Friday, July 10, 2009

Toledo is Crap Too

A little nigger crime action to brighten your summer. The only reason this is interesting enough for me to post is because this is the city that I lived in for about the first twenty years of my life. The city has always had a nigger fuxation problem, but murders, when I was growing up, were not that common. Certainly, niglets were never this brazen. And liberals, like the useful idiot who became a victim, still can't quite grasp the obvious: it's not "environment", or "poverty" or "not enough money fo' schools" or a hundred of the other excuses we've all heard ad nauseum for subhuman behavior. It's simple: niggers are niggers. Those who catch on to that concept pretty quickly are the ones most likely to survive.

Assault on liberal nigger lover ruled a homicide

Nigger loving lunatic and multi-kult victim

Da yoof in question: remorseless nigger savage and killer. Isn't he adorable?

Robert Brundage died from blunt-force trauma to the head, according to a deputy coroner's report.

An Old West End resident who was assaulted, knocked to the ground, and robbed of his bicycle died as a result of blunt-force trauma to the head stemming from the June 22 attack, a Lucas County deputy coroner reported yesterday.

The attack is being investigated as a homicide, and the Lucas County prosecutor's office said it planned to pursue murder charges against the 15-year-old boy suspected of attacking Mr. Brundage.

Toxicology tests are not being performed on Mr. Brundage because he was in the hospital and medicated when he died Tuesday at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

His death marks the 14th murder in Toledo this year. Authorities have suspects in custody in all but two of the homicides.

At this time last year, there were nine murders in Toledo.

Mr. Brundage, a longtime community activist, had been in the hospital since June 22, when authorities said he was attacked by Dailahntae Jemison, 15.

The youth (PC code word for nigger savage)is accused of punching Mr. Brundage in the head and knocking him to the ground on Collingwood Boulevard near Victoria Place before stealing his bicycle.

The teenager was arrested an hour after the
6:30 p.m. assault and has been charged with delinquency in connection with aggravated robbery.(Wha-wha-what?!?!?! Smashing in someone's skull with intent to rob is "delinquency?!")

Lori Olender, supervisor of the juvenile division of the Lucas County prosecutor's office, said yesterday that prosecutors have decided to pursue aggravated murder and murder charges against Dailahntae, in addition to the aggravated robbery charge. Ms. Olender also said they will seek to have the teenager certified to stand trial as an adult.

If Juvenile Court Judge Connie Zemmelman(kikejew?) certifies the youth as an adult, he could face up to life in prison if convicted. If he stands trial as a juvenile and is found guilty, he could go to juvenile jail until age 21.

"Somebody died. We need to at least pursue the certification when there's a death," Ms. Olender said.

Dailahntae(I couldn't even make up a nigger name as authentic as this. I bet his dipshit mammy never spells it the same way twice) is being held downtown at the Juvenile Justice Center.

Mr. Brundage had just left a meeting of Jobs with Justice at the Kent Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library when he was attacked.(Wait, he was on his way home from helping niggers? Muwahahaha!!)

"His loss not only affects our immediate family, but Bob's extended family, including his friends, neighbors, and the Toledo community as a whole," the Brundage family said in a statement Tuesday.(But none of them will come to the obvious conclusion: niggers are shit.)

Mr. Brundage was well-known in the local community. A graduate of Scott High School and the University of Toledo, he received a doctorate in biophysics in 1969 from Brandeis University near Boston.

Since returning to his boyhood home in Toledo in 1997 to care for his father, he had been actively involved with more than 20 community organizations on issues ranging from social justice to education to the environment.(Deluded idealist dies at the hands of the savage he so vehemently vowed to administer "social justice" to. Nothing more to see here, people. Let's move along...)


  1. "Mr. Brundage was well-known in the local community. A graduate of Scott High School and the University of Toledo, he received a doctorate in biophysics in 1969 from Brandeis University near Boston"

    Brandeis is a jewish university, this "community activist" was a kike. Now, I call that poetic justice.

    I bet since he is a kike, that had alot, nope ALL to do with the charge of "murder", and he will be convicted.

  2. Good call. I didn't know this "Brandeis" college was a kike institution. I guess that's why the charge escalated from "delinquency" to murder. The Tribe was probably ready to let this savage back on the streets until they found out it was one of their own...

  3. Have to agree with Sister Joy except the Poetic Justice is very very Poetic..actually down right funny.

    I guess this degenerate doen't need a good beanie slapping anymore.

    muh money