Friday, May 14, 2010

As Arizona Burns, So Shall Hollyweird

Disclaimer: I detest this disinformationist shill and the bullshit he peddles. In spite of Alex Jones's fearful demeanor in this vid and his "just wanting to get along" emasculation, it's a fairly good expose on the thing. As they say, a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

I had to check if this was even real(it appears to be) because this "Machete" thing is/was a trailer for a fake movie to accompany the 70's exploitation theme of Rodriguez and Tarantino's "Grindhouse" movies. It seems, with the aid of your tax dollars, that the idea has been fleshed out into a full blown anti-White piece of propaganda.

First, let me say to the White people who are dutifully playing their parts as the gringo villains in this steaming pile of feces: go fuck yourselves. That's directed at actual White actors and not kikejews like DeNiro who pretend to be Italian Whites. But just the same, fuck you too, Bobby. You're all soulless and you're empty, devoid of anything even resembling pride. You've got less self respect than a two dollar crack whore fumbling through a urine soaked gutter for a lost nickel while on her knees taking a load in the face.

I expect nothing less from Quentin Tarantino's butt buddy Robert Rodriguez. He's only following the anti-White lead of his partner. But Rodriguez is really going to take the prize with this one and create a White awakening that Tarantino failed to do with his anti-White "Inglorious Basterds." The problem with that garbage(which I have never seen and refuse to even borrow it from a library) is that the slack jawed White dupes have been so conditioned to cheer the deaths of their White brothers because they are Nat-zees that the jew invective aimed at their own race and ancestors went right over their shit filled heads.

This Machete "film" is really going to cause the mexcriment to hit the fan. It's a dangerous game they're playing here and the consequences of what I foresee once the mongrels are worked up by this agit-prop are going to be dire. For them. Every other ethnic group has a racial consciousness already, it's time that White people got one too. Even if they have to see their neighbor's head caved in with a shovel or a brick to get it.

It's due out in early September, and it will be a fine culmination to a long fiery summer of anti-White, anti-Tea Party vilification and invective. The powder keg that's been lit is going to be a rude but necessary awakening for our Folk.

The kike's (who are the ones really behind this, just look into it and you'll see who the producers are) are going to over play their hands in such a way with this that the blow back is going to reach all the way to their palm tree laden palaces in Sodom.

I know there will be White people going to see this atrocity, and as fans of these ass wipes Rodriquez and Tarantino they are probably anxiously marking off their calendars in anticipation of its release. May these whiggers be the first to be caught up in the destruction, preferably at the theaters while they're shoveling pop corn into their fucking yaps.

Arizona to Machete: "No. Fuck you!"

Machete will rouse far more beaners to take up arms against Whitey than this clown will at his La Raza meeting. Come and get some, maggots.


  1. Mein Gott! I had heard of this film, but like a lot of other things, assumed it to be an "urban legend".

    This fantacy will see blood in the streets, they'll be slaughtered like the sheep they truely are.

    Americans still have guns, I can't understand why whitey has'nt began to FIGHT BACK?!?

  2. If I was a white American living in an area with a little vibrancy the biggest single reason I wouldn't go to the cinema to see this filth would be for my own personal safety. Most of the Weinstink sewage has a white target audience but I suspect this might be aimed primarily at a non white audience because they usually have the poise to be a little more subtle then this with other horseshit like Avatar. The insults to Christianity with those turds having cross shaped light shining on their heads and the berserker catholic priest and violent imagery mocking the cruxifiction will pass right over the heads of the howling cattle in the aisles but its a nice little bonus for the weinstinks. Inglorious Basterds was aimed at whites but they've been so hammered with anti nazi propaganda it was no problem to do so. The general reaction to that film in my neck of the woods was Uh, cool! I take your point on the white actors. I saw the trailer for IB and Brad Pitt made me want to puke.

  3. Funny how they claim that they will rise up with the tools or their occupation. What moron brings a rake to a gunfight?

  4. Thunor, I think (o.k. I hope) they will fight back once this film produces the intended actions and there is no choice but to defend ourselves.

    Shieldline, the jews and their shabbas goy are going for broke on every level from the obviousness of their propaganda with films like this to the blatant liberal lunacy of mainstream "news" channels like MSNBC. Sadly, this still is not enough to raise most of our Folk from their stupor...but at least there are some rumblings out there of what I hope will be a lashing back.

    MCK, it's not what implements of violence they choose, foolishly or not, it's the fact that the threat of violence is overt and unapologetic. But since no "mainstream" news coverage I've ever seen had the audio and video of that old lady saying she was going to hoe us to death, it essentially didn't happen. And White Sheeple can continue to cling to their fallacious notion that they are "just hard working people like me, looking for a better life."