Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Suburban Stockpiling"

White people are becoming aware that things are headed in a bad direction. The jewsmedia is becoming aware that people are aware. This is not the most blatant scoffing I've ever seen from these hacks, but, there is still a gentle undertone of mockery here. Note how they bring in the kikejew "expert" to denounce anyone who would prepare for the future as "extreme." They don't want you to be self sufficient and going off the grid under any circumstances. That, more than anything, is the biggest threat to their illegitimate governance once we descend into complete disarray and chaos. This family will probably end up on the dyke Napolitano's watch list of suspected "right wing extremists."

I hope they've got guns to go with the grub, because the same liberal hippie dipshits who are laughing now will be at their door looking for a handout in a worst case scenario. They may even become -ahem- "extremely" agitated and desperate when the door gets slammed in their faces, necessitating loss prevention measures.

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