Monday, May 3, 2010

The Party of Stupid

Republicunts worry Arizona law could hurt party

Jeb; allegedly the "smart" Bush

Arizona’s immigration law has been an immediate hit with the Republican base, but some of the party’s top strategists and rising stars worry that the harsh crackdown may do long-term damage to the GOP in the eyes of America’s Hispanic population.

From Marco Rubio to Jeb Bush to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Republicans who represent heavily Hispanic states have been vocal in their criticism of the Arizona law, saying it overreaches. Even Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, a conservative hero for his win last fall, has questioned the law.

And the party’s long-term thinkers worry that the Arizona law is merely a quick political fix which may create a permanent rift with the fastest growing segment of the U.S. electorate.

“You can’t win a national election and you can’t win certain states without the Latino vote. And Republicans already had a problem,” says Matthew Dowd, former President George W. Bush’s chief strategist in 2004.

“I think there is going to be some constitutional problems with the bill,” top Bush strategist Karl Turd Blossom Rove said during a stop on his book tour. “I wished they hadn't passed it, in a way.”

“I have concerns with portions of the law passed in Arizona and believe it would not be the right direction for Texas,” Perry said earlier this week.

Jeb Bush was also blunt: “I don't think this is the proper approach.”


Yet polls show Arizona’s law is popular, even with independents, and it’s given Republican Gov. Jan Brewer a boost in the polls. In September she trailed her likely Democratic opponent, state Attorney General Terry Goddard, by 3 points with white voters. Now she leads him by 8 points with whites. But Goddard has increased his lead with Hispanics from 20 points to 46.

Arizona has far more white voters than it does Hispanic voters—for now – so the immigration law may not have an immediate impact on the election. But the long term demographic outlook for Republicans and the Hispanic vote is troubling for the GOP.

Ninety percent of Hispanics under 18 in Arizona are U.S. citizens, and the explosive growth of the Hispanic population this decade has been driven by U.S. births. That’s a switch from the 1990s, when most of the Hispanic population’s increase was due to non-citizen immigration.

“This law and potential copy cat laws have the ability to seal the fate of the Republican Party with Hispanics in the exact same way that the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act did with African Americans,” said Matt Barreto, a pollster for Latino Decisions and an associate political science professor at the University of Washington.

In Florida, Senate candidate Rubio’s extremely calibrated response showed the fine line Republicans have to walk on this issue. Rubio is young, bilingual, Cuban-born and running to the right of Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist. And according to a new SurveyUSA poll, 82 percent of Florida Republicans who have heard about Arizona’s law agree with it—and 81 percent think Florida should pass a similar measure.

So Rubio has his sound bite ready on amnesty—“I hope Congress…will use the Arizona legislation not as an excuse to try and jam through amnesty legislation,” he said.

But he is terribly uncomfortable with the racial profiling he sees in the Arizona bill. “I do have concerns about this legislation,” Rubio said, pointing out that the law could “unreasonably single out people who are here legally, including many American citizens.”

Rubio’s logic recognizes Florida’s changing demographics—and acknowledges that Obama tilted the state in Democrats’ favor in 2008 largely because of the non-Cuban Hispanic vote.

Even Sal Russo, the longtime California Republican political operative who helps fund the Tea Party Express, acknowledges that the Arizona law creates problems for the party.

“I think Republicans do a poor job of communicating to non-traditional republican voters,” Russo said. “We’ve done a poor job in reaching out beyond the Republican base, and I think that’s been part of the problem.

California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina didn’t seem to take the Arizona law head on when asked about it Friday in an interview with POLITICO.

“The Democrats want to use immigration as a wedge issue for the Hispanic community – Barbara Boxer, in particular, has taken the Hispanic constituency for granted for many, many years. We are blessed in this nation by immigration, and we are blessed in particular with a vibrant Hispanic culture,” Fiorina said.

Some Republicans in states with fast growing Hispanic populations aren’t being as calibrated. Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis has said he’d sign a version of Arizona’s law.

But he and others also run the risk of misinterpreting the law’s popularity. The numbers, pollsters say, likely represent an overall frustration with Washington and support for Arizona’s willingness to do something, anything—not an anti-immigrant reaction.

This really points out the pathetic disconnect that these party hacks have with their base, which is White people. But make no mistake, they are not a pro-White party. They could give a flying fuck about you or me. They want your vote. If there's not enough of you to keep them in power, any mud will do, and they'll go and court them instead.

But therein lies the problem, and the absolutely ridiculous fallacy of their distorted logic. By inappropriately being identified as the "White Party" by the jewsmedia, they are inherently "racist"(because any gathering of more than two Whites is "Nazi" by nature) , and therefore are to be shunned, scorned and repudiated at the polls, which, in fact, they are, cycle after cycle by the very muds they keep trying to "reach out" to. You'd think after so much reaching out and having your hands slapped away you'd eventually get the message.

Republicunts know their party is on a collision course with destiny and it's about to be smashed against the rocks(we can only hope) so they are grasping at straws to stay in power. They will pander to whoever represents a significant voting block that will help them maintain that power. Problem is there's already a nigger-faggot-mestizo loving anti-White party in town and they've cornered the market on pandering to subhumans.

