Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised: You may actually have to go out and start it

Some hard to face truths, but truth nonetheless.

Racist and Proud of it!

Reporting crimes against our race is all well and good, but it doesn't spur the (m)asses to act -- and we are powerless to stop these things. It's great to know what's happening in the world, but the secret is: "What can I as an individual do?" to stop or curtail it. Too much of our thinking is about things we cannot control.

We have been doing this for 50 years and have not made a dent! It is proven that simply informing people is a waste of time. In fact, much of what is drawn from the press makes our meager forces despondent, thereby serving the beast. I don't think of myself as a masochist, but it's certainly possible to sink there.

'WORSE IS BETTER' is only good if there is light at the end of the tunnel. We should scour the news from coast to coast to report incidents of resistance, no matter how unpopular they may be to the public. We must encourage our people by showing that there IS a resistance movement. Individual acts in many cases are not even seen as such by their perpetrators, but still feed the totality of evolutionary racist thought. Blacks seem to understand this line of reasoning: "Whatever hurts the 'MAN' is good for us!"

Right Wing racists tend to attack any individual act which they feel will hamper their recruitment from the (M)ASSES. They say: "OH! WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!" Criminal and other potent action is smeared by the Right instead of being publicly applauded. Cheering behind closed doors or at incestuous 'rallies' serves no purpose.

Do Blacks condemn violent acts by Blacks? For the most part, NO! Usually they are praised and they are supported as heroes, even in the prisons.

What do Right Wing racist groups do? They officially castigate White outlaws as pariahs. POWs are not financially supported in prison, nor are their families supported, other than by individual White Racists.

Blacks realize this is a WAR of blood. Too many Whites see it as a war to mend an anti-White system -- a completely useless 'band-aid' approach! Blacks see it as a WAR against the deteriorating White state. Right Wing racists see it as politics rather than Race War. I'll bet a majority of Right Wing racists voted Republican even though that party spits in their faces every day.

If we are to use politics in any way it should be as White men and women registering 'Independent' and running as RACIST WHITE PEOPLE -- no matter what is thrown at us!

Race is our religion -- ala Ben Klassen. Religions have martyrs. I'm not saying that you must set yourself on fire in front of city hall, but those of you who are not deep cover should be known to all in your locale as openly Racist and Proud of it! As we move in that direction you will see more and more White people moving into your orbit. Others will think you're crazy and stay away from you.

At least once a week here in Indiana someone comes up to me and whispers: "I am with you, how can I help?" or hands me their phone number and says: "Call, I am ready!"
You must be KNOWN as a Proud White Racist for such things to occur. IT IS UP TO YOU.

Tom Metzger


  1. Although there is much spoken by Metzger that I do not agree with (I take a big dump on Klassens head), you are right in stating there is some truth herein.

    (not trying to draw a fight out - you know where I stand RM)

    How does that popular saying go - in the beginning when times are rough, there are not many patriots - it's only after the fact when the dust settles that it becomes popular to join (?).

    I did an online search last night on a member of the Order and was greatly dismayed by the outright hatred and contempt exhibited by some. As I mentioned in a couple forums - it's awful easy to critique from the comfort of our easy chairs, with "perfect" 20/20 hindsight and uncalloused hands.

    I believe any resistance to the beast system by our folk should be reported on more ...
    but unless someone is local to any such incident, who is white conscious, reports it - the MSM sure aint gonna. I think we would be greatly surprised by the numbers.

    As you mentioned about the blacks (they've noted the same in SA), they have a cohesiveness against "the Man" that we seem to of never learned. But I do believe we have many more traitors and potential turncoats in our midst who have been more susceptible to media conditioning. I believe IRA tactics and such will catch on though.

    Any white man worth his salt has had these questions course thru his mind and stir his blood. But I will not be moved to action by any man, nor feel the need to prove my loyalty to any by terms they define.

    "'WORSE IS BETTER' is only good if there is light at the end of the tunnel."

    Agreed ... and it's even better if ya have a Light while going thru the tunnel.
    I can see clearly now ...

  2. Thanks, Jeff. There is much spoken by Tom that goes against my grain as well. I don’t appreciate his hostility to Christianity(and not just the judaized sort that we all agree is no good) and his negative opinions on Hitler, David Duke and a whole host of other things that hit close to home. But, there simply is no one out there who is providing any sort of guidance and willing to say when something isn’t working, and I wont be ruled by emotion in ignoring when someone says things that make sense. I have the two Ben Klassen books on my hard drive in PDF format and confess I have never read them. I know the basic thrust behind his philosophy though, and understand your disapproval.

    As these are not my words, understand that I posted this thing to offer a different perspective, without tacit approval or saying that “this is the way.” Just something to get the wheels turning and ideas flowing. The thing that struck me the most, and deep down I know it’s true, is the fact where he states that all of our blogs reporting nigger crime against Whites really does nothing. Will some be awakened? Certainly. But, knowledge of a problem does not always equal the willingness to remedy it.

    “Any white man worth his salt has had these questions course thru his mind and stir his blood. But I will not be moved to action by any man, nor feel the need to prove my loyalty to any by terms they define.”

    Agreed 100%. There are people who want something more than the advice I give and the tactics I advocate. Some may be trolls, others may simply be eager for something to happen and are waiting for someone else to take charge. There’s no glamour in this “Lone Wolf” way. No flags and parades or uniforms, no glory. If you do anything, you must be certain that you are the only person in the world who knows the deed was done. Most are eager for credit and wish to boast about their activities. One fellow said that my outlook was tantamount to “giving up” and “pessimistic” and he didn’t want his children to be terrorists. I asked him if he would rather his children be given the means for survival or to end up as those in the SA video did. To the contrary, I’m highly optimistic. It’s just that I know that voting for republicans or this or that candidate is not and never is going to get us out of this fix.

    There seems to be this drive for “respectability” or “mass appeal” among some of our kindred. The time for that has passed and I think that’s what Metzger is essentially saying here. And I agree with you and him that we need to be proud of those who have confronted ZOG and honor them rather than denounce them. I would extend that respect to James Von Brunn as well. Regardless of how brash his efforts were, how poorly planned and executed his operation was, he decided, for what ever reason, that this was to be his time. I respect that.

    And going back to your point about not being moved to action by any man , I concur, and have often stated I refuse to be a “martyr to the cause” just to prove something, or be goaded into recklessness by the oft heard accusation of “hiding behind your computer.”

    I hope no one took this Metzger post as me pointing an accusatory finger at anybody. I felt in reading it that he presented some things worth considering, and felt it worthy of passing along. I still do. Whatever your level of commitment is, it’s yours and yours alone, and really isn’t anybody’s damned business.

  3. "As these are not my words, understand that I posted this thing to offer a different perspective, without tacit approval or saying that “this is the way.” Just something to get the wheels turning and ideas flowing."
    Me and you are on the same page here RM ... I apologize if I seemed to be coming across as harsh towards YOU - not the case. Granted, I posted that comment kinda late and when I see Ben Klassen's name I see red.

    Besides, you are your own man and I wouldn't think to insist you run your blog according to my restrictions.
    As I mentioned, and you agreed, it broached subjects needing the limelight.
    "No flags and parades or uniforms, no glory."

    "Most are eager for credit and wish to boast about their activities."
    While we may be of service to our people in getting them to first base, or even second, there comes a time when the decisions must be made by the individual on how to finish the run.

    I too am leery of those who rant the loudest and those who seem to need such goading.
    Quite often it is only distraction or using others as a buffer. Large numbers concentrated and immense gatherings work to our detriment.

    In response to that fella who accused you of having a pessimistic and defeatist attitude, I would of responded in like fashion as yourself - if reality defeats you, so be it. But I'm not gonna climb on that bus. We see things different than most.

    Truth will never be popular with the masses ... and truth be told we're not concerned with those who willingly choose ignorance. Whether it's Biblical Truth or racial (I find it hard to separate the two) ... few there be that embrace it.

    In closing, I don't always agree with a 100% of what gets posted at my site either, but this was a good one man and worthy of consideration. Like the old fella said - we chew the meat and spit the bones.

  4. I took no offense, Jeff. Your response did allow for a broadening of the topic and for me to expand on and clarify a few things, which is ultimately a good thing.

    Thanks as always for contributing substantive food for thought.

  5. I have to partially disagree with Metzger's recommendation that we should register as Independents. Right now the Republican majority in the AZ state legislature may gut social services because of the massive deficit caused by the dropoff in tax revenues. Our liberal Republican woman of a governor tried to get a sales tax increase considered in order to balance the budget, but that has not really been considered, instead only cuts are considered worthy of attention. If we had a Democratic majority we would instead be issuing IOU's, raising taxes or living in a complete fantasy. Also, the Republican party locally has spawned Joe Arpaio, and two Republican presidential candidates. The chairman of the local Republican precinct committee, JT Ready, is a supporter of the National Socialist Movement, and has attended their rallies in AZ and NE.

    Unfortunately, the local GOP has also spawned Jeff Flake, and one of the two presidential candidates my state generated was John McCain.

    I can explain why the governors office has been more liberal than the state legislature, but that is another matter.

    Locally here in Az voting Republican is effective.

  6. "Our liberal Republican woman of a governor..."

    You kind of make Metzger's argument here. Why cling to a party that repeatedly spits in our faces? In New York 23 a conservative challenged a pro abortion, pro illegal immigration republican candidate(chosen by the party elites) and drove her off the ticket. Hoffman didn't win(though it's now being contested, as the margin of victory isn't as clear as what was previously thought) but it sent a clear message. (Even if the democrat wins in the end, he was far more conservative than the "republican" and a piece of shit like "Scuzzy-fava" can't wreak havoc on an already fucked system)

    The only way to elicit political change is to hold these pricks feet to the fire, even if it means sweeping democrat victories until they get the message. What good is voting in republicans if they have the ideological bent of Arnold, Grahamnesty, McCain, Brownback, Huckabee, et. al. ad nauseum?

    All of the positive benefits of an Arpio and the other things you mention could have come from a conservative independent who would have voted with other republicans. At least if someone is running on a conservative platform, you have an idea of where that person stands. With all of these RINO's running around, you can't be sure just because they have an "R" attached to the back of their name.

    I hope that all of this Tea Party stuff, the 9/12 movement, Oath Keepers,Ron Paul's followers and the rest is about serious grass roots political change and not just a reaction to having a far left dem in the White House. If they go back to sleep when the next mediocre "R" gets back into the command chair, we'll know it was all a bunch of hooey.

    Rewarding these assholes with your vote year after year just because they pay lip service to your concerns is absolute insanity. We become no better than spics and niggers who vote for liberals who promise to "end poverty" and alleviate all of life's hardships and obstacles. Shit in one hand and fill the other with a politician's delivered promises and see which hand is full at the end of the day.

  7. The woman in question wasn't originally elected governor. AZ does not have a lieutenant governors office, so the secretary of state gets the job when the governor leaves office before the end of his/her term. As a secretary of state our governor was a perfectly serviceable potted plant who did her job quietly without any trouble. The trouble came when the crypto-dyke Democrat Napolitano left office to become the Homeland security czar, which is how Jan Brewer became our current governor.

    Napolitano won the 2002 election for governor because it was a three-way race between the two major party candidates and a third candidate who campaigned on a platform of cleaning up what was happening in Colorado City.

    Napolitano's predecessor Jane Dee Hull also became governor by succession when Fife Symington was convicted of bank fraud in 1997, a conviction that was later overturned. Elected male Republicans in this state are pretty conservative, although due diligence is still necessary.

    Somehow something has managed to happen during every one of our elections that seems to turn the office of governor over to either a liberal of crypto-liberal. These damn events almost seem like they are scheduled every four years. One year the vote gets divided over a meaningless issue in Colorado city by a third party candidate, another year the governor gets fraudulently convicted by the Clinton justice department, and who knows, maybe in another year the next conservative will get assassinated. I feel like a fool for not seeing the pattern.

  8. I've always viewed these political games as an allowable venting of the pot - ya crack the lid aside and let a bit of the steam out.

    One thinks some good is being accomplished, the building pressure is postponed but the contents will still eventually burn 'n scald.

    As I'm sure you've mentioned many times RM ... perhaps some local concessions are gained. Perhaps a change here or there to alleviate folks concerns. But in the overall scheme of things - the Machine plunges onward.

    They will not deviate from their course, one decided upon long ago. No despot will ever willingly concede his reign ... and he damn sure aint gonna let you vote him out either. Looks like the people would of realized this by now.

  9. I agree, Jeff. And it's for precisely those reasons that I think the(s)election of this Kenyan Pretender is the best thing to happen in terms of getting people out of their complacent stupor.

    I'm interested in politics to the extent that it's interesting to me, and the game is more entertaining than niggers in tights chasing projectiles up and down a field. But I'm never distracted from the fact that it's just a shell game used by those behind the curtain to create subterfuge. It's a more complex variation on the Roman ploy of "bread and circuses."

  10. Informing people is not a waste of time, though it seems like it. I see more of an awareness in some people now, even though others seem less aware. We must reach and work with those we can each in our own way. We must build new societies and institutions to replace the rotting liberal ones, while still fighting for our lives in the existing one.

    Homeschooling, private arbitrage, mid-wifing, local farming, and small, local, legal arbitration settlements are great ways to break out and have the freedom to grow naturally. If you build something better and safer, they will come.

  11. Thanks Big R. I found this post enlightening.

    You seem to have a troll problem here... XD

  12. Well, not so much a troll as a misguided, deluded soul, clinging to false realities and political pipe dreams.