Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Shape of Things to Come

I think that I've kind of lost my way from the true intent of this blog, which was to be a more practical manual for general survival and Lone Wolf tactics. I don't regret anything I've posted or the great discussions they've generated, but, there has been a week and a half long lull between posts because something's been weighing on my mind. We're really running out of time here and all indications are that we are headed for what amounts to a new dark age. We're getting near that time when there's nothing left to do but board up the windows and pull up the planks of the Ark in anticipation of the fast approaching storm. I think everyone who is an active participant on this blog is on the same page, and I'm going to assume that the lurkers out there know the score, too. Chutzpah and TNB are no doubt still going to be topics on this blog, but from here on out, I'd like to begin dealing again with more practical matters for the most part.

I think this essay by JOOM is the best way to start off in getting back to basics. JOOM, if you don't know, is a guy whose writings are featured on Tom Metzger's Resist website. The man's insights and personal anecdotes and recounting of personal experiences are laugh out loud funny and on the mark. If I hadn't been so successful in distancing myself from niggers and other scum and removing them from my life in all but the briefest encounters, I would probably be writing stuff like JOOM. Since it inadvertently came up on the DIC forum recently, I think the very basic place to start with our ability to survive is in the area of health and fitness. Back in January I began getting back into shape through diet and regular exercise, after a lapse of several years. It's not been easy and it's not a quick fix. It takes time, desire and discipline. The older you are, the harder it's going to be. I recommend to all White folks, to the best of your current health and ability, getting into the best possible level of fitness that you can.

White Pride World (very) Wide?

Shaping A War

I know a great many men and women from all over the country and world who are actively preparing for war. Not your average conventional face-to-face battles, but guerilla warfare; the same kind our forefathers used to defeat the British and their superior numbers. They hid behind trees and bushes, under mounds of dirt, in trees, and some even dressed up as women to fool the enemy. And they won. But even these advanced tactics weren't the deciding factor..they were. That's because no matter how well laid the plans, or how ingenious the tactics, if your men aren't able to physically pull it off, they might as well stay home and kiss their asses goodbye. The other critical factor in their victory was the fact that they were in shape. I know that this subject isn't a popular one with people, because most of us could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. Some of us could lose a lot more than that. This isn't a matter of finding fault, it's about us surviving...

We cannot win and we will not win if we're not physically able to beat our enemies. The British troops were out of shape compared to the hardy farmers who worked like mules from sun-up to sundown for a living. A twenty mile hike was no big deal to them. Heck, they walked that far three times a week squirrel hunting. In hand-to-hand combat the British troops were outclassed. But look at us today. Soft, fat, weak, out of shape, and too lazy to do anything about it. Talk of revolt is fine. But that's all it's ever going to be if you can't even run to the weapons shed without getting winded. Modern troops are trained to fight, and they're young, strong, and in far better shape than the average fed up white man in America. In a one-on-one fight most of us would get our asses kicked..royally. This state of affairs pisses me off and disgusts me as well. How can anyone talk of revolt when they can't even tie their shoes? Warriors will be required to run, scale walls, fight, swim, climb trees, dig fox holes, carry packs, weapons, and a whole range of other physically demanding things. The overweight factor also has other considerations besides being physically unable to do battle.. There's the issue of respect. This is a biggie...

Let me ask you a question:
Which would instill more fear and respect in you; a tough looking, in-shape, muscled up warrior, or a middle-aged, overweight, pot-bellied, triple-chinned yuppie? U-huh... Which would you trust to lead you? Which would you want to take orders from? You're not alone. It's human nature to follow the most superior specimen. It's key to survival. That's because it's not just an issue of physical superiority, but of character. A man that doesn't possess the discipline to get himself in shape, obviously doesn't have the discipline to lead, or to be trusted in a life and death situation. This isn't my opinion. I didn't just pull that out of my butt. You all know that to be a fact of life. So does every military on Earth. That's why they all demand that their leaders and fighting men be in good physical condition. This requirement has become more lax in recent years in our military due to the massive influx of blacks, who started screaming racism when their superiors demanded they stop gorging on chitlins and start getting in shape. I've seen blacks in the Service that weighed over three-hundred pounds. Walking chow vacuums. But their officers are helpless to stop them because of liberal pressure. Those will also be the very first to die in the next conflict...good. I've heard excuses like, "Well, leaders do the thinking and planning, so they don't need to be in shape!" U-huh. And what if he keels over from a coronary, leaving the group leaderless because he couldn't stop eating pancakes? Some leader. Getting in shape isn't a preference, it's a necessity...