The smart thing, the White thing to do would be to actually become the "White Party" and start looking after the interests of their base.

Until they do that, I will cheer their destruction. Because only then will you see true White discontent and anger, which is required for real change. All this Tea Party bullshit amounts to is leading the herd to a different grazing field. There's a lot of dipshits (even some reading this very blog) who think Republicunts are their only salvation and they just keep rewarding these treasonous career politicians year after year with their vote.

Until we begin to see them as just as expendable as they see us, we are not going to get the "change we can believe in."


  1. The smart thing, the White thing to do would be to actually become the "White Party" and start looking after the interests of their base

    can't happen!

    won't happen!

    they're "too far gone", RM!

    plus: they have powerful binders/controls on them....the Repub' power-brokers and "Cabinet-level" office-bearers are all "locked in" to this NWO/globalisation crud....those "top echeclons" are all Bohemian can "bet yr bottom dollar" that the "usuals" have got major, major dirt on them...big time!...any-thing & every-thing from child molestation to kiddie-porn' snuff flix...and, maybe, even worse!!

    youse got NO HOPE with that crew!

    what youse need is some-thing similar to 0zz's "Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party" (!Google) which, basically, rocked the Australian political land-scape back in the late youse need "a figure-head" that's squeaky clean but that doesn't really want to "micro-manage"....and takes all his/her "directions" from solid WNs "behind the scenes" the Occidental Observer crowd et al....and....of course, the party has to be racial.....not necessarily "overtly" the same token....clearly so....that is: all its policies push towards benefitting the White Race above and beyond every non-white group...including "special interest" groups like feminists and fags!

    it ain't that hard to have policy platforms that benefit the White Race without specifying so in front page headlines!....then, the non-whites must display "a double standard" if they attempt to "de-construct" those policies!...that's how you get them!

  2. re: above...don't get me wrong...i think that, ultimately, working within the current socio-political system is a loser...but...with a populist-type political movement similar to "Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party" you will, almost certainly, slow down their agenda(s) some-what and, to a certain degree, alter the current political landscape in the 'Kwa so that they're not quite so voiciferously mendacious in spruiking their multi-cultural garbage!

    in the long term, to change our situation for the better, other, possibly more radical solutions will, of course, be required!

  3. Bush and the rest of the Uber asleep feel more connection to the wealthy of Mexico than the middle class of America. Bush Oil used to be called Arbusto, Gov. Bush married a wealthy Mexican. What and who else would they try to replace us with.

  4. I agree it can't and wont happen, Jimbo. And that's precisely why I'm going to stand on the shore cheering as their ship completely sinks.

    At this point I'd say it probably is not in our best interest to work successfully within the system...many WNs extol the virtues of Ron Paul and his libertoonian ilk, but all that would do is prolong our death march. Radical change is the only solution. And that will only be realized(if at all) when the herdlings are roused off their couches by cruel circumstances.

    A pox on their houses, Cracker. And may it come in the form of the unwashed subhuman masses storming their gated community and dragging their bloated bodies through the streets before stringing them up like so many pinatas.

  5. I have tended to stay out of most of these discussions on immigration for the simple fact I am an immigrant. What strikes me as odd is it took my father 12 years to finally be able to come to this nation.

    He is amazed that there are grandfather laws in effect. He had no idea if he was to come here on a tourist visa he could have just overstayed his welcome, and after seven years he could be a naturalized citizen.

    My father still to this day does not consider himself to be a first class citizen. He instilled in me that if I wanted to be a real citizen of this nation I had to enlist and serve.

    While I do not consider my service to be any source of pride within myself my father is completely overjoyed.

    I just do not get how it can be considered bad PR to enforce the law.

    I have to agree with you RM, even if Ron Paul is on the level, which I sincerely doubt,there can be no solution in the present forming of this establishment.It must be completely torn asunder. There must be trials and a complete and thorough audit of this nation.

    I cannot see the US surviving intact. Maybe it is better to have smaller alliances between states.

  6. MCK, you may be an immigrant, but you are from the same or similar genetic stock as those who founded the country.

    When the left misappropriates the "we are a nation of immigrants" meme in order to promote the flood of Turd World refuse, it should be understood that the "nation of immigrants" is really in reference to those of White European heritage that could assimilate into the common uniquely American culture within a generation or two.

    The current crop of cultural and racial aliens have no such desire to assimilate, and, indeed, their hostile intent to bring about our extinction and demise is quite overt.

    Tea Party grazers will of course say "race has nothing to do with it." Of course, everything I said about why it is what it is reinforces the unpopular truth that "race has everything to do with it."

  7. MCK, You have always been more "American" than these immigrants you here us "real Americans" talking about. That is/was, a fact, long before the moment that you first set foot on our soil. I agree with your assessment in regards to the "USA" surviving intact. Globalism is a top down strategy. In my opinion, one way to fight against that strategy is a bottom up government. In fact, from my meager knowledge it seems the "USA" was supposed to be a bottom up government from the beginning.

    MCK, you are more American than many that wander around you. CLAIM IT! IT IS YOUR'S AS MUCH AS IT IS MINE!