Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Google Could Rat You Out

How much does Google know about you? That depends on how much you rely on its cornucopia of free services. But that stored information may easily include the Websites you visit, the search terms you use, the maps you view, your contacts and calendar, your e-mail messages, your chat history, Google Voice phone records, YouTube videos and Picasa photos, the documents you store online, your blogs and advertising accounts, your status updates on Google Buzz, your location on Google Latitude, and--if you use an Android handset--all the data associated with your cell phone, too.

If the government comes knocking with a subpoena--or even just a strongly worded letter, per the Patriot Act--Google is obligated to hand everything over. Sure, the feds can get this data from anyone, but Google's wealth of information (as well as its lengthy data-retention policies) makes their job much easier.

Even if you have nothing to hide from the authorities, all that stands between you and Christmas in July for an identity thief is your Gmail log-on and password; that's the key that unlocks every other Google service. Last October, Google reported that thousands of Gmail accounts had been compromised by a phishing scheme that also targeted AOL, MSN Hotmail, and Yahoo. Even sophisticated users have had their Gmail accounts hijacked. Little wonder, then, that Chinese hackers targeted Gmail accounts when they compromised the service last December.

The Fix: Use Google Dashboard to see what information you're sharing (prepare to be blown away), and adjust your settings accordingly. Make your Gmail password harder to guess, and change it every couple of months. If you think your Gmail account has been hacked or stolen, you may be able to use Google's account-recovery page to get it back. And given Google's recent stumbles over user privacy with Buzz, you might consider spreading the risk over different providers.

As far as this blog is concerned, jewgle already knows all that they need to know about me should they one day deem it necessary to try to destroy my life. I'm not particularly worried because there's no way to stuff the tooth paste back into the tube at this point, and though I try to play it safe, my level of commitment is such that there really is no turning back for me.

Readers such as Jimbo have suggested moving to a Wordpress theme, but, it's too late and I'm sure that the Watchmen are watching there too(it's not just Google involved in these monitoring activities). "Anonymity" on the web is a myth. The only way not to be discovered in some capacity is to get off the grid all together. If you ever find yourself on the lam, for God's sake, throw your cell phone out the window.


  1. The only way not to be discovered in some capacity is to get off the grid all together. If you ever find yourself on the lam, for God's sake, throw your cell phone out the window

    good advice!

    AFA "the web" goes, basic precautions like never "giving out" yr real, personal details helps.....also: using a proxy server and encrytption (cf: "Tor" & PGP)...that will, at least, slow them down!

    re: "cell `phones"....can't you get "pay as you go" ones in the 'Kwa...and change "SIMM" cards...that helps.....but.....generally...."cell `phones" or "mobiles" as they are called here in 0zz "leak" like sieves....CB radio is a good means of communicating....sure, it's monitored.....but, not as much as "mobiles"....and....a hell of a lot "slips under the radar" with it.....most wireless monitoring focusses on "ham radio" which is, largely, "self-policed" by the "hams" them-selves!

    all that being said, your "best bet" is the hugely increasing n° of mudz in the 'Kwa and the increasing n° of these cruds being employed by ZOG and the rapidly decreasing n° of white people being so employed (whether from disillusionment, "re-structuring" or retirement!)....attending that, of course, is, in direct proportion, an increasing level of corruption, incompetence and ineptitude...all the "high tech" monitoring gear in the world won't help these kike maggots if they've only got a bunch of trained monkeys trying to operate it!

    they can't have it "both ways"....they can't "have their cake and eat it", too!

  2. I like the way you put it Big R. There is no doubt you or I or many others can put the tube back in the tooth paste..

  3. 樂觀進取,勇往直前,持之以恒,是克服困難的妙方。 ............................................................

  4. "Anonymity" on the web is a myth."

    That sums it all up in my estimation.
    I don't care what kinda security you got or how many supposed firewalls - if the Beast wants in, he'll do so.

    I know you've probably read more books on technological advances, computer hacking,counter terrorism and intelligence gathering techniques than I have .. but I do not believe they would let a piece of equipment loose into our hands that they could not already penetrate. There will always be a back door built in or plotted.

    The whisper in the ear was our best means of minimizing damage. Our people have grown too lax, too trusting and underestimate their adversaries.

    As you state, some of us have been at it for a number of years and have no intentions of cowering now. They were compiling dossiers long before the net went active. But caution is still a watch word that never grows outa style.

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