The hard truth is that the majority of whites today that are fed up and willing to fight, are over 30 and usually over 40. That's because the younger they are, the more intensive the enemy's brainwashing. Their techniques have gotten much more thorough and sophisticated. This has cut down our potential warrior pool drastically. Because of this age problem, being overweight and out of shape is a real issue among us. It must be dealt with..and soon. But since we don't yet have any means of formally training men to get them back in shape, we're going to have to trust in the integrity and character of each individual. Each of us must buckle down and start getting in shape, and doing it now. If I could force every one of you to do this, believe me..I would. That's because I know just how critically important it is to our goals. For the time being however, all I can do is appeal to your common sense and will to survive. Your odds of survival go up with each pound you lose. It's also a known fact that a large percentage of diabetics lose all symptoms once they lose enough weight. Fat people are prone to health problems of all sorts, and we won't have access to the medical others have while we're fighting. If you won't do it for the war, do it for yourself...

Another serious problem with having overweight people is the food supply. It's a safe bet we'll all be on slim rations from day one, and overweight men are always hungry.. They have a lot to support. Consequently those that are extremely obese will become a liability because they'll be highly prone to filching supplies. Fat farms have a real problem with this. They have heavy security in their kitchens, as if they were guarding gold. They have to. They also have to periodically raid the place for contraband food, which is continually smuggled in. Food isn't just food to many overweight people, it's a drug. They need it. Not physically but psychologically, the way a gambler has to blow his paycheck as soon as he gets it. No group can afford to have a food stealer among them, and they can't and won't allow anyone to eat more than their share. Consequently, there's going to be a lot of dead fatsos. The only sure way to prevent this, is to start changing eating habits now. Our old lifestyle is doomed anyway. No more Big Macs or huge packages of bacon. We'll be lucky to have a can of beans.. So we either get used to it now, or hit the new lifestyle hard, like a truck hitting a brick wall. It's going to be hell on those that refused to start adjusting now...

Losing weight isn't that hard at all. Just don't expect to do it overnight. That's where most fail. They get frustrated because they want instant results. Sorry. Doesn't work that way. Just ask anyone that's beat their weight problem. Patience is the key. You make a couple of key changes to your daily eating habits and you stick to them. Stop eating fried foods. NO potatoes, NO butter, NO sweets or soft drinks. Just dropping those alone will do wonders. Trust me. Most of us pork out on these things daily. There really are alternatives that are just as good. I use them myself. As far as exercise goes, once again, small steps. Wait until nightfall, then walk to the corner and back. That's all. But do it every day. I can promise you, that if you'll just do these things alone, in a month you'll drop a whole pant size. And the really great part is that you'll start to feel better. And the better you feel, the more you want to do, and that speeds up the weight loss. It snowballs. Imagine what you'll look and feel like in a year! Small steps...
Doing this is just as important as anything else you can do for our race..and yourself. Fear and respect are generated by those that are in shape, and we all want that. But most importantly it's key to victory. And you can have it all. It's up to you...



  1. RM said - " .. but, there has been a week and a half long lull between posts because something's been weighing on my mind. We're really running out of time here and all indications are that we are headed for what amounts to a new dark age. We're getting near that time when there's nothing left to do but board up the windows and pull up the planks of the Ark in anticipation of the fast approaching storm."

    Man, you certainly got my mindset pegged ... except my slothfulness has extended a bit longer. I've been boiling it all down also and agree almost word for word for what you've printed.

    You know where my main point of attention will focus but I think things can (and must) be accomplished simultaneously. Yep, we better toughen ourselves up, physically and mentally. There's alot of dross we gotta shed.

    I've often thought that if we could actually see tomorrow, or when actual conditions are much worse than they are now - how much different would we be alotting our time per day ? Would we be more serious about matters ? But yet we KNOW these things are coming.

    Gotcha tuned into my dial man.

  2. (some of us ol' white boys been scratching for years ...
    living on beans 'n rice aint no hard times for us !)

  3. I have two books in my home that deal with medicine in places without modern, Western services. One is called Where There is No Doctor, and the other one is called Where There is No Dentist. Both books were written for missionaries/do-gooders who travel to the third world and want to help the natives who have no access to medical care. It's a shame that America is quickly becoming a third world country where such methods may be needed.

    I remember buying both books through Mike Ruppert's website a few years ago, and thinking about all of the Peak Oil nonsense Ruppert was pushing I fell foolish on retrospect for believing it.

  4. Wow, it's funny how we are all thinking the same thing. I am into getting my inside all healthy with vitamins, supplements and nourishing food. That alone has knocked five pounds off. I am going to start a exericse program too, that will knock off the remaining 10 pounds I could do without, along with building strength and endurance. A man I recently met works at a shooting range, so I am going to go over there and learn and practice. He only works with shotguns so this should be fun! It would only cost me $5 for a box of ammo. Not bad at all!
    Sounds like some good books Ron.

  5. Sounds to me like Joy is having the mostest fun ! Go Joy ! Books such as Ron mentioned will no doubt be of great service as we cannot be assured of having these kinda professionals around ... or maybe not accessible to the "likes of us". I long ago took note of the health field workers in my extended family and try to keep survival scenario's alive in their mind.

    Tip #217

    Going outside the box here but ya can't never tell ... did ya know that cooking a raw potato (unpeeled) in your bean pot will remove most of their firepower (if this was a concern) ? Sure enough. But ya might wanna skip eating that rascal - talk about radioactive ! Puts Knob Creek to shame ! (first hand intelligence confirmation from my uncle !)

    (shared solely in the interests of a successful night patrol) :)

  6. I must be dense, cause I don't understand fully what you mean about a raw potato and firepower, but I wanna know!

  7. Not sure I follow about the potato either, but didn't want to be the first to say so.;)

    I think it's about flatulence, though. Night patrol or not, you don't want 'em to smell you before they see you. Jeff?

  8. Ha ! Reckon I shoulda swung back earlier 'cause I musta been feeling a bit, uhh ...
    squirrely that nite !

    Yep, we call it the fart factor down here. Hey ! Yall wanted tips and I aimed to contribute ! A good bean emission will hit the decibel level of a low flying aircraft, not to mention the the traceable odor. Detrimental to extending life in some situations (well, in alot if yer not careful and succumb easily !).

    (now, reread and see if it can be of help)

    Beans - they be cheap but the far reaching ramifications will dissaude many from partaking. Times are gonna be tight and we have to cut corners gang.

    If it's crude but helpful, then it's not crude (didn't that used to be one of the maxim's of Roger's Rangers ?!).

  9. (suave and sophisticated he aint, but as far as getting by on the cheap - I can help ! All further contributions will be run thru proper chain of command.)

  10. (the night patrol was a side chuckle - in all honesty, beans don't agree with alot of folks stomach because of aforementioned reasons, and such was the initial reason for inclusion of said tip)

  11. Hahahahaha! You're a hoot Jeff!

  12. Beans, beans are good for your heart;
    The more you eat, the more you fart;
    The more you fart, the better you'll feel;
    So eat those beans with every meal.

  13. Well, thanks for clearing that up. haha

    I was a little worried when I saw that many new comments on this thread in such a short time...because speaking of stink bombs, "anarchore" has been leaving his fecal droppings of late, still claiming that I "stole" that article. They've been put in the proper trash receptacle, as will any future attempts to sully this site. When I said he was never to darken my doorstep again I meant it. Dissent is tolerated here, but crude, sexually oriented personal attacks against me or my readers and friends is nothing that any any of us has time for.

    By continuing to come here, he is pretty much bearing out the basic gist of that article, "stolen" or not.

  14. Call me a strange man,,but nothing better then loading up on bean soup about three hours before you do this....(white castles work good too) go to a place where a bunch of coons congregate and let the silent but deadly rip and act like nothing happened.

    You will here, maing sheeit some muthafucka done shit demselves. All kinds of other, comments,splibs really are great entertainment.

    Usually dey beeze jiving and sheeit really loud not paying attention

    I know I will grow up someday... Well I am 47 already..Maybe some day,

  15. Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot

    The more you toot the better you feel lets have beans for every meal

  16. RE: Getting in shape.

    Good advice to anyone. I've done the same thing over the last 6 months and you're right: It takes regular dedication and drive but if one keeps at it one will see results. I'm in the best shape I've been since high school. A combination of weight training and regular hikes in the countryside is good for the mind, body and soul.

  17. I disagree with one part of the article though. I didn't cut fat out of my diet at all, I still eat butter and bacon copiously. What works best for people of northern European heritage is actually to cut the excessive carbs out of the diet. The chips, bread, soft drinks with corn syrup, etc. You can still eat them, just do so sparingly. Mixing a high fat and protein diet with consistent physical activity will work wonders for your fitness and figure.

  18. Agreed, Shalmaneser. I don't take JOOM's advice as absolute scripture not to be deviated from, but put it out there more for the motivational aspects.

    I don't entirely abstain from things that are "bad" for me, either. Moderation, as you point out, is the key. Balance is also key. You've got to still enjoy life and not become a slave to fitness as some who are obsessed to almost fanatical levels, counting every rep, monitoring every calorie, etc.