Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Akron is Crap" update!

Akron nigger attack victims frustrated with police "response"

Victim of nigger savagery John Alchier says "What the fuck?!?" in response to Akron po-po's lack of concern over the attack.

All John Alchier could do was sit and pray

His call to 911 was put on hold, he said, as he sat in his wheelchair and watched a group of teens pummel his brother and friend.

Alchier, 40, had a front-row seat as the teens swarmed a family gathering on Girard Street following the June 27 fireworks show at Firestone Park. Helplessness overtook him as he prayed out loud.

Community leaders are now voicing disgust over the attack, which is an example of the city's ballooning(more like "babooning") assault rate.

In police District 6, which includes Firestone Park, reports show that aggravated assaults have more than doubled this year compared with 2008.

The increase in aggravated assaults is even more dramatic in other areas of the city.

What happened on Girard Street is also a symbol of Akron's hushed racial tension. The victims are white; their attackers are black.(doesn't sound very "hushed" to me if you've got niggers rampaging through the streets screaming "dis is owwa worlt, honkey!!!")


From his view, Alchier said there's more to the story than has been told.

''The newspapers and the news is not telling the entire story. No one is,'' Alchier said from his home in Akron.

Those who witnessed the assault or survived it say this was no isolated incident, and the beatings to Greg Alchier and his friend, Marty Marshall, extended farther than Girard Street that night. A third victim is identified in a police report. More are believed to have been treated for injuries.

''This happens every year; it just depends on which street they decide to go up,'' said Greg Alchier, 39,(and you still are not armed yet?!) who has attended the neighborhood fireworks show for more than 30 years.

''There's always a bunch of kids trying to start fights with people. It happens every year, and nothing's ever done about it. It's just swept under the rug.''

Case in point, he said: Emergency room personnel at Akron General Medical Center told him that as many as 10 other people were treated for injuries that night after being attacked by a group of teens. ("teens", "kids", "youth"...let's start calling them what they are: niggers!)

The Alchier family, who have lived in the Firestone Park neighborhood for about four decades, also expressed frustration over the city's reaction.

During the assault, John Alchier said, he was placed on hold when he called 911 for police. He has filed a complaint about the call with the department, which said it was investigating.("you say you bein' salted by black yoofs, sir? O.K. I gon' put choo on hold as dis iz not a hi prio-ritty call...")

Although police say they are investigating the attack, Alchier said last week that no detective has sought his interview.

''I think it's completely appalling,'' he said.

Akron police officials released a statement Friday, saying they are continuing to investigate the attack in an effort to find those responsible.

''Citizens of Akron deserve a comprehensive investigation, but not one done for the sake of expediency and at the expense of proper procedures and justice,'' department spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards said in the statement.(in other words: nigger assailants, White victims, no real case)

Attack recalled

John Alchier's account of the night matches the recollection of his brother and Marshall, who first spoke of the attack earlier this month.

The families were outside a Girard Street home after walking from the fireworks show, a decades-old annual event that typically draws as many as 10,000 people to the neighborhood.

Greg Alchier, who lives in Michigan, was visiting his family's home. Marty Marshall, 39, his wife, Yvonne, and their two children were there as well, about 30 minutes after the last fireworks blast. All were outside when a group of teens crowded the street that leads away from Firestone Park.

The group of about 30 to 40 teens was in the road, blocking a car.(Lone Wolves, never allow niggers to "block you in" by obstructing your vehicle. Gun it and let God sort the savages out!)

''I kind of had a bad feeling about it. I was just hoping they were going to walk by and not have a problem,'' Greg Alchier said.(naive. Welcome to reality,and, if you're smart, White Nationalism)

Those hopes faded quickly.

One teen ran up from behind Greg Alchier, cutting through the yard, and blindsided him with a blow to the head.

There was no exchange of words leading up to the attack, witnesses said.

''I turned around and said, 'What the [expletive],'' Greg Alchier said. ''The next thing I know, one kids yells, 'Oh, you want to fight?' and then there's 15 to 20 of them running at us.''

Greg Alchier recalls someone from the group of black teens yelling: ''This is our world.''

Marshall has said he also heard a teen saying: ''This is a black world.''


John Alchier said he was frustrated that an injury barred him from helping his brother. He has been paralyzed below the waist since a motorcycle crash 11 years ago.

All he could do, he said, was pray to Jesus for the attack to stop as he was calling 911.

''[911] immediately went to hold and said all 'operators are busy,' '' Alchier said. ''I'm, like, thinking, are you kidding me? I'm watching Marty on the ground just getting completely kicked. . . . There was just a big crowd around him and a big crowd around my brother.

''I couldn't do anything and I just yelled out, 'Help us, Jesus' and when I did that, they all just kind of went away.''

Marshall suffered a concussion and spent five days in the hospital.

Greg Alchier, who was struck multiple times in the head and back, was treated for a head injury but was not hospitalized. He said he experiences head pain.

As paramedics arrived, a third injured man, a bleeding 23-year-old from Akron, came to the Girard Street house seeking treatment. He said the same group had assaulted him.

The man, identified in police reports, did not return messages left at his home.

Marshall returned to work as a construction worker last week. His hours have been reduced, his medical bills are over $17,000 and he has no medical insurance.

He has begun the process of filing a victim's compensation claim through the state. People throughout the country have contributed to a fund set up for his family.

''I try not to think about it. It's so messed up'' Marshall said of the attack. ''But I have noticed so many more nice people out there, helping us get through this.''

John Alchier said an officer told him that a group of teens was stopped immediately after the attack, but the victims and witnesses were not allowed to see the boys to identify them as the attackers.(WTF?!?!)

He said he could have identified only one of the teens by his clothing, a red jerseylike shirt.

''That's the thing that bothering me: no arrests,'' John Alchier said. ''They kept continually asking us if we could identify any of them. And all they would let us give them were descriptions.

''They would not let anybody go down and ID anybody. And they said they weren't going to bring anybody here to ID them.''(Again, WTF?!?!?)

Asked for a response, police would only say the case remains "under investigation".

Just one description of a suspect has been released. He is a nigger male, 17 to 19 years old, wearing braids or dreadlocks with red and white beads. He also had braces on his teeth.(Braces? Maybe dey be talkin' bout his gold greeill?)

Urgency questioned

As for the race issue, Marshall and the Alchier brothers can't say whether their gathering was targeted because they are white.(I guess "this is a black world" is far too ambiguous a statement to be certain that it was a racial sympathy only extends so far. If you're willfully ignorant of reality after all of this, then, well, "fuck you.")

They remain frustrated by the apparent lack of urgency and attention their case has received from police.

The incident was not reported by police to the media until almost two weeks had passed.

Akron police said the department's public information officer was on vacation at that time and his replacement did not issue a release.

Mayor Don Plusquellic sought the FBI's help July 10.

Agent Scott Wilson, a Cleveland-based FBI spokesman, said the agency has begun an inquiry in conjunction with Akron police to determine if the case falls under federal hate crime statutes.

Police have not classified the assaults as hate crimes. Officials said they were unaware of the chants, ''This is our world'' or ''This is a black world'' until the victims and witnesses spoke to the media.

''I don't think the police have any intent on doing anything about it. If they did, they would have done something before the media got it and forced them to call the FBI,'' John Alchier said.

''I just can't believe the inaction of police that night and subsequently from that. It's like they don't want the people of Akron to know this kind of activity goes on. They don't want everybody to be in fear.'' (White genocide carried out under cover of darkness...)

Councilwoman responds

Councilwoman Tina Merlitti said she's disturbed by the Girard Street attack, calling it ''horrible'' and ''scary'' for the victims. She said, however, that the assault appears to be an isolated incident involving teens who might not live in the neighborhood.(who gives a flying fuck where the shitskins live?! This has got to be a sheboon...)

Merlitti said part of the reason she believes her ward is safe is through the efforts of residents working with police and city schools.(Sounds safe to me...well, once you've factored out the roving bands of nigger savages beating White people nearly to death...)

Two years ago, Merlitti ordered the removal of basketball hoops from Firestone Park because of growing numbers of youths fighting, playing loud music or nighttime basketball games.(I thought "midnight baska-baw" was supposed to save da yoof from a life o drugz an' crime. Whuzzup wif dat, yo?)


Akron police said there have been 41 aggravated assaults and 108 criminal acts of intimidation in the first five months of this year in the police district that includes Firestone Park. For the same period last year, there were 18 assaults and 89 acts of intimidation, police records show.(Racial breakdown, please)


Second verse, same as the first. Other than the blatant apathy and lack of intent to truly resolve this case to the satisfaction of the victims and the wider society, there's little new news here. It's not our government. "Law enforcement", should they decide to show up at all, are only coming in order to do a body count and assess the damage. Don't expect any kind of "justice" to be meted out if your attacker is one of the mud hordes currently turning this nation into a giant dung heap. In fact, don't expect much of anything from these bastards. If niggers actually showed up on my property, I wouldn't be calling anyone. I'd shoot the cock suckers, then go to the shed and get a shovel. I look at it as a service to the community. Kind of like picking up your own road kill, rather than leave it to rot....


  1. Apathy, that's what I see all around me.
    That and brain-dead zombies.

    I spoke briefly with a veteran last week regarding the "hate crime" legislation and he remarked to me "but they, (niggers)were oppressed a long time ago, blah, blah, blah". I pointed out to him the key point here is "Once, long ago". He just looked at me with a blank face and said we would talk again.
    I don't know if I struck a nerve or not, but it was like watching it in slow motion his automated response.

  2. "I just can't believe the inaction of police that night and subsequently from that."

    Just as you mentioned, if folks aint got a clue by now, they're in for some hard lessons. WTF up ! (wake ...)

    Yep, it seems by and large the PO - leece can't be bothered with the trivial beatings and muggings we endure, responding to bigger incidents only when pressured by outcry or such.

    But let one of these innocent victims of nigger savagery cut loose with a shotgun and swat teams galore will be coming outa the wood work.

    Common sense dictates a response, and when that righteous response is countered by brutal police force - in my opinion it puts them on the same level as the nigger.

    The game plan seems to call for our going willingly to the gallows, by whichever process claims us first.

    Obey the increasing dictates of the beast master or suffer the consequences of disobedience by bleeding out from a swat sniper bullet, or make ready to survive the dungeon.

    Thou mayest not resist the attacks of the savage nigger upon thyself and thy family - isn't that the clear cut message ? Well, f#@k that.

    Jesus is not some genie in a bottle to be conjured up when we need Him. If this fella was in tune, he would not of been caught so unaware.

    My dismay comes about because our folk do not really understand how big of a dilemna we have stacked against us, nor why things are as they are.

  3. Hehe! Are you a little pissed Jeff? I have never 'heard' you cuss!

  4. Yeah, reading over my own commentary on this story I noticed I was giving that "Zach" douchebag a run for his money in the cussin' department. I'll have to dial back a bit next time.haha

    Jeff's entitled to "let his hair down" once in a while. It's a righteous anger, and sometimes those words sum it up more succinctly and profoundly than more socially acceptable speech.

    So long as niggers do what they do and White people offer such limp resistance in response, I'm going to be shouting "WTF?!?!" for a long time...

  5. Hahahahhaha! I'm with ya Reichmarshal!
    I have earned the right to shout "WTF"!

  6. Geez ... I wish it were so.
    Sometimes I'm rough as a corncob ! Fact is, I gotta carry a bar of Lava soap 'round in my pocket just 'cause I do let loose more than I should.

    Acknowledging that a Christian should do better per vocabulary choices - sometimes only a biting tongue will lay the right label or get the point across.

    But niggers and cops who think you must bow down without question yank my chain.

  7. I still wonder in this day and age why is it taking Whites so long to wake up? I survived the 70s 80s 90s and now.So lets do the math civil rights, great society, special this special that for coons. Some 40 years and Whites still are not awake. No doubt the joo is behind it. Splibs are to stupid to realise it,,,but it really makes me wonder why whites are? Are we as a race really this dumb ?

  8. Sounds like a job for an Ayran Revolutionary Guard Unit. Declare the area a nigger free zone and then enforce it! Declare the current government in Akron illegitimate and act accordingly.

    That's how revolutions get started.

  9. This kind of stuff isn't being reported in Europe at all. The media were either indifferent or sympathetic to that jackass Gates. No comment on Obama getting involved. The President of the United States! Getting involved in that! I only found out about the Channon/ Newsome murders online. If blacks had been treated like that by whites it would be rammed down our throats non stop by the media. Dozens maybe hundreds of whites who have died in racist attacks in England in recent years and most whites are more likely to know the name of a black man murdered in a racist attack 15 years ago because the media wouldn't shut up about it. Again I only found out about whats really going on in England online. Its fuckin scary. At least a lot of you are locked and loaded over there.

  10. Welcome to the Bunker, Shieldline. Glad you found your way over from Jeff's place.

    Actually, this kind of stuff isn't reported here either, other than the localities which are affected, leaked only because it's near impossible to keep a lid on it at the local level. The internet is the only way many of us who are vigilant are able to disseminate this valuable information. The few Americans who actually know about Channon and Chris only know about it through on-line sources(and mainly only racially aware folks at that). The rest of the nation has not heard a peep about this and the countless other atrocities committed against White Folk.

    It makes it hard. When I tell people what's really going on, I'm looked at incredulously, as if I'm a raving lunatic. The jews have really been effective in their black out of the truth to make those of us who are in the know look like tin-foil hat wearing nutters.

    We've got our own multi-kult martyrs on this side of the Atlantic as well: James Byrd, an alcoholic bum caught up in a bad dope buy who was dragged to death by "white supremacists" down in Texas about 10 years ago. Everyone invokes Byrd, but nothing mentioned about the 33,000 White women raped in America annually or the countless victims like the ones in this story whose lives have been ruined by nigger savagery.