, Ohio now has the highest state taxes in the country - they're digging their own economic grave.

    Third, look at this table. I feel that it reinforces my point about voting revealing preferences.

    But like I said, we're talking past each other, so don't worry about responding.

  34. Friend Ronduck,

    Actually here in Ohio taxes are comparatively low compared to Michigan, New York State, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Washington State, District of Columbia ,Iowa, Nebraska etc..

    The voting block you writing about is Columbus metro area not the whole state. This why all the major fast food chains and others start in Columbus along with many other versions of test marketing..

    It is funny how you didn't bother responding to the truths I laid out about hose good old boys .

    Bashing Unions and Yankess is kind of pot calling the kettle black..Lets look at how many Whites and coons moved to Union States during and after the second war.

    Why? To join the unions and better themselves.
    And their families at one time. Something they could not do Southern States back then,and to a point still do today. Now many of them are oving back down south for warmer weather and family..If you ever want to visit up here get in touch with me

    Brother ReichMarshall..sad fact is the teamsters and the spineless anal orifice riding on his fathers name is actvily recruiting (spanish speakers) Go to their webpage..What a joke any more.

  35. When I said Ohio had the highest taxes I was including business taxes, but you are partly right. The tax foundation ranked Ohio as having the seventh highest taxes in the country. Go to this page and scroll down on the embedded document to Ohio, the line for 2008 will show Ohio's combined state local tax burden to be seventh in the nation.

    If I remember correctly Ohio has school district payroll taxes and it has a "corporate activities tax" on businesses in addition to the state income tax.

    2. The Teamsters is like my own union, the UFCW. I saw in the local paper that UFCW local 99 had attended a protest rally to support a "hispanic" member of the Phoenix city council that local race whiners claimed was being discriminated against for some reason or other.

    3. Unrelated, but Al Sharpton has surfaced locally in the last few years. The local alternative weekly, The Phoenix New Times, showed him with a mulatto he was supposedly anointing as his successor locally. The little mulatto was attending one of the local Catholic schools.

  36. Cleveland said...

    I challenge you or anyone else to go to a poultry, hog, cattle etc packing plant or food processor or for the most any factory except automotive down south and tell me that 80 percent of the workers are not beaners.

    I believe you. Vdare covered this a couple of times. Prior to the Brown Tide from Mexico most meatpacking jobs were filled by natives, many of whom were members of unions. In the absence of an unlimited supply of Mexicans wages in meatpacking would be higher even without unions.

    Trucking is next. The grocery store I work at occasionally will have freight delivered straight from the plant to the store, carried by an independent carrier. Quite a few times these independents haven't been able to speak much English. One of the drivers at our chain's warehouse stated that he had to leave the business because of the flood of illegals spics entering the profession.

  37. Good thing is obongo has stopped the beaner trucks from going past the 20 mile trades zones.

    So true about them coming up here and helping the economy to die

  38. Reichsmarshal, in the aftermath of Ted "Orca" Kennedy's death I would like to quote something you wrote upthread:

    I don't really subscribe to your view that the Irish were/are historically anti-White or otherwise subversive.

    If the Irish of Massachusetts aren't subversive, then who the fuck kept voting for that drunk manatee for the last five decades?

    These people are now, and have been for many decades alienated from America in general, making them easy prey for the Democratic party. As of 2009 the Irish and other Catholic groups are firmly in control of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, and yet they still act as if they are a perscuted group that needs to side with Blacks...against their fellow Whites.

    If we can't get them on our side, and we can't get them to stop supporting the Party of Negrification, then they have made the conscious choice to support our destruction.

    Or am I wrong?

  39. "If we can't get them on our side, and we can't get them to stop supporting the Party of Negrification, then they have made the conscious choice to support our destruction.

    Or am I wrong?"

    I'm going to concede here that I'm the one who is wrong on this point. I'm a firm believer in fact and what I can see with my own two eyes, and, sadly,after taking a closer look, what you say about Irish folks is largely true, at least where this geographic concentration of Irish people is concerned. Perhaps this was faulty logic on my part, but, I was going by the Irish people that I actually know/knew personally (i.e. family, friends, people in passing)who weren't practicing Catholics or democrat stooges and were quite racially aware as far as niggers are concerned.

    You're right. Whites, regardless of ethnic stock, who support our destruction are our enemies...or at the very least nobody we can count on until a significant sea change of thought occurs(if ever it will. I'm done holding my breath).

    I know you're fixated on the Catholic aspect of it all, but for me, a liberal hellbent on self destruction is a liberal. Having identified the problem and succeeding in having me acknowledge it, what do we do now?(a rhetorical question, of course)

  40. Last night while I was stocking freight I was actually going over arguments I was going to use with you, I didn't think you would agree with me.

    Since you agree with me, let me state my general point, and that is that the RCC nurtures ethnic identity in order to keep Ellis Island Whites separate from the greater White community.

    Related to my general hatred of the Roman Church, look at this link and tell me what stands out.

    Specifically look at SB 1175.

  41. Incidentally, I shouldn't have had the angry tone in my post.

    As for what we are to do now, I don't know. But if a man who is as generally racially aware as you are underplays the influence of the RCC, I can only imagine the ignorance of the general public. Before we do anything we must first make sure we have a clear survey of our situation.

  42. I may have sounded dismissive these past several months, but I don't "underplay" the influence of the RCC(at least that is not my intent). They are just not at the very top of my hierarchy of enemies out to destroy us. I think the jew who has captured our institutions, media and government is far more lethal. And sometimes I just like a good argument. But yes, I'm beginning to see a problem. Some things about this I have perhaps been in denial about.

    My best friend is Polish and his parents are lifelong catholics. They voted democrat their entire lives(his dad strayed only once to vote for Ike). They stated emphatically that they would not vote for a "black man." "McCain all the way" they said. My friend, on Nov. 5th, asked them, "so, who did you guys end up voting for"? Obama. He was shocked. I was shocked. I was even more shocked to learn that his uncle, a catholic and rabid nigger hater voted for obongo!(This is in Ohio, so these people and the millions more who followed suit are the reason we lost that state)

    Knowing these people quite intimately, I don't believe for a second they are consciously out to destroy the White race. But there is definitely something fucked up in their thought process. Is it what Rome is telling them? Is it that they still believe the dems are the same party of the 60's? Probably both.

    I responded to your post before reading your link so I'll get back to you on what I think. I also did receive your private e-mail from a while back.

    I didn't think your angry tone was directed at me necessarily, I interpreted it as more for "the drunk manatee".

  43. "Related to my general hatred of the Roman Church, look at this link and tell me what stands out.

    Specifically look at SB 1175."

    Nothing particularly stands out other than their commitment to keeping the open third world sewer line uninterrupted and attempting to keep these vermin from being classified as what they are: felons.

    Not quite sure what I'm supposed to deduce from 1175. Tying pro-illegal immigration with anti-abortion legislation?

    "the RCC nurtures ethnic identity in order to keep Ellis Island Whites separate from the greater White community."

    Do you have any links to something along these lines? Not because I am skeptical, but because I think this is highly interesting. If there were overt statements to this effect, it would go a long way in waking more people up.

  44. SB1175 was originally an anti-illegal immigrant bill, but the diocesan lobbyist was able to manipulate gullible Christians into caving on the spic issue so that they could make a futile effort to "save the children".

    I think this is an explanation as to why the Church gives communion to baby killers like Ted, while supposedly being the driving force organizing all of these pro-life associations. As long as the abortion issue exists the church can use it to neutralize the Protestants/Evangelicals by getting them to oppose the greater evil.

    Second, The Roman church supports pro-abort politicians here in America, while staging mass rallies in Central America to stop abortion. The Church wants a surplus of children south of the Rio Grande and definitely wants a shortage of children north of the border.

    The whole anti-abortion movement is a sham.

  45. I don't have a lot of links on Catholic ethnic organizing, but if you go to the links page of the Archdiocese of Chicago, you find links to Black, Hispanic, European, Irish and Asian Catholics. The diocese also maintains websites such as Black Catholic Chicago and has a diocesan website devoted to "gay outreach" that mentions immigration reform. The gay outreach site doesn't seem to condemn faggotry, but is instead welcoming.

    I found the Polish Catholic Chicago website here.

    I was going to mention something else, but I forgot.

  46. Now I remember! Left-voting Catholics explains the liberal domination of our government for the last 70 years. For years you have been talking to people who hold otherwise conservative views and have been wondering how such people managed to be ruled by a pack of niggerlovers. Well, these people tell pollsters that they support closing our southern border, and yet they continually go on to vote for the Democrats. This schizophrenic behavior is why when talking to the average man on the street you keep getting the impression that our liberal rulers are some alien force that has entered our community and taken it over, when the truth is that this alien force was *invited* in by the libtard voting catholics.
    In my post on religious voting I showed that Mainline Protestants and Catholics both voted the same way, essentially as one group. Now imagine Pennsylvania (as an example) having its entire White population composed of these people. If the Catholics and Mainliners equivocate in the face of evil and split their vote 50-50 the election will be decided buy the 10% of the state that is rabidly Democratic, basically coons. Giving niggers the right to vote in major Northern states was the hidden side of the Civil Rights movement since it locked these states into the Democratic Party. What happened in the South was almost a distraction.

    This leftism has extended pretty far into the past too. In 1988 Jesse Jackson got 55% of the 1988 Michigan Democratic caucus, despite the huge number of White Democrats in Michigan. link

  47. Oh! I think I finally have some evidence to back up my year long claim that the Mainline Protestants will go back to Rome.