Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cum Dumpster Disappointed that Times Square Bomber Not White

Can the blatant outright hatred that these people have for the White race be any clearer? We know very well that these fools were all hoping and praying that the Times Square bomb attempt could be laid at the feet of a "Tea Partier" or some "Right Wing Extremist White Supremacist Racist Home Grown Terrorist Militia Gun Nut". So open with their hatred of us that they can actually express that disdain publicly with absolutely no fear of reprisal.

They actually crave the "right wing" violence that they are so quick to project and preemptively blame on their political opponents.

I'll bet this bullshit goes on in newsrooms every day with nigger crime. When they find out a suspect is a shitskin there is a collective groan. When Whitey does something, they're cheering and high fiving each other, doing a little happy dance that they get to plaster a White mug shot all over the airwaves. For them it's like standing at a roulette wheel in Vegas...except it usually lands on black and they hate the fact that what we evil racists say is proved reality each and every day.

Hypocritical much, Cunt-essa?


  1. Yes perfect example of how the Zionist run media is preparing the US for massive round ups. All it will take will be another false flag blamed on a White Militant and its over folks.

    My bet the US President gets done over by Mossad and some unheard of Militia will get the blame. Something I and many others have feared from the start.

    Scary times ahead. The UK is fighting for its very existence. Europe has fallen and can only be won back by the shedding of a lot of blood. This will no doubt be White blood as the White Race has become weak after having the best of our race annihilated from fighting pointless wars. It is looking ever more likely that America is about to taste what its like to live under a Communist Dictatorship.

    Sadly Australia will do a knee jerk reaction and follow the US in what ever it does.

  2. Oh many people and nations will follow this march to destruction. You see some thrash at the chains that bind them but do not see it is their own ideals that are the chains. If we can't change the way the people see and react to the dangers around them there will be no hope for them.

    Those that are aware, will keep on preparing, and many still keep on trying to awake others to the plight they now face. As the old saying goes "Thy time draws nigh".

    While I hope that a vast majority of our race will be on the side of righteousness, I also can face reality and am ready to fight my own for our right to exist as a race.

  3. I get amazed on how Whites hate Whites so much and most have no idea why that hate Whites so much. I tell ya(what we all know) the joo is one smart ghetto rat..Who or what else would make Whites hate them selves without them even knowing how or why? And this is the tip of the iceberg...

    That is true Whitelaw Towers, the joo bumping off obongo and bingo instant race war while they start a war with Iran. No White in areas were spooks are in any number is safe.
    Scary huh?

    Did anyone notice how they can find this new bomber in two days and 9 years later we still can't find osama bin laden?

  4. Cleve, you stated something that reminded me of something my father used to say. "People only hate what they do not know or what they cannot understand." Whites hate whites because they do not know what it is to be white anymore, this identity has been washed from our consciousness actively for the last thousand years or so. It is only now that we are beginning to see the fruits of the jew's labor

  5. MCK you and your Father are so correct.

    Scary the fruits of the joos labor are just starting to bud as of now..Just wait until the fruit ripens,,its scary

  6. that fucking ZOG-bot bitch needs "the Alan Berg"-type treatment!

  7. Its spooky to see how right Hitler was about their out right plan to commit any form of genocide abortions, race rape, ect... On the white race!! Yet like a bunch of simpletons we continue to run to their rescue!! Thats getting Embarrassing!! We get them out of WW2 and they come over and spit in our face!! A good portion of our American soldiers were Germans!! My great uncle spoke German and was also a translator!! He was a Prussian American!! He didnt feel like killing Germans my other great uncle would tease him about eating lunch on a frozen Nazi!! And upset the whole family!