Monday, May 24, 2010

Marxist bulldog dyke roundly booed at Arizona commencement

For what this video might be worth, I'm glad that at least White people are not just sitting there passively when this vomit is spewed all over them.

I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the calls for "civility." You mean the kind of "civility" that is shown to people like Tom Tancredo or the Minute Men founder when they speak on college campuses? Or the Marxist faggots who come into Professor MacDonald's psychology classes to disrupt and protest his political views? Further, there is no call for civility when these vomit encrusted pieces of bile left over from the hippie era turn violent and start destroying university property and attempt to assault speakers they disagree with. In fact, the universities generally ignore it all together, because they agree with the leftist rabble.

Really though, it wasn't enough. The booing should have been a sustained wall of sound until this dyke was forced off the stage. The guy calling for civility should have been booed at an even higher decibel level.


  1. some white man in the "audience" there should have yanked out a "357"-mgnm and shot that judæo-marxist TWAT stone FUCKING dead! way to shut BITCHES like THAT up!........permanently!

  2. most Brit adults are fucking scum!
    NO WAY any sane “WN” could trust these nigger-loving, kike-kissing MAGGOTs!
    i’m advocating that ¾ of Brit adults should be EXTERMINATED!
    Hitler completely “lost it” when it came to these fucking germs…..he should have INVADED the UK (his biggest mistake was in not capturing the French Fleet…..he could’v neutralised the Royal Navy with that!)….and “OFFED” every fucking Brit’ between the ages of 17 and 70!

    the ONLY WAY to achieve TOTAL VICTORY is to MERCILESSLY OBLITERATE yr ENEMY….and leave none likely to cause trouble in the future!

  3. Act civil, from my point of view they were civil. I saw nothing but booing. What is their definition of civil, sitting there and listening to this drivel and acting like we all agree to this type of indoctrination?