Tuesday, November 10, 2009

South Africa: When Words Just Aren't Enough

I posted this on the DIC forum earlier tonight, and I felt it was right to post here as well, so as many people see this as possible. I'm emotionally drained and wont be watching it again. I know some will not be able to view. It's graphic, and it will haunt you for a long time after just like so many of the atrocities against our Folk. Here then, is that post in its entirety.

I get tons of videos recommended to me everyday by the various folks I've befriended on jewtube, and the truth of the matter is that I don't have time to watch even 10% of the stuff that gets forwarded to me. This one, I just happened to open up...and I am not so sure it was a good idea. My mood this evening has been utterly ruined by what I've seen, and I have been very nearly moved to tears. I know the reality of South Africa, and have seen many of these photos at one time or another, but there is something quite disturbing about seeing it all in one place, one horrific image after another, my racial Kindred being slaughtered like common pigs, while the Western world turns a blind eye. The impact is profound and puts what our future holds in grim perspective.

I get tired some times, wondering if any of this is ultimately worth it all in the end. Nothing ever seems to change and we lose more ground every day. Then I see something like this video and the realization hits me all over again that there are forces actively working to see you and me meet a fate every bit as unspeakable as what you are about to witness. It's for something far bigger that we're all fighting, laying the groundwork for those who come after us. It wont be in our life times, but justice is going to be served. That's the thought that keeps me going through the hard days.

*What follows is very graphic and may not be something you want to see. I had reservations about posting it at all, but, I think it must be seen.


  1. Hey RM - it's been removed already, for being too truthful no doubt. Never did get to view it.

    When I used to post regularly on SAS blog, there seemed to be 2 schools of thought towards our folk there -

    "Yer stupid as hell for being there, get out !" ... or -

    "You all had it coming"

    Some folks cannot afford to leave, it's as simple as that.
    And there were those who refuse to leave family or even their folk and homeland ... but I wonder too if economics was a key cause. Many expats spoke of family they were unable to bring out - how do you just leave them there I can't understand.

    And nobody deserves this. Not speaking of "ills of apartheid" but for those who couldn't (refused) see the signs of what was coming - this will never justify this savage nigger behaviour.

    I used to get so pissed at a few commenters who would label blame the Americans as a whole for our governments role in what their present condition is - but can one hardly blame them ? As you say, we (Americans by 'n large) so blindly go about our materialistic and selfish ways, while they must endure this on a daily basis.

    Yes, this is reality, of what is and what is to be. This is what evil minions have labored to be our end also, worldwide. There is no need to try and convince you or your readers that if this were blacks under the knife, the world press would scream from the hilltops ... it's already understood.

    Instant solutions there are not, inevitabilities of more of the same is certain. But as you say, we cannot give up or lose heart. Whether (Gods) justice prevails in our time or not does not lessen our call to duty in preparation and spreading the Word.

    Jesus said - blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). Lord knows I want justice and I want to be an active participant in righting the wrongs. His will be done.

  2. Well, I found another version. I hope everyone that wants to see it can do so before the Thought Police catch up with us again. If they take down a hundred of them, I'll put up a hundred and one. So long as there are copies in circulation, I'll keep the flame of truth burning.

  3. Yeah Jeff, I've experienced South African animosity towards us first hand, just as you have in that dust up with the SAS blog. I'm just a "jew hating Nazi" whom they would just as soon not darken their door step with my support, lest I taint their cause(as if my absence from the scene would make jews any more sympathetic to their struggle for survival). Ironically, people like you and me are the only ones who actually care.

    I've got a thick skin though, and I'll not turn a blind eye to their plight no matter how much calumny they heap on me or America in general.(and in answer to your question, no, I don't blame them in the least for the bitter taste they've got in their mouths for America).

    I concur with your assessment of the economic difficulty of simply pulling up stakes. Factor that in with the fact that it's also damned near impossible for a White person to emigrate to other White countries or be given refugee status. The ANC turns it around and says that THEY are the "racists" and it's their own problem they can't hack it under nigger rule.

    And to anyone who says that "they deserve everything that happens to them", well, they simply don't have a grasp of what apartheid really is and why it was implemented in the first place. It was once understood that the negro was not only inferior, but fundamentally dangerous, and a system like apartheid kept that danger in check. The abomination of black rule is everything those who tried to stop it knew it would be. "We are all equal" or so the oft repeated mantra would have us believe, but, reality tells a far different tale. Fools! What fools our Folk have by and large become.

    "There is no need to try and convince you or your readers that if this were blacks under the knife, the world press would scream from the hilltops ... it's already understood."

    Correct. And you will see in the video(if indeed it's still there by the time you read these words) that the question is asked, where are the Oprah's and the Bono's with their concern for White South Africa? We all know the answer of course.

  4. This vid is still active RM ... and if this doesn't stir folks into a white hot heat of anger, I don't know what it will take.

    I know these pics are horrific for people to look at, but look at they must. A blind eye has been turned their way too long, and as the vid asks - where the hell are all these hypocritical bleeding heart actors and such ? If it was PC and popular, they'd be whining big 'ol crocodile tears and opening up the purses.

    I did forget to mention the
    "loop holes" whites trying to flee SA have to navigate, thanks for bringing it up. They make it damn near impossible for them. I know an older fella who got out but only had 3 months of "freedom" and then his host country booted him back to the hellhole. They should be held accountable.

    Gonna give this a link up post on mine if you don't mind.

  5. Go right ahead, Jeff. The more people who are able to see this the better.

  6. This is what has always bothered me about the South Africans, their blindspot for jews. I'm not sure if they are just ignorant in the jews involvment here and in South Africa with the destruction of their country, just incurable philosemitic Christians or are jews themselves.

  7. Yeah Orion, I've butted my head up against that wall many times, too. "the jews were the only ones helping us while YOU were pressuring our country." But they never can give me a satisfactory answer about the kike brains behind the ANC...

  8. "the jews were the only ones helping us while YOU were pressuring our country."

    They're only fooling themselves. Jews were the biggest antiapartheid activists. They desired only to open ZA, a sovereign white republic, to their rapacious world-swindle. Now the Jews of ZA control the diamond, gold, and other natural resources industries. What a surprise. And still the whites there are blind to the big fucking knife in their back with the star of david on it.

  9. The common man on the street in SA has little knowledge of the wholesale jewish involvement regarding the corruption of their country, but the same can be said for our folk here. But here, as there, this is changing.

    They had been an isolationist society of sorts for many years, not privy to all the intel we in the states have had. Not to say there was no understanding but they are (were) many years behind us.

    Regarding the blog "South Africa Sucks", I have been reading and posting there since almost their beginning.
    I had a couple back channel reports that told me this fella was married to a jew, but without concrete proof, I didn't think it deserved writing them off. But even so, which of us knows the full story and has had to walk in anothers shoes. If there is any deception involved, it will eventually be exposed and bite the perpetrator in the ass.

    There had been many complaints about their not allowing comments regarding the jew issue thru - this is only half true. I've read many articles and comments in times past that exposed them and named names - drafted by UG. Many commenters added their bit, myself included.
    The fact that it was not harped upon repeatedly seems to be the gripe.

    I'm not being an apologist for him in this regard here, but no one likes anyone telling them how to run their blog. I've seen the tide come and go there regarding this issue, and allowances being made for civil discussion ...
    but it always got out of hand. So they clamped down hard.

    I acknowledge the need to expose the truth of jewish culpability but also understand how illiterate minded shouts of "kill all the jews" seems ridiculous to most SA'ns when they can see nothing but niggers in the streets.

    I understand the formula of why conditions are as is ... you understand this ... but the common folk there cannot.

    Bit by bit can work ... all at one time can choke the horse.

    One day soon we may be operating under just such savage conditions as they. Did the mods there give their all - who can say. I know thru that blog I was able to identify and connect with a large Christian Identity movement, and quite a few others who are jew aware and who do speak up best they are able.

    Reckon it's kinda hard to be all that outspoken when you're absolutely surrounded by wolves from all directions. There are good folk there, our people, and they should not be cast away wholesale.

  10. Thanks, Jeff. Your personal insight is most welcomed and needed for understanding the situation in its entirety. As I've already said in a previous comment, I'll not let their ignorance of the jew or any condemnations of my particular political viewpoint prevent me from not doing what little I can to at least spread the word of what's going on. Not forgetting about them seems such a small thing, but I think it's everything in this situation.

  11. "Not forgetting about them seems such a small thing, but I think it's everything in this situation."
    Rest assured it is not a small thing in the eyes of those trapped in that hellhole.

    Putting ourselves into the shoes of our kinsmen, trying to walk the mile they must
    (or at least sympathize in that regard), is the mark of the decent and moral white man. We could do no less.

  12. I downloaded video and hope to post it on my site this weekend. Thanks for bringing it to our attention RM and to you also Jeff.

  13. Considering that we allow millions of Spics to cross our southern border it would almost be a simple matter to have these people cross there too.

  14. That is the only way White South African's could ever even think of getting here, Ronduck.
    Especially when pukes like Sam Brownback are on record saying he doesn't "feel comfortable" with people who "hold those racist views" moving to his community where "diversity is valued."

    And the SA vid has been deleted again. Instead of letting it go blank like they usually do, they left the image in, so you think it's a functioning video. There's another one already up, though I haven't gotten around to replacing it. I do have a copy now on my hard drive.

  15. 1. You should consider uploading the video to wntube.com or podblanc.com.

    2. I know this is beating a dead horse, but Sam Brownback is a convert to Roman Catholicism.


    3. If the federal government is committed to open borders we should take advantage of the situation.

  16. Joy tried to upload on those two hosts but they don't allow duplicate postings. So, as long as it's up, that's all that really matters. I have converted the one on my desktop to an mpeg1 to be compatible with the Windows media player. It would be possible, if necessary, to also email the video to people to reach more folks.

    I have replaced the video with a functioning one. I'm not the only one who has made commitment to making sure this doesn't disappear down the memory hole.

    Sam Brownback is a picture perfect example of what's wrong with the "conservative" movement and why I don't place too much hope in political solutions.

  17. Meant to mention this flic on Africa, called - "Africa Blood and Guts". A true look into the world and mind of the African black. Also shows their entrance into the white mans world. Make sure your punching bag is at hand.

    This Amazon listing goes for $13. bucks. I think I paid $20. several years back.
    It'll get you riled up and pissed off. It'll make you sick and open your eyes.

    2 hour flic - well worth it I'd say.


  18. Thanks, Jeff. I've seen that movie a while back, which also goes by the title "Africa Addio." I watched on line, which I rate about the same as reading a book on computer, and you know how I feel about that, so the video would be worth buying(as it's a subject worth revisiting). Thanks much for the heads up and the link.

  19. Ok I got it posted on WNTube